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#revoltLAP - A Podcast in Black and White

#revoltLAP - A Podcast in Black and White

By Derek McCoy
The change our learners needs is sometimes easy to see but hard to make or sometimes difficult to see and know where to go. This podcast is a resource to reduce the grey area we get stuck in and see our true learner needs are black and white!
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October 12, 2020
#revoltLAP Podcast - Steve Sostak, Building Global Citizens
Our guest, Steve Sostak @inspirecitizen1, is our guest on this incredible talk about student activism and empowerment. Steve and his team have created an incredible network and resources to help us build up our skills and know-how to help students be the empowered leaders they need to be for their future. Learn about his 'Empathy to Impact' work and how that can spark the Revolution your class or school needs. "Don't be the teacher you had as a student, be the Revolution@ry your learners need!"
October 11, 2020
#revoltLAP - Dr. Winston Sakurai Adversity Builds Us
'You have to go through adversity to get stronger' Dr. Winston Sakurai @winstonsakurai Our talk with Winston Sakurai today is the need for us to go through life, surround ourselves with friends, reflect and get stronger - the world needs you. Powerful talk and advice from this Hawaii native and career educator who has shaped what learning looks like in his state for years. This is very real talk about talking care of yourself and serving others - listen and share this with a friend. 'The best way may not be your way' Dr. Winston Sakurai
September 30, 2020
#revoltLAP Podcast Jessica CaBOOM!!
Its all in the title  - Jessica bring the Ca-BOOM! This fierce #edleader shares about leading with grace, bringing in student voice and the steps we should be taking to create learner-centered environments. Its a great listen that includes taking care of our staff and ourselves. This is the talk for all educators!
September 25, 2020
#revoltLAP Bobby Dodd
This is an action packed talk! Innovator Bobby Doddy shares his transformative journey towards becoming more compassionate and empathetic - mindsets he thinks we need a revolution in! You'll want to hear what his team has done with innovative school scheduling at one of Ohio's largest high schools. Enjoy and share this listening!
September 13, 2020
#revoltLAP Podcast - Beth Houf Talks About the Middle!
You probably know Beth Houf from her incredible book, Lead Like a Pirate - its been an inspiration and model for years and has helped many school leaders. We get to know her a little better today as we talk about her new passions of leadership wellness, innovating middle school and we go a little more into her background and some of what makes her the phenom she is today! Thanks for joining The Revolution!
August 23, 2020
#revoltLAP Podcast - Asael Ruvalcaba, Mr. R: Living the Inspiration
,Asael Ruvalcaba, [Mr R. to his students] has one of those messages that eventually becomes a movie poster tagline - Model, Connect, Inspire and Achieve! But its not just talk and we're happy to have him on to share with you how he is walking the walk for his students and teachers. You'll get a lot out of our time with him and get fired up when you learn how he is starting a revolution at Rio Hondo High School in Texas. 'Don't be the teacher you had as a student, be the Revolution@ry your learners need.'
July 24, 2020
#revoltLAP Podcast - Dave Schmittou, Bold Questions for Us All
"You are a stronger leader if you have more questions." This is some of the strong reflections in today's episode with Dr. Dave Schmittou, @daveschmittou. He's the author of 'Bold Humility' and uses our platform today to share real, transparent insights into his journey in education and #edleadership, the triumphs and trials and how they have shaped him. It's a great talk to listen to reflect on your path and a great share for someone thinking of endeavoring in a new area. This is the power of revolution@ry reflection.
July 20, 2020
#revoltLAP Podcast - Tara Martin, As "REAL" as it Gets!
"People shy away from experiences they've gone thru but the truth is we are more alike than different. It's the stories they tell that mean so much." Our talk today is with Tara Martin, @TaraMartinEDU. Not only is she an accomplished author, educator, and coach for us all, she brings a transformative level of 'REAL'ness every day with everything she does. She talks about the power of transparency, building authentic relationships and of course, our need to 'B.E. R.E.A.L.' Enjoy our talk and add this wisdom to your toolbox to be the Revolution@ry your learners need.
July 17, 2020
#revoltLAP Podcast - Mariah Rackley, A Voice for Student Agency
This is it! We're happy to have our friend and student advocacy warrior, Mariah Rackley, with us today! She shares what she knows and what has been beneficial in her school with creating an environment for student agency! Check her out and remember to subscribe! "Don't be the teacher you had as a student, be the Revolution@ry your learners need!"
July 12, 2020
#revoltLAP Podcast - Steven Weber
Dr. Steven Weber, @curriculumblog, is a long time blogger and influencer. If you know him, he's been a go-to for connected educators. Today we're hearing more about his time as a blogger [as well as some advice] and learning about some of his work as an Assistant Superintendent leading efforts in his district with supporting learners and teachers during the Covid 19 crisis. Include him in your network for knowledgeable thought leaders. "Don't be the teacher you had as a student, be the Revolution@ry your learners need."
July 03, 2020
#revoltlAP Podcast - Dr. Sanee Bell, What's Your Legacy?
Have you given thought to what your legacy will be? How your actions and decisions will affect those in your school now and how they will affect the future of the school and future learners? Our guest, Dr. Sanee Bell, touches on the impact of the legacy of leaders, being a dilemma dancer, and making others better around us. You will enjoy hearing from our friend and her impact as a leadership developer. "Don't be the teacher you had as a student, be the Revolution@ry your learners need."
June 30, 2020
#revoltLAP Podcast - Equity in the Time of Covid19, James Ford
Our good friend James Ford joins us to drop insight on how Covid19 is exposing inequities in our educational system and practices. James is an accomplished educator, 2014 North Carolina Teacher of the Year, NC Public School Forum Policy Expert and Founder of C.R.E.E.D., Center for Racial Equity in Education. His passion for starting conversations and opening eyes to equity issues comes out in this mic dropping conversation. Take time to listen and share this any educator, parent, and community member you know.  This episode is a great start to the equity conversations and planning. Don't be the teacher you had as a student, be the Revolution@ry your learners need! 
May 28, 2020
#revoltLAP Podcast - Jimmy and Jeff Talk Connection
Our good friends Jimmy Casas @casas_jimmy and Jeff Zoul @jeff_zoul join us and share why their collaborations are so powerful and helpful to so many. Making and using the connections we develop is what helps us make the revolutionary growth our learners need. Whether it's about simply meeting new friends for dinner and having a great conversation or innovating learning experiences for educators, committing to building relationships must always be a priority! Listen to these two giants give wisdom and insight about the power of connections.
May 22, 2020
#revoltLAP Podcast - Innovation+Edleadership = Glenn Robbins
Our friend Glenn Robbins @Glennr1809 joins us to talk about how our preparation as educators and leaders shouldn't only be about bettering ourselves, it should be about taking care of our learners and community. We talk about his focus on his learning and growth, the extraordinary and innovative measures he and his team are taking to support learners and families in today's crisis. Its a must listen for leaders at all levels. 'Don't be the teacher you had as a student, be the Revolution@ry your learners need!'
May 19, 2020
#revoltLAP Podcast - Ken "UnfoldtheSoul" Williams
"Do you have more statement than mission?" Be prepared to have your mind blown, comfort challenged, and ultimately create the learner-centered school you envisioned. Our good friend and guest Ken Williams, CEO of, brings his impactful insight and drive to our podcast and challenges all of us to make what we do about the learners. Listen in as we talk about the real truth of mission statements, collective/individual agendas, and building great schools! Enjoy! 'Don't be the teacher you had as a student, be the Revolution@ry your learners need.'
May 12, 2020
#revoltLAP Podcast - Jethro Jones, A Real Transformer
Jethro is a Revolution@ry from Alaska who is committed to changing how we support educators. From his last years as a principal to now as a consultant he shares what he sees as critical areas of support and his innovative way of providing PD and coaching. You will love to learn about him as a person and his real mission to be a better person, father, husband and educator. He's on a mission to transform what we do - a real Revolution@ry!
May 08, 2020
#revoltLAP - Interview with Dr. Bill Ziegler, A Difference Maker
This is a great listen for everyone! Bill was once told by the adults in his life he wasn't college material or ready for any learning beyond high school. Now, several degrees later he's a nationally recognized, award winning author, presenter, leadership coach and influencer. Listen in as he shares his journey, his influences and time as a high school principal and difference maker. We also talk about how professional development needs a Revolution. Bill shares his experience with one-on-one coaching with his staff and the growth experiences they are realizing. You can read more about Bill, his accomplishments and connect with him at his website - 'Don't be the teacher you had as a student, be the Revolution@ry your learners need.'
May 06, 2020
#revoltLAP - Interview with Kim Aarberg
This is our inaugural podcast, thanks so much for listening! We are happy to have Kim with us! Kim is an educator from Norway and we talk about some of the innovative things he is doing there in his room but also some of the same high-leverage strategies we all use to connect with learners!  Follow us on the #revoltLAP hashtag and learn about our stories from The Revolution here -
April 29, 2020