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The ReviewDunk Podcast - Fight for the Truth

The ReviewDunk Podcast - Fight for the Truth

By MShiv from Reviewdunk
In The ReviewDunk Podcast, we will uncover the facts and truths about the little-known and talked about product review industry. The purpose of this podcast is to create awareness among the people who regularly search for product reviews online.
Why Reviewdunk Was Started? - Reasons, Truths & Honesty
In this episode, I am revealing why did I start Reviewdunk and what its purpose is. I have answered questions like... 1. What made me start Reviewdunk? 2. How Reviewdunk's Review is different from all the other reviews out there? 3. Most reviews are paid, promoted & sponsored, and why they are so? And many more such queries have been answered in this podcast... To back this podcast with data here is the case study we did on how paid reviews manipulate people
August 22, 2022