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The show that brings you the latest & greatest from the eCommerce Marketing world.
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Episode 2. Founding an AI Handwriting Tech Company at 21 - Rob from Scribeless
In this episode of the Podcast, we're lucky to have Rob Van Den Bergh join us and explain how he went about founding Scribeless (an AI-driven handwriting Tech business) at the young age of 21.  From his time spent one Summer handwriting letters, to how Bristol Uni provided him with the support needed to get the business off the ground, the journey so far has been full of challenges and success.  We chat about how Scribeless came to be, what it took to grow the company, and what the future looks like for the business. It's also fascinating to hear the reasons why handwriting delivers such fantastic results vs. other communication methods.    For more infomation on Scribeless: For more information on our customer retention solutions, get in touch at:  Website:  Instagram:  Twitter: @MeRetain
June 09, 2020
Episode 1. Branding & Marketing with P&Co Co-Founder Adison Clark
In this very first Podcast, we're lucky to have Adison Clark join us and give us a masterclass on all things Brand & Marketing.    Adison Co-founded the Motorcycle Lifestyle company P&Co in 2013, which has since grown to a 7 figure turnover business with over 300,000 followers on Instagram.    We chat about how P&Co came to be, as well as what advice and guidance Adison has been giving to the brands he's been working with through his new Consultancy -  For more information on our customer retention solutions, get in touch at:  Website: Instagram:  Twitter: @MeRetain
May 01, 2020