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RetroActive Podcast

RetroActive Podcast

By Fred Rojas
A podcast examining the culture of retro video games. Each episode provides an in depth analysis on a specific title, developer, series, or topic and examines the influences on the history of gaming. As a variety show, additional mini sections are dedicated to topics like hardware, modifications, or other interesting factors of contemporary retro gaming. Hosted by Fred Rojas of and featuring guest co-hosts, it's a new look at an old topic.
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Star Wars: Obi-Wan (2001)
The RetroActive podcast returns with Fred going solo to discuss the Xbox launch title Star Wars: Obi-Wan.  Released at a time where the brand of Star Wars was wavering after Episode I and Microsoft's new PC as a console concept was a big risk, it seems almost fitting that this title has remained exclusive to its original platform.  Fred discusses the culture context, development history, and elements of this lackluster title that was a curiosity he couldn't pass up.
October 16, 2021
Mega Man X (1993)
Mega Man (or Rockman as he's known in Japan) was a significant franchise for Capcom in the NES era spanning 6 titles and just about as many on the Game Boy.  On the Super NES, however, things were shaken up with the arrival of Mega Man X. Fred and Chase (from Learned From Gaming) team up to discuss a refreshing update to the classic formula.  Also included is the announcement of the show going weekly and a breakdown of the heavy similarities between Sega's Master System and Game Gear.  Cover art from Rockman X, all songs from Mega Man X. 0:00 - Intro (Title) 0:30 - Editorial: RetroActive goes weekly 9:15 - Opening Stage (Highway) 9:45 - Mega Man X (1993) 1:38:50 - Stage Select 1:39:19 - Tech: Sega Master System vs. Sega Game Gear 2:03:43 - Ending 2:04:13 - Outro/Next Time 2:05:15 - Cast Roll
June 07, 2021
Half-Life (1998)
For the second episode of RetroActive, we decided to tackle something light: Half-Life.  Quite possibly one of the biggest and most influential first-person shooters ever released, Valve not only used the franchise to evolve the genre, but the sequel is also how they made the service Steam a household name.  Jamalais (yes, Jam!) returns to discuss this powerhouse title.  Also on this episode: hardware guide to the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and the real deal on framerate analysis.  All songs featured in this episode are from the official Half-Life soundtrack. 0:00 - Intro - Closing Theme 0:54 - Editorial: Toxic Behavior 5:52 - Klaxton Beat 6:50 - Hardware: Sega Genesis/Mega Drive 32:10 - Diabolical Adrenaline Guitar 33:10 - Half-Life (1998) Discussion with Guest Jamalais 2:03:03 - Traveling Through Limbo 2:04:03 - Framerate Analysis and Next Episode 2:15:14 - Valve Theme
May 17, 2021
Ys III: Wanderers From Ys
To kick off this new retro culture podcast, Fred is joined by Chase from Learned from Gaming to discuss Ys III: Wanderers from Ys.  This action RPG was the third in the series, and a side story, but oddly enough it was the first major release in North America for the franchise.  Additionally Fred gives insight on the intent of the show, the hardware of retro gaming, and how you may want to respond to the stores of the PS3 and Vita's impending doom. All songs in this episode come from the Turbografx CD soundtrack of Ys III: Wanderers from Ys Opening song: Title Music 0:38 - What is RetroActive? (Song: Steeling the Will to Fight) 6:10 - Hardware: Retro Gaming Options (Song: Darling Elena) 22:46 - Topic: Ys III (Songs: Valestein Castle, The Boy Who Had Wings, The Strongest Foe, Seal of Time) 1:41:57 - Preparing of the PS3 and Vita stores closing Closing Song: Prelude to the Adventure
May 03, 2021