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Revive Fitness & Nutrition Podcast
hosted by Julie Paton-Monk

Revive Fitness & Nutrition Podcast hosted by Julie Paton-Monk

By Revive Fitness & Nutrition
#1 Mind Mapping
Walk through of how to use the mind map technique. Track goals and make your goals and dreams reality.
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#3 Blair Thomson: BT the PT - Body Transformation

Revive Fitness & Nutrition Podcast hosted by Julie Paton-Monk

#14 What unwanted behaviour would you leave in the past? with Coral Bugden
Coral Bugden, Clinical Hypnotherapist and owner of Room 101 Therapy, joins me to discuss what Clinical Hypnotherapy is and the use in areas such as stress, anxiety, weight loss, menopause and much more.  If you have night sweats, hot flushes, stress, struggling to give up smoking, hypnotherapy could be for you.  Coral walks us through the trance experience of Hypnotherapy and what we can expect from a session.   Connect with Coral: Website: E-mail:
November 22, 2020
#13 When did you last feel no pressure? with guest Nick Kneebone
Nick Kneebone owner of Float Philosophy joins me to discuss all aspects of Floating. Hear Nick talk about what Floating is, the history behind it and how his experience lead him to start the business.  He talks about the mental and physical benefits when there's no pressure on your body, no external lights, no noise or distractions. He shares with us the differences he sees in clients before and after a session. We learn top tips from Nick to get the most out of our Float.  We discuss how Nick handles the pressures of running a business and the importance of making time for ourselves.  If you want to make your Float a more personalised experience, hear Nick share what is currently available to do this and the projects underway to enhance this further. Including the opening of his Yoga studio.  To connect with Nick and book a Float: Website: Instagram: Keep posted for the Yoga studio reopening 
October 18, 2020
#12 Why do your senses matter? with guest Russell Jones
Delighted to have Russell Jones (Author: Sense: Unlock Your Senses and Improve Your Life), as my guest to share how we can use our senses to improve our environment and experiences. Russell shares his vast learnings from his work and scientific research which includes; the impact sound can have on our taste, how best to use music to cooldown after a workout and the importance of freshness and light in our homes.  We hear Russell talk about how we often blame ourselves for our environment rather than looking at our environment and the sounds within in it. We learn about the simple actions we can take to improve our environment, our " Zoom Cave" and how to connect with others along with the sensory prescription for what we are looking to achieve.  We hear how to bring the benefits of nature indoors and how to get create a even move enjoyable takeaway experience without the overindulgence! Russell makes the world of neuroscience accessible to us, so we can learn how to apply what he has learnt into our own lives.  "Start caring about your sensory environment" To connect and learn more from Russell: Book: Sense: Unlock Your Senses and Improve Your Life Websites: Instagram: sensebook_rj
September 27, 2020
#11 I'm trapped by Golden Handcuffs with guest Sam Kiani
Absolute pleasure to welcome back Sam Kiani, Transformation Coach. We hear what Sam has stopped, started and continued as a result of her own learnings over lock down. We talk about how we do have control over our lives and the trap of the Golden Handcuffs. Along with the blame culture we find ourselves in when living to the expectations of the culture of modern life.   Sam talks about the different types of rest; sleep, emotional, body connection and how often our thinking comes from a place of fear.  Episode includes Top Tips from Sam on how you can have a full time job, still fill your heart and find time for you. Finishing up with fast fire lifestyle questions to get to know Sam even more.  "Our bodies aren't just a brain taxi" "We are here to have fun, enjoy life" To connect with Sam; Instagram: Website:
August 16, 2020
#10 Is beauty really only skin deep? with guest Leanne Hunter
Leanne Hunter, Aesthetic Clinician, Nurse, owner of Smooth Dimensions Ltd and all round inspirational business women. Joins me to talk about beauty, her own personal experience and that of her clients. We discuss the myths and judgements around botox and fillers and the industry in which Leanne works in. We hear Leanne talk honestly about the industry and what she doing to dispel the myths and we learn about the exceptional service and care she provides to clients. If botox and fillers are not something you have ever considered, listening to the podcast will help you gain insight and understanding into why people elect for such treatments. You can connect with Leanne through her: Website: Instagram: smoothdimensionsltd
August 9, 2020
#9 When Life Disappoints.....with guest Dale Sidebottom
Dale Sidebottom, Funtrepreneur,  is on a mission to bring more fun into everyone's life through movement.  We hear Dale talk about the disappoints he has experienced in his own life, struggles he has been through and the hard work he has done to keep the good stuff and remove the bad stuff over the last 5 years.   We find out what tools and systems Dale implements in his own life to incorporate fun and the importance of taking time for you whilst focusing on what you can control. If you like a challenge - Listen out for the homework Dale has set - 30 day PAL challenge!  Remember  - "Thinking is cheap, talking is cheap - You need to take action" Connect with Dale Narcissistic To Nice | Dale Sidebottom | TEDxDocklands Instagram:
July 12, 2020
#8 It's clear you're not happy ...with guest Sam Kiani
Sam Kiani flies all over the world coaching CEO's, Directors and everyday people. Sam works with companies to create happier work places through individual and team coaching.  We hear Sam talk about the common causes of work place stress. The disconnections in relationships at work and the role of our own internal stress and perfectionist behaviours.  "We train people to treat us" Sam provides us with takeaways on how to manage a bully in the workplace, reflect on our own patterns of behaviours and how to reset boundaries to be empowered to be different. To connect with Sam: Instagram: LinkedIn: Website:
June 21, 2020
#7 Please look after me......with Guest - Fiona Sutherland
"You are a priority in your own life"  In our fast paced modern world we often neglect ourselves. In episode #7 we hear from special guest, Fiona Sutherland, talking about the ways in which we can look after ourselves.  Fiona is owner of Sutherland podiatry and therapy, she talks to us about treating the body from top to toe. How modern stresses start to manifest in our bodies and her role on educating people on knowing what is sore vs having used muscles we haven't work in a while. We hear all about the importance of footwear and learn about how face massages can help with tension headaches from anxiety and sitting at a desk all day.  Connect with Fiona: Facebook search for: sutherland podiatry & therapy Instagram:
June 7, 2020
#6 Women are not small Men with breasts.....with Guest - Nardia Norman
Nardia Norman has worked in the health and fitness industry as a speaker, educator, personal trainer and health coach since 1998. We hear Nardia talk about her mission to help training women thrive, and how our hormones have a huge impact on our bodies. We also hear why it's important to think about our Period Health. We talk about female mindsets around toning up and the concept of our muscle bank.  Along with ageing well and what Nardia views as the current biggest challenges to female health.  As is tradition! I throw some lifestyle questions at Nardia. Connect with Nardia: Website: Instagram:
May 31, 2020
#5 Rate yourself between.....with Guest - Tim Cooper
Super excited to have Tim Cooper - Global High Performance Coach as my guest.  We hear Tim talking about why it matters if we compare ourselves to others. The cost of chasing the next promotion, pay rise, bonus and why we chase the numbers. Smoothing over the cracks, fixed vs growth mindset and the many different segments of life.   Teaser snippets;  "Bench marking yourself on a numeric number, sets yourself up for failure in the end, in the long term...." "Looking back at yourself in the mirror in the morning - You know deep down their is a void missing......" "What is the redundancy going to do outside of that relationship with you...." "Time is life's most valuable currency"  "Accept change is coming...." Tim shares his framework/system to use when you find yourself in a Catch 22 position. He talks about the language we use with ourselves and how to avoid overwhelm. Along with top tips on how to avoid negative comparison to others.  We get to know Tim a bit more with some crucial lifestyle questions!.....Biscuits or Harbio? .....Which one will he choose?...... To connect with Tim: Website: Information on coaching programmes, speaker events - email: Instagram: Podcast - TIM COOPER ACADEMY;
May 24, 2020
#4 What does it cost to be generous? with Guest - Ricky Long
Who is Ricky Long?.... Ricky puts fitness professionals first, with his generosity in sharing knowledge and helping others, we find out about what drives him to help others succeed in their careers and fitness without expecting anything in return.  Ricky shares the difference between 'busy fool' and 'busy productive'.  The choices we have, living with purpose and not scrolling past someone in need of help. Along with Laptop Fitness and how Ricky adds and removes friction in his life.  We discuss the future of the fitness industry with his thoughts on a hybrid module,  instructor royalties and the relationship between gyms and Fitness Professionals.  And I threw in some essential lifestyle questions to get to know him!   Connect with Ricky:  Type in rickylong42 on any social media platform.
May 17, 2020
#3 Blair Thomson: BT the PT - Body Transformation
Over 8 years experience in the fitness industry. Blair shares tips on keeping it simple when it comes to Nutrition and Training. Along with key lessons he has learnt over the years from a client and PT perspective.
January 24, 2020
#2 Mind Mapping delivers results
What do I want to do for me? Your thoughts can create your reality. Hear Laura's experience of how mind mapping changed her fitness and got her a new house.
September 22, 2019
#1 Mind Mapping with Julie Paton-Monk owner of Revive Fitness & Nutrition
Walk through on how to get all the thoughts and ideas out of your head and onto paper. Creating a visual to prioritise what you need to do whilst identifying what you want to do. Tracking your progress to make your dreams and ideas a reality.
July 12, 2019