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By sally purcell
The Macquarie University ResourcefulHDR podcast has been created to allow HDR (Master of Research & PhD) candidates to hear different perspectives, learn from insights, steal some strategies and discover different career paths that HDR candidates and graduates have followed. Important aspects of resourcefulness include being able to draw from knowledge and experiences, learn from others, be brave enough to ask for help & generous enough to provide it.

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Luke Mills
Luke Mills is a PhD candidate at Macquarie University in Cognitive Science with a strong background in using data to gain novel insights into people and their behaviour. Luke’s PhD topic is Investigating the Role of Attention in Reading and he is currently part of the IMNIS Mentor program for PhD candidates in STEM Starting out in libraries with a Diploma in Library Services, Luke chose to study Psychology as an undergraduate where he achieved two prizes first place in Cognitive Processes as well as first place in Advanced Research Design and Statistics within the Department of Psychology.  As an undergraduate Luke completed a PACE unit with the Salvation Army and following his Bachelor of Psychology he volunteered as a Lifeline Counsellor.  Luke currently works as a Research Officer within the Faculty of Human Sciences and completed a Master of Research in 2017. Luke has also been awarded two Australian Research Training Scholarships and has already published two papers in the Journal of Experimental Psychology and Memory and Cognition
April 4, 2019
Dr Karina Luzia
 Dr Karina Luzia is a social geographer, academic developer, researcher and higher education project manager. She came to Macquarie University in 2005 for a 6-month part-time contract role in the Faculty of Science in the Department of Human Geography. Years later, she is still at Macquarie, currently based in the Learning Innovation Hub, after working in fixed-term contract and casual academic and professional roles across the University.  Before working in universities, Karina worked in retail, market research, an insurance company, a museum, a mint, an observatory, two photo libraries, an urban planning consultancy, and a not-for-profit health services organisation.  Karina's research and teaching interests are as diverse as her work experience, and include the cultural and social geographies of work, home and family; inclusion, equity and diversity; higher education; governance; and casualisation in higher education and other sectors. She has sole and co-authored publications in international academic journals in geography, sociology, design, accounting, and higher education, and has also produced and contributed to several professional and industry publications, across disciplines and sectors. 
March 27, 2019
Wasin Praditsilp
Wasin Praditsilp is a PhD candidate in International Communication at Macquarie University.  Prior to enrolling in PhD Wasin completed an M.A. Communication Arts & Innovation (Hons) Innovative Communication for Development at the National Institute of development Administration in Thailand and a B.A. Communication Arts (1st Class Hons, Gold medal) Public Relations, Chulalongkorn University. Wasin submitted his PhD thesis 'Crafting Soft Power in Thailand" for examination on the 19th February 2019. Wasin is very interested in community development and is someone who genuinely wants to build connections between people and has shown his commitment through volunteering in Thailand and Australia. Wasin has worked as an editor, tutor, event organiser, research assistant, conference coordinator and a music teacher.
March 18, 2019
Dr Agnes Bosanquet
The Slow Academic, Dr Agnes Bosanquet with Sally Purcell Agnes shares her own experiences as a PhD candidate and her career journey since then - the highs and lows. Agnes Bosanquet is Associate Dean (Curriculum Quality) in Human Sciences at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. Her focus is qualitative research in critical university studies and changing academic roles and identities. With a background in Cultural Studies,  she uses critical theories and creative methodologies to explore questions concerning power relations, discourses and practices of inclusion and exclusion, locations of knowledge and constructions of subjectivity. Her current research incorporates three specific foci: (1)  experiences of early career academics; (2) graduate attributes; (3) academic writing. In this first episode of the ResourcefulHDR podcast, Agnes speaks about her own PhD experiences and the personal challenges that she faced along the way, which lead to a leave of absence. Agnes also speaks about her experiences since completing the PhD, how her perspective on ‘career’ has shifted, as a result of her broadening personal and work experiences and, about her blog The Slow Academic on Wordpress
February 18, 2019
Prof. Nick Mansfield
Dean, Higher Degree Research, Prof. Nick Mansfield with Sally Purcell Prof Nick Mansfield talks about the changes in the research landscape and the value of PhDs in the 21st Century. As the Dean HDR, Nick is the senior academic responsible for research training across all Faculties and departments, including the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Master of Philosophy and Bachelor of Philosophy/Master of Research programs. The Dean’s role covers policy development, supervision quality, research scholarships, and the quality of examination outcomes. The Dean's office is also the home of the HDR Support and Development Program, which covers the Supervision Enhancement Program, the HDR Learning Skills, Professional Skills and Industry Programs and the HDR Mentors. The Office has a strong commitment to provision of advice and pastoral care to research training candidates, and their supervisors. 
February 18, 2019
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