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Retro Ordinaire

Retro Ordinaire

By Scott John and Jason Chong
A trawl through the bottom drawer of entertainment history. Hosted by Scott John and Jason Chong.
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Cartoon All Stars To The Rescue #ReinholdForGarfield

Retro Ordinaire

British Sitcom Characters On The Charts
Not the actors.  The characters.  What? Scotty and Jas ruminate on how characters from 'Allo 'Allo, The Comedy Company, Minder, Are You Being Served?, Fawlty Towers and Worzel Gummidge shot up the charts.  A special appearance by Joe Dolce('s work). Twitter / Facebook / Insta: @RetroOrdinaire
May 06, 2020
Cartoon All Stars To The Rescue #ReinholdForGarfield
Do you remember that time when all your favourite cartoon characters came together to get some moody teen off drugs?  Or did you just hallucinate that when you were high? In this very special episode, Scott & Jason will discuss the notoriously problematic "Cartoon All Stars To The Rescue" while you pass the dutchie on the left hand side. #ReinholdForGarfield Twitter / Facebook / Insta: @RetroOrdinaire
May 06, 2019
The Music Of Mr. T
It was inevitable, but it is finally time to pity the fools.  And by that, we mean Scott and Jason forced themselves to listen to 2 albums Mr. T released back in the mid-eighties, and now deserve your sympathy. Grab yourself a big glass of milk and listen to the boys jibber jabber as they wade through the magnificence of Mr. T's "Mr. T's Commandments" and also Mr. T's "Mr. T's Be Somebody (Or Be Somebody's Fool)" Twitter / Facebook / Insta: @RetroOrdinaire
April 08, 2019
Mac and Me, The Birdie Dance and Celebrity Poetry Accompanied by Barry White's Love Unlimited Orchestra
Grab some chicken nuggets for this episode, where Jason and Scott are appalled by Mac and Me, learn the sordid history of the Birdie Dance and then read poetry by Charlie Sheen and James Franco. We're Lovin' It. Twitter / Facebook / Instagram: @retroordinaire
February 18, 2019
Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos, Madonna Response Songs and It's A Knockout!
In this episode, the boys discuss the Chuck Norris animated series, the niche in pop music that is exclusively retorts to Madonna's music, and grease up your vinyl - we're tackling everyone's favourite: It's A Knockout!  Boogie! Twitter / Facebook / Insta: @RetroOrdinaire
January 14, 2019
Poochinski, Milky the Marvellous Milking Cow and The Beatle Barkers
The best way to understand what this podcast is, is just to do one. In this first episode of Retro Ordinaire, Scott John and Jason Chong discuss the man-cop-turns-into-dog-cop phenomenon that is "Poochinski", the dubiously popular 70s toy "Milky", and novelty album Beatles and dogs crossover smash "The Beatle Barkers" Twitter / Facebook / Insta: @RetroOrdinaire
December 20, 2018