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Reverb by Sane

Reverb by Sane

By Reverb by Sane
Reverb digs into the ideas and research around the most important questions of our time.
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EP.06 Sari Azout on what is wrong with the internet

Reverb by Sane

EP.09 Maggie Appleton on digital gardening
In this episode, Maggie and Ida get into the weeds of digital gardening. They talk about the history of the concept, what it means, the challenges of building digital gardens, the Cozy Web, the limitations we face with blogs and the web infrastructure that propels them, and whether digital gardening is complementary or one-against-the-other with Twitter.
May 08, 2022
EP.08 Oleg Stavitsky on making human beings less stressed
Ida speaks with Oleg Stavitsky, co-founder and CEO of Endel, about how behind our bodies are with evolving reality. They discuss the flow state, what the differences and similarities are between flow and mindfulness, elitism in meditation, panic over email, and the research and innovation Endel is doing to tackle some of these problems in order to make human beings less stressed.
March 22, 2022
EP.07 Sune Lehmann on attention spans, psychological richness, and the power of boredom
Ida speaks with Professor Sune Lehmann about his research on diminishing collective attention spans, our exceedingly worrying relationship with technology, boredom, psychological richness, and why the cultivation of rich internal and external experiences as individual human beings matters so much.
February 18, 2022
EP.06 Sari Azout on what is wrong with the internet
In this episode Ida speaks with Sari Azout about their shared passion of digital information systems. They cover topics including what is wrong with the internet, the role of curation in web 2.5, Sari’s philosophy in building new systems for navigating information and ideas, what web3 really is and some of the problems we face in understanding it.
February 04, 2022
EP.05 Isabel Millar on sex bots, artificial intelligence, and human subjectivity
Ida speaks with Dr. Isabel Millar about her journey in writing the book, The Psychoanalysis of Artificial Intelligence. Isabel shares the story of how she got interested in the subjects of philosophy and psychoanalysis. They talk about what psychoanalysis actually is, the process of building a conceptual thesis, what it means to look at the four Kantian questions from the perspective of psychoanalysis, and the role of philosophy in today’s society.
January 28, 2022
EP.04 Noah Allaire on metaphors of taste, eating, and online consumption
Ida speaks with New Mexico based writer Noah Allaire about his processes in research, thinking, and the pursuit of knowledge. They break down the ideas behind Noah's 2021 essay The Feeding, which is an analysis of digital unwellness and the conceptual metaphors most frequently used for exposure to online content. Read Noah's essays at 
January 17, 2022
EP.03 Tyler Alterman on collective minds and the future
Ida speaks with Tyler about existential threats, doing good, the roles of institutions vs communities in solving some of our greatest challenges, and more.
September 17, 2021
EP.02 Charles Broskoski on the importance of nodal points
Ida speaks with Charles Broskoski, co-founder and CEO of about nodal points, their personal experiences in discovering ideas, the importance of contextualising information, and the tech industry’s role in re-designing how people can build healthier information networks for themselves.
August 20, 2021
EP. 01 Alby Earley on how social media uncovers deep structural realities in politics
Ida speaks with London based digital communications specialist and campaign manager, Alby Earley, where they talk about what actually happened in the EU referendum, how the campaigns were organised and run, the role of social media in all of it, and how technology has changed campaign tactics and uncovered deep structural realities.
July 09, 2021