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Creativity & Connection - Up Men

Creativity & Connection - Up Men

By Restoke
The Up Men program aims to promote positive mental health through creativity & connection - bringing people together without fear of judgement. We stand for openness, acceptance, fresh perspectives and positive expression. This series of podcasts offers a glimpse into some of the creative activities on offer in the city of Stoke on Trent (UK) as we meet some of the guys taking part. Find out more at
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Creativity & Connection - Singing - Up Men
In this episode we chat to Paul from Restoke and Jack and Sam who are all members of Up Men Sing - a male voice choir who've been meeting every fortnight since Summer 2019; and a choir where talking about mental health is as much a priority as learning a song.  Find out more about the Up Men programme at
February 02, 2021
Creativity & Connection - Clay - (with BCB)
In this episode we visit Jo Mills from the British Ceramics Biennial (BCB) and Wayne and Daz at the ReCast group which is a collaboration with Stoke Recovery Service. They discuss clay, addiction and recovery. Find out more about the Up Men programme.
December 15, 2020
Creativity & Connection - Writing - Up Men
In this episode Rob talks to poet Jamie Thrasivoulou and Tony who took part in a series of creating writing workshops called 'What Now?'. This was an Up Men project and offered an opportunity to process the events of 2020 and plan for an uncertain future. Find out more about the Up Men programme.
December 15, 2020