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Reverse Puberty

Reverse Puberty

By Sharon McVilly
If you think you're in perimenopause, you're tired of feeling ratty and as though you'll never have your life back again, this podcast will help you understand what is going on and provide you with a roadmap for getting through the insanity of your menopause transition with the least amount of misery possible.
05: Does Grey Area Drinking Cause Hormone Imbalance?
Many of us drink because…well, that’s just what we do - but for many women there comes a point where it’s just not fun any more. We’re sick and tire of feeling sick and tired! We try to cut back and discover just how hard it is. This is Grey Area Drinking. And it is the root cause of many perimenopause symptoms including insomnia, weight gain, mood regulation..and more. In this podcast session I’ll go through How we come unstuck with alcohol what the health department recommends for drinking How alcohol affects the body What to do if you think alcohol could be a problem In the podcast I did mention two other podcasts you may be interested in. They are: Alcohol Free Life by Janey Lee Grace Alcohol-Free Lifestyle by James Swanwick If you want to start re-claiming your life and work towards feeling good again, what better place to start than with understanding your body's needs for food, exercise and lifestyle? Grab my free download on How to Balance Your Hormones with Chinese Medicine.
July 04, 2022
04: How to talk with your GP about perimenopause
If you’re pretty sure you’re going through the menopause transition and you’ve got some health issues going on, it’s important you know how to talk to your GP about perimenopause. This relationship is really important to develop! In this week’s episode of the Reverse Puberty podcast, I’m going to go through: - how to choose and make an appointment with your GP for perimenopause symptoms - how to prepare for the appointment to make the most of your time - what to do with the advice you receive Here is the checklist for download, as mentioned in the podcast
June 27, 2022
03: Balancing your hormones by understanding your Chinese medicine pattern
Chinese medicine patterns of disharmony inform the treatment needs of a patient, in terms of herbs used, acupuncture points chosen, and food, lifestyle and exercise advice. And so, discovering your Chinese medicine pattern enables you to make better choices around food, lifestyle and exercise. Chinese medicine patterns are a collection of signs and symptoms that are similar to the Western medicine concept of a syndrome. There are hundreds of different types of patterns in Chinese medicine, sometimes nuanced so finely that it can be difficult to differentiate - but this is the beauty of Chinese medicine: it is a very personal diagnosis that allows for a targeted treatment plan based on what is going on specifically for you. Once you can discern your Chinese medicine pattern, there are lots of things you can do outside of the clinic to help balance your hormones. In this episode we will go through: - a basic understanding of the Chinese medicine organs involved in the menopause transition - the five most common patterns I see in clinic (there are many, many more, however this is what I commonly see) - a basic understanding of the energetics of food and exercise in Chinese medicine and how they apply to a pattern As a special bonus for this session, I have created a guide for you to use so you can determine your Chinese medicine pattern, and make better choices around exercise, food and lifestyle. Click here for the link to download your free guide.
June 20, 2022
02: What Are the Symptoms of Perimenopause and What Help is Available?
Google the signs and symptoms of perimenopause and you'll read that there are 34. I happen to think there are a lot more, however in this episode we will go through the different types of symptoms, and what you can expect for treatment of those symptoms by both Western and Chinese medicine.
June 13, 2022
01: What is the difference between perimenopause and menopause?
In this podcast, we will go over how to differentiate between perimenopause and menopause in regard to timing, plus we'll look at lots of different names for the two - and what to do if you no longer have a uterus or menstruating. SUGGESTIONS & FREE RESOURCE If you would like to suggest any topics for my podcast, please email at Also, as mentioned during the show, here is your free guide "5 Things You Can Do to Support Yourself Naturally" - CONTACT Web - Instagram - Facebook -
June 04, 2022