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Restaurant Misfits

Restaurant Misfits

By Brett Linkletter
Welcome to our podcast, “Restaurant Misfits”, where we’ll discuss all things related to restaurant marketing, management, and everything else in between growing a restaurant business.

Whether you are a single location owner, multi-location owner, or just getting into the industry, you’ll find tips and tricks to help you achieve massive results in your business.

We’re always looking for new interviews and features and so if you’re interested in joining us on the show, please email us at!
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S2:EP7 - Elena Besser, You're Making Me Hungry
In this episode, I interview Elena Besser, a Brooklyn-based, Chicago-bred Chef and TV Host. She hosts live cooking classes on Food Network Kitchen, and can be seen on The Cooking Channel's "Best Thing I Ever Ate" as well as Food Network's "Beat Bobby Flay". She firmly believes food and entertainment should be intertwined and makes some strong points behind this. Just in the way that Elena describes food and her dishes made me so hungry I ran to our office kitchen directly after this podcast to go devour my lunch early. I can't exactly explain what she did but it was insane. She's also Host of the new show Breakfast with Besser, a celebrity cooking show, where she chats with celebrity guests, including some of Hollywood's hungriest stars as she guides them in cooking breakfast dishes specifically crafted for them. Elena's passion for spreading accessible and exciting cooking and culinary tips to others shines through everything she does. We had such a great conversation and there's so much value punched into this episode so let's get into it!
November 11, 2020
S2:EP6 - Stephen Yen, Executive Chef of Tao Downtown NYC
In this episode, I interview Stephen Yen, the executive chef of Tao Downtown in New York City Stephen has been with Tao for about a year now and has been a killer addition to their team. As for his experience, Stephen was on the opening team for Fatty ‘Cue in Williamsburg, where he worked with Eddie Huang and later worked with Eddie at Catch. For those who don't know Eddie, he was a Top Chef Season 3 winner and proved to be not only a great Chef to learn from for Stephen but also a stepping-stone As a nicer, sit-down concept, Tao has had to make some major adjustments to their business model in order to stay competitive and thrive during this year. In this episode we will address those changes on what they have done as a business overall but also the specifics on what Stephen has done as the Executive Chef, in collaboration with the brand and marketing team, to help Tao succeed! Instagram - Twitter -
November 4, 2020
S2:EP5 - Restauranting with A Modern Day Renaissance Man, Michael Chernow
In this episode, I interviewed Michael Chernow. He's a restauranteur, entrepreneur, TV host, Podcast host, Fitness personality, and family man,  who is dedicated to inspiring the world through positivity, hospitality, and service. He currently runs two multi-location restaurant concepts: one called Seamore's - a sustainable seafood concept founded in 2015 and the other is called The Meatball Shop, which he founded with a friend in 2010. Michael was born and bred in NYC and has been in the restaurant space since he was just 13 years old. He's been a speaker on multiple panels, featured in numerous publications, and has so much to share from his experiences and lifestyle and is just a killer guy to follow and learn from for any spiring business owners and entrepreneurs. In this episode, Michael and I discuss the importance of having a solid staff as well as his passion for the restaurant industry, his superpower as a business leader, and a variety of other interesting topics!
October 29, 2020
S2:EP4 - Restauranting Through This Year With Chef JJ Johnson
In this episode, I interview Chef JJ Johnson. He's a restauranteur, Award-winning chef, Author, and Host on numerous media platforms. He opened his Restaurant, "FieldTrip" in July of 2019 and despite this crazy year has still managed to thrive on through. JJ is best known for his barrier-breaking cuisine connecting the food-ways of West Africa and Asia to the Americas. His signature style of combining culturally relevant ingredients with his classically trained cooking and global point of view was inspired by the Caribbean tastes he grew up with, combined with inspiration from his travels. In this episode, we explore his struggles and successes as a restauranteur primarily through this last year and touch on the COVID-19 Pandemic, the impact of potential inequalities he's faced as a black restauranteur, and the opportunities he see's to become a better leader and business owner.
October 15, 2020
S2:EP3 - An Update on Restaurants in NY with Andrew Rigie
In this podcast, I interview Andrew Rigie who is the Executive Director of the New York City Hospitality Alliance, an association representing over 2,000 restaurants and nightlife venues throughout the five boroughs of NY. Andrew was born into the hospitality business, working at his family’s third-generation bakery in Queens, NY. He is a vocal industry advocate, public speaker, frequent panelist, and moderator, host of the Hospitality & Politics podcast, Forbes and Total Food Service News contributing author, and recognized commentator on local, national, and international media platforms. We're about to go deep as to what exactly is going on in the NY hospitality scene and get the inside scoop as to what policymakers have been thinking about when it comes to hospitality given our world's situation with everything and then also -what's next?
October 13, 2020
S2:EP2 - Stratis Morfogen, A True Innovator in The Restaurant Space
In this podcast, I interview a legend. A man who has been dominant in the restaurant industry for several decades and continues to create enticing concepts, making him one of the nation’s fastest evolving restaurateurs of our time. This man is Stratis Morfogen and as of recently, he is most well-known for his successful ventures among the New York City and Hamptons most discerning dining patrons. Being a 3rd generation restauranteur, you could say he was born for this profession but his relentless approach to continuing to adapt and thrive in these uncertain times are what make him stand out amongst most. In his most recent restaurant concept, Brooklyn Dumpling Shop, he converted a walk-through metal detector into a giant thermometer in order to keep these employees and guests safer, during this pandemic. He's full of ideas and his passion for the restaurant industry is both inspiring and contagious and this episode is sure to pack a punch in value for all viewers and listeners! Where to find Stratis and his restaurants:
October 8, 2020
S2:EP1 - Jordan Andino: Celebrity Chef, TV Personality, and Restauranteur
In this episode I speak with a dude named Jordan Andino, who’s arguably one of the coolest guys around in the food space right now… He’s a celebrity chef, tv personality, and restauranteur and is incredibly passionate about everything he does. Jordan was born in Torono, CA and began his journey into the culinary world at just the age of 9 years old where he first began training under his dad. Jordan and his family then moved to Manhattan Beach, CA where he really honed in on his culinary skills. Today, Jordan lives in NY running his restaurant called “Flip Sigi” while also appearing on numerous TV shows on the Food Network and the Cooking Channel. His love of life and unrelenting positivity are sure-fire reasons why he has seen such success and growth during this wild year. His restaurant: His charity: His Instagram:
September 29, 2020
EP16 - Building a More Sustainable Food System
In this episode, I interview Chelsea Van Hooven, the Global Industry Advisor at Choco, a free mobile app helping over 6,000 restaurants order their supplies faster while reducing mistakes at the same time. Choco is rapidly expanding and in this episode, we’ll dive deep to understand what the future of the food industry looks like and how to build a more sustainable food system. Check them out at
September 9, 2020
EP15 - Customer Behaviors We Are Seeing Around Takeout/Delivery & Dine-In
This is a shorter episode where and is a quick update to what we are seeing as an agency when running ad campaigns for our restaurant clients all over the world. Restaurants may be opening, but that doesn’t mean we want to pump the breaks on takeout or delivery options!
July 21, 2020
EP14 - Messenger Marketing For Restaurants With Mikael Yang of Manychat
In this episode, I interview Mikael Yang, the CEO and CoFounder of Manychat, which is one of the most innovative and successful messenger marketing companies of today. Manychat is an incredible marketing tool that we use at Misfit Media to service our clients all over the world. Since using their software tools, Misfit has 3Xd its growth and has now become the top local business agency on their platform so I’m definitely a fan of what the Manychat team is doing and is continuing to build, as you can imagine. This episode will be very unique from the others and is sure to spark some game-changing ideas for your business. So I hope you’re ready and focused, maybe even take out a notepad to take some notes because this episode is sure to pack a punch with value! I hope you enjoy it!
June 13, 2020
EP13 - The Future of Restaurants as Told by a Veteran Chef & Technologist
In this episode, I interview Ben Ho, who has worked in the restaurant space for over 20 years as both a chef and technologist. Through his unique experiences both internally and externally in this industry he’s been able to develop a very unique take on this pandemic and what needs to happen in order for restaurants to survive. He stresses the importance of adapting the restaurant model to new technology and that for those who can succeed in doing this will be able to capitalize on a great opportunity in this new normal. Ben's Website: Ben's Reference on COVID-19 Resources and Opening Up Safely:
May 23, 2020
EP12 - Innovating Through COVID-19 With Chris Smith of Zunzi's
In this episode, I interview our client Chris Smith, the CEO of Zunzi’s, a restaurant concept based out of Georgia. Chris has had some amazing success through our marketing programs, has done very well through COVID-19, and in light of all of this has developed a new business to help restaurant employees stay safe during and after this pandemic.
May 8, 2020
EP11 - Supporting Local Restaurants & Providing Meals to Heroes in Healthcare
In this episode, I interview Chris Sey And Lola Glaudini, the founders of a new non-profit that’s growing like crazy called Dine1-1. Through their nonprofit they’ve developed a system that allows locals to donate to restaurants in their area who when supply a meal to first-line responders in the healthcare space during the COVID19 crisis. They say that “part of what defines our neighborhoods and communities is the restaurants and food we share as Americans” and I think this couldn’t be more true. Head on over to to learn more!
May 1, 2020
EP10 - How a Classic Burger Concept in Canada Is Thriving Through COVID
In this episode, I interview Dan and Carrie, the two owners of Apollo Grill, a classic burger restaurant concept with two locations based in Canada. COVID or NOT, they have seen amazing success in their business and we’re about to dive deep into their strategy to learn more on what they have been up to! You can learn more about Apollo Grill on their website at Or on their social at
April 30, 2020
EP09 - From Software Sales to Brazilian Steakhouse to Butcher Shop
In this episode, I interview Ben Graves, a software salesman turned Brazilian steak house restaurant owner! Ben bought his restaurant called Gauchos, less than 2 years ago and as a newcomer to the restaurant space, managed to raise his sales by 30% in the first year as well as maintain a solid hold on his business during COVID-19! Live in this area in New Hampshire and want to order Ben's meats online? Head to his site at:
April 28, 2020
EP08 - COVID or NOT, We're Seeing Success With Rosati's Pizza
In this episode, I interview one of our clients named Jim Duda who is a franchise owner of a few Rosati’s Pizza locations! Jim just finished his first month of our marketing programs and we’re about to discuss what his success has looked like thus far. Jim shares his strategy before working with Misfit, what it's been like to work with Misfit, and what he's learned along the way.
April 28, 2020
EP07 - How Bacari Paved The Way From Restaurant to Pop- Up Market in LA
In this episode, I interview Robert Kronfli, the CoFounder of a restaurant group called Bacari. They are a growing concept with 4 locations as of now and 2 more coming very soon. Robert shares with us how he has converted his full-service restaurant into a pop-up market offering groceries and other necessities to continue thriving in his business and support his local community during COVID-19. He also addresses how we first entered the restaurant space as a student while at USC through developing an underground concept he called, Paladar.
April 23, 2020
EP06 - Creating The Restaurant Experience at Home With Red Cork Bistro
In this episode, I interview Adrian Ramirez, a client of ours here at Misfit Media and the CEO of a restaurant in Washington called Red Cork Bistro. As many other restaurant owners might argue, the experience your guests have with your brand is just as important as the food you serve. With this in mind, Adrian has developed some new menu offerings that are all about the experience! In a time like now when most of the population is craving for something fun and new, Adrian has taken advantage of a super unique situation, being able to provide a guest experience through his takeout and delivery options.
April 23, 2020
EP05 - Bouncing Back From a Pandemic With The Pizza Press
In this episode, I interview Dara Malek, the founder of a pizza franchise and a client of ours here at Misfit Media. Like many others, Dara has been forced to adapt and change many things about his business over the last month since COVID-19 hit. He explains the changes he’s made in thorough detail and shares advice on what other restaurant owners should be thinking about to bounce back.
April 21, 2020
EP04 - Restaurant Offers That Rock During COVID-19
In this episode, I discuss some of the best offers we’ve seen an implemented for restaurants all over the world during COVID-19. If you haven’t made an offer yet or you’re having trouble getting your offers to attract customers, this episode is for you!
April 9, 2020
EP03 - Adapting to The New Normal With True Grit Tavern
In this episode, I interview one of our clients named Ralph who is the founder of True Grit Tavern, a restaurant based in Arizona. Because of COVID-19, many restaurants have had to make some pretty major changes to survive. Ralph has not only made some major changes to his restaurant during this time but his entire mindset about this situation is pretty amazing and I couldn’t wait to share this episode once I found out what he was doing. Ralph calls his approach to COVID-19, “normalizing the crazy” or adapting to this new normal. If you are willing and looking to make some radical changes to your restaurant, have a listen to see what Ralph has done! Have a question? Email us at
April 8, 2020
EP02 - Success During Crisis with Brothers BBQ
Brett sat down virtually with Chris O’Sullivan, Founder of Brother’s BBQ in Colorado. Amid this global pandemic, Brother’s BBQ has found stability, success, and even the power to give back to their community by catering meals to first-line defenders and patients. Chris breaks down the elements that have contributed to their performance and ability to adapt to this world wide challenge. Their early preparation and action set them up for success in taking care of their employees, getting the word out about their take-out and delivery, and executing their operations. When the news about the international outbreaks began to spread, Brother’s began preparing. They figured that dine-in and catering would soon be shut down and turned to take-out and delivery to make up for the cut in sales. Their existing relationships with their delivery and advertising partners helped put them in a good place to transition into solely a pick-up, delivery, and take-out restaurant. Chris offered up some advice on how restaurant owners across the country can adapt their businesses to fit the needs of their customers. 1. Safety comes first 2. Take advantage of take-out and delivery 3. Simplify your menu 4. Be in business mode 5. Your employees are everything Want more info on how Brother’s BBQ is making the best out of this crazy situation? Check out their website and social media: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
April 3, 2020
EP01 - Advertising Opportunities For Restaurants During COVID-19
The situation we are in is not ideal but there are great opportunities online for your marketing delivery and takeout for restaurant. This episode explores what those opportunities are.
April 2, 2020