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The Approachable Equestrian

The Approachable Equestrian

By Rhianna Burke
This is the Approachable Equestrian, a place where we dive deep into all things mindset, motivation & stories that inspire. We are determined to shine a light on all things inclusive in the equestrian community. It's time for the Equestrian world to feel more approachable!
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Ep 52 - The life of an international groom with Maddie and Lillie of StableChats

The Approachable Equestrian

Ep 55 - Event recap, Sydney Eventing Spring Classic
We hope you enjoy this episode hearing about Rhianna and her young horse elf's experience at the Sydney Eventing Spring Classic.  Rhianna talks about all the highs and lows of eventing with a young horse and her thoughts throughout the event.
September 14, 2022
Ep 54 - With international Master Mindset & Performance Psychology Coach Jenni Winter-Leach
Today we got to cover important topics like how to cope when your horse is out on injury, how to help your recovery when dealing with trauma, how to effectively stay on track towards your goals and some top tips on how to analyse your performances. Jenni Winter-Leach is a master mindset and performance psychology coach who helps countless riders through her business Flying changes mindset. You can find her on Facebook and instagram @flyingchangesmindset or her website Her book Dream it, Do it, Love it can be purchased on Amazon here
August 31, 2022
Ep 53 - Bringing your horse or yourself back into work after a break
When yourself or your horse has had some time off it's so important to consider what your return to work program will look like.  Today Rhianna discusses some things that she has been trying to keep in mind while bringing her own horses back into work.
August 17, 2022
Ep 52 - The life of an international groom with Maddie and Lillie of StableChats
Ever wonder what the inside of an elite dressage barn looks like?  Maddie and Lillie play such a huge role in the success of their rider working as grooms that help keep everything running.  On todays episode we get to chat about what life is like on the inside and what it's like to work as an international groom. To find Maddie and Lillie and follow their journey just search @stablechats on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. To find Willinga park just seach for @willingapark on Facebook and Instagram or their website Jayden Brown can be found on Instagram @jayden_brown_dressage
August 10, 2022
Ep 51 - Goals and inspiration with young Show Jump rider Paton Simpson
When you meet someone who is full of energy and motivation it is completely infectious, this episode is full of that with the beautiful young rider Paton Simpson.  We talk about her life with horses and for such a young person she has some great insights into the world that is horses.  A passionate Show jump rider from rural NSW Australia, I know you will love this episode with this very approachable equestrian! Follow her journey on Insta @paton.showjumping_aus Find us on instagram and Facebook @theapproachableequestrian
August 03, 2022
Bonus Episode! Event Recap - Denman Horse Trials!
If you are interested in the journey of Rhianna and her young horse Elf, today she has done a quick recap of their very first One Day Event together.  Listen to all the ups and downs of their journey together (embarrassing moments and all)
June 27, 2022
Ep 50 - Focus on yourself and not others
This episode is so important if you want to stop wasting time wishing to be like everyone else and start stepping into who you can be!
June 22, 2022
Ep 49 - How to get out of a rut!
Ever feel like you're stuck in a continuous cycle to getting nothing done?  I know how you feel and I'm here to talk to you about the best way to get out of that stuck feeling!
June 15, 2022
Ep 48 - With Shiwon Green, The Galloping Housewife
Today's Episode with the galloping housewife was a real story about when the extremely ordinary becomes extraordinary just by continually keeping going. Shiwon Green is probably the least successful half decent rider New Zealand has ever produced. An abject failure at eventing, she spent a year in a showjumping yard in the US where she was laughed out of the arena on her first ride. On returning to New Zealand, nearing middle age and embarking on parenthood, she thought she’d do the sensible thing and give dressage a go. Her first dressage horse was a 10 yo Stationbred with a world class spook. Together they defied all expectations to progress from Novice to the International Grand Prix arena, managing not to win a single notable trophy on the way.  Shiwon’s next horse made the trip to the UK with her and as soon as he started scoring in the mid 70’s at small tour level, blew a suspensory and never returned to top level competition. Third time wasn’t to be lucky either, with Shiwon and her first fancy European warmblood being the first kiwi combination to qualify for the World Young Horse Championships with a score of 88%, only to go lame in the warm up with an obscure degenerative bone disease.  Shiwon hasn’t given up on her dreams though, she still intends to win at least one dress rug before she quits.  She lives somewhere in the UK with her husband, two mostly housetrained teenagers, a ridiculous designer dog and a fluffy white cat. You can find her online and social by searching for The galloping housewife
June 08, 2022
Ep 47 - With mindset coach and podcaster Jocelin Lillienau
Today's Guest Jocelin Lillienau is all the way from Belgium, she is an Eventer who is also a mindset coach for riders.  She also has her own Podcast called the Equestrian Performance Mindset Podcast.
May 30, 2022
Ep 46 - Are you guilty of this one thing?
Are you guilty of this one thing?
May 16, 2022
Ep 45 - The importance of rider fitness, health and wellness with founder of The Riders Pod, Hannah Basetti
This episode is packed full of inspiration and information all about becoming the best rider you can be through health, fitness and a wholistic approach to your lifestyle.  Today I spoke with Hannah Basetti, co-creator of the app 'the riders pod'
May 12, 2022
Ep 44 - Stop trying to do it on your own!
Today I'm here to tell you why you should stop trying to do everything on your own (even though you are totally amazing and you can of course do it on your own) I'm telling you that you don't need to and why growing yourself a team will push you further and faster than you thought possible!
May 08, 2022
Ep 43 - Performaride co-founder Ann-Marie talks about growing an international equestrian brand
Ever wondered what it takes to grow an international equestrian brand?  Well today Ann-Marie from Performaride talks with us about the amount of barriers that they had to break through to become a household name.  Not just a chat about the  business we also have a great chat about so much to do with mindset in our lives and our riding.
May 04, 2022
Ep 42 - The 10,000 hour rule and why it applies to you!
Ever wondered why some people end up so successful in their riding and others don't?  It's not just natural ability at all, it's much more than that.  Today I talk about why you should learn the 10,000 hour rule and apply it in your riding so you can be successful too.
May 01, 2022
Ep 41 - With social media and marketing expert Giorga Gall
On today's episode we get to speak with Giorga about all things social media and marketing and the best part is the majority of her clientele are equestrians.  Giorga is also a competitive show jumper herself.
April 09, 2022
Ep 40 - 8 Ways to get the most out of your riding lesson
Do you ever feel like you have a great riding lesson and then by the time you ride next you feel like you can't remember any of it?  This episode is for you.  We discuss my 8 top tips of how to retain your riding lesson and how to get the most out of it!
April 04, 2022
Ep 39 - Resilience and riding with junior rider Finley Hughes
This episode talks all about growing your resilience, Finley has had many hurdles throughout her young life and on todays episode we speak about her journey to keep getting past them.
March 30, 2022
Ep 38 - How to love yourself as you are with Kristy_mind your fitness
This episode takes a deep dive into battling your self worth and finding a way to be your biggest supporter.
March 28, 2022
Ep 37 - Stop making yourself unhappy while waiting for your future!
Ever feel like you can't achieve enough, or you should be further ahead in your riding journey?  This episode touches on why you need to stop looking at what you don't have and start looking at what you have already achieved!
March 21, 2022
Ep 36 - The journey of a young dressage rider, with Talicia Beardsmore
Getting to talk to Talicia about her journey to get to where she is today was so inspiring!  Enjoy listening to this lovely young rider and her story.
March 16, 2022
Ep 35 - An Interview with one of my best friends, Natalie Cox
I wanted to bring on one of my best friends so you could have a bit of a deeper look into my community and how I surround myself with supportive people to help me in my day to day life.
March 14, 2022
Ever feel like life is just hard and everything is a bit doom and gloom, today I talk about some tips to bring in some extra happiness in your life which will ultimately help you with your riding!
March 06, 2022
Ep 33 - With The Eventing Physiologist
This episode is for all riders, we discuss using your body to not only improve your riding but also your mindset and make riding better from your horses perspective 
March 03, 2022
Ep 32 - Fear nearly made me quit!
Ever feel like fear just over takes and you want to quit?  It happened to me last week, today I talk about how I got through it and overcame it!
February 27, 2022
Ep 31 - An amazing ride with Hong Kong Eventer Yuxuan Su
At only 25 Yuxuan Su seriously has some wisdom to share, in this interview we talk about his amazing journey and the ups and downs along the way.  We also got to touch on his experience with working closely with a sports phycologist and finding his identity.
February 23, 2022
Ep 30 - My motivation left me, what now?
Ever feel like you are on a great roll and you're making so much progress than all of a sudden that drive completely disappears? It's happened to me recently so today I discussed what I have done to help get me through this flat feeling!
February 21, 2022
Ep 29 - International Inspiration with USA Grand-Prix Dressage Rider Catherine Haddad-Staller
This episode was amazing!  Catherine and I got to talk about her amazing journey competing and training all over the world.  We laughed and cried and I was so inspired after this episode, enjoy!
February 17, 2022
Ep 28 - With Dr Elizabeth (Beth) Charles from Sydney Equine Practice
Beth grew up in Canberra where she started riding with friends at a young age. She bought her first horse and started pony club in high school which lead to many interschool competitions and on to eventing through to her University years. Beth worked as a strapper and stable hand at the Canberra Race Track during school which sparked her passion for working with racehorses. After finishing high school Beth moved to Wagga Wagga to study a Bachelor in Applied Science, Equine Studies, at CSU and graduated in 2005. Following graduation Beth moved home to Canberra and worked for the Department of Agriculture in live animal import, including leading a huge project to re-write the new import conditions for horses following the Equine Influenza outbreak in 2007/08. Working with vets within the Government and getting sick of sitting at a desk all the time encouraged Beth to apply for vet school for a career change. In 2010 Beth moved to Sydney to completed a Masters in Animal Science (Nutrition) and was accepted to study Veterinary Science at the University of Sydney Starting in 2011. After graduating in 2015 Beth moved with her husband to the USA for study and work. Beth worked in small animal clinics during her time in the USA, but never lost her passion to work with horses. In 2019 Beth moved back to Sydney with her husband and new additions (twin boys, born March 2019) to be closer to family. Beth started working with Sydney Equine Practice in October 2019 and has become an important member of the team, both as an equine vet and practice manager. Beth loves working with both race and performance horses, she has specific interest in lameness and rehabilitation. When Beth is not at work she loves going to the catching up with friends, travelling and going to the beach.
February 10, 2022
Ep 27 - Tenacity and horses - why you need it!
Tenacity is so important as a horse rider, in our society we are so used to everything being instant and when it comes to horses it never is.
February 06, 2022
Ep 26 - Living your life and chasing your dreams with UK rider Roxy McCarthy
This episode is beyond inspirational!  Listen to someone who is super genuine and happy to chase their goals!
February 02, 2022
Ep 25 - How to become the best person you can be!
Tune in to today's episode to find out how you can be the best person possible!
January 30, 2022
Ep 24 - Constantly working towards my dreams has gotten me where I am today with Georgia Grech!
Todays guest is a friend who is near and dear to me and I wanted her to share a bit of her story as she is such a go-getter and has always pushed me to be a better version of myself!
January 26, 2022
Ep 23 - Money and Horses
Money and horses go hand in hand.  Listen to todays episode to get my insight into it!
January 23, 2022
Ep 22 - From International Dressage rider to International Dressage Coach with Jacqui Van Montfrans
Jacqui Van Montfrans (@dressage_coach) is just a wonderful person through and through. She also has such an amazing way of inspiring everyone who she teaches. Jacqui has such a long list of achievements not only in her riding life but in her coaching life as well. I got to talk with Jacqui whilst she was recently in hotel quarantine all the way over in Hong Kong, her journey till now is definitely worth the listen.  There are so many gold nuggets of wisdom for you to take away in this episode no matter what your riding journey looks like.
January 19, 2022
Ep 21 - Jealousy in the Equestrian Community
Take a listen to this episode if you want to know why jealousy can be a great thing!
January 16, 2022
Ep 20 - 5* Eventer Gemma Tinney talks all things pressure and goals with us!
Gemma Tinney has achieved so much at only the age of 24!  Such a great episode to listen to about pressure, goal setting and mindset.
January 12, 2022
Ep 19 - 3 Ways To Beat Procrastination
Procrastination is the biggest killer of achieving your dreams, listen to my top 3 tips of how to beat procrastination
January 09, 2022
Ep 18 - The Wild Ride that is Horses with 5* Eventer John Twomey
John Twomey has been on a wild ride on his journey with horses, he has competed around the world and is currently based in South Africa!
January 05, 2022
Ep 17 - Big Goals for 2022
Are you ready to start the year off with a bang or just looking for a way to help you set your goals and intentions in your life?
January 02, 2022
Ep 16 - Determination and Organisation helped me become who I am today with Tilly McCarroll
Our last episode for 2021 saw us speak to Tilly McCarroll who has achieved so much in such a short amount of time, she speaks about how to get organised, how to set goals and how to stay resilient when life throws setbacks your way!
December 23, 2021
Have you ever looked around and wondered why you aren't becoming the person that you want to be?  Today we talk about why the people who are in your life could be the reason for this.  
December 19, 2021
Ep 14 - Jade Findlay, I went from never riding to 4* eventing in 2 years
This journey that we got to go on with 5* eventer Jade Findlay was so inspiring.  If you are lacking motivation or need a pick me up this episode is for you. 
December 16, 2021
Ep 13 - 6 ways to find your Motivation
This is part 2 of why motivation is so hard to find, last week we discussed the reasons why motivation is so tough to keep up and this episode we run through how to overcome those hurdles and become the best version of yourself!
December 13, 2021
Ep 12 - Rebuilding my community in a new country with Sarah Hudson!
Have you ever thought about moving overseas?  Or even what life would be like if you did?  Today's guest has taken the leap and has moved her whole life from Australia to the UK!  She is seriously inspiring and has rebuilt her whole social support system and talks with us about her journey with her horses and community over there.  This is a must hear episode!
December 08, 2021
Ep 11 - 6 Reasons Why We Lack Motivation
If you find that your always trying to find motivation than this episode will help you understand why it is such a hard thing to do.  
December 05, 2021
Ep 10 - Straight from the horses mouth with Charmae from the Bit Bank Australia
Horses change all the time and so do their mouths!  We got to talk to Charmae from the Bit Bank Australia about why she is so passionate about what she does and also her journey to how she got to where she is today!  It was so interesting to hear about the equestrian community from someone who is a business owner and has another perspective outside of riding alone!
December 01, 2021
Ep 9 - Everyone is getting ahead except me!
Do you feel like everyone around you is getting so far ahead that you just don't know how to keep up anymore?  This episode covers why that might be and what you can do to stop that from happening.
November 28, 2021
Ep 8 - A huge journey with JPR Equestrian
Today I got to chat with James Paterson-Robinson and Sarah Duggan of JPR Equestrian.  They have both had such huge journeys and I had so much fun with them learning all about their wins and setbacks along the way! James is an Australian Showjumper and is a 2x Olympic Competitor and has also ridden at 2x World Equestrian Games.  Sarah represents GB and is also a Grand Prix Showjumper.
November 24, 2021
Ep 7 - Falling in love with the process
When horses can feel unfulfilling sometimes it can be because we have fallen into the trap of hitting our next big goal or getting that ribbon at the next competition.  Remembering to fall in love with the process can help you become happier in your day to day life and show up better for your horses too. 
November 21, 2021
Ep 6 - Dreaming Big with Grand Prix Dressage rider Rochelle King-Andrews
Today I got to chat with Rochelle King-Andrews who is a fabulous Grand Prix Dressage rider based in Australia.  Rochelle talks with me about her journey with horses and her inspirational rise after huge setbacks.  
November 17, 2021
Ep 5 - 3 Steps To Consistency
Do you always feel like time passes you by and you struggle to remain consistent throughout your day to day life?  Today Rhianna discusses some easy steps to help you find that consistency in your life that you're looking for.
November 14, 2021
Ep 4 - How to ride the ups and downs with top level Eventer Laura Wallace
When things get hard and you need to pick yourself back up again it can be so hard!  On today's episode top level eventer Laura Wallace talks to us about the real life struggles she has faced and how she has gotten up and moved forward in her life.  She is such an inspiration, I hope you love this episode as much as I loved recording it!
November 10, 2021
Ep 3 - 6 Ways To Find Your Community
Have you ever felt like you're alone in the equestrian world?  Today Rhianna Discusses practical ways for you to find your community and to surround yourself with a support system. Find our community on Facebook today
November 07, 2021
Ep 2 - From nothing to 5* with eventer Katie Taliana
Today we get to talk to the amazing Katie Taliana who is a 5* eventer based in Sydney Australia.  Katie talks to us about the highs and lows of eventing and how she has dealt with setbacks along the way.  
November 03, 2021
Ep 1 - Welcome to the Show
Today's episode is all about the show and what is instore for you! Welcome to the approachable equestrian!
October 31, 2021
Trailer for the Approachable Equestrian Podcast
Welcome to the Approachable Equestrian Podcast, in this trailer you will find out all about why we have started this podcast and what you can expect from it!
October 06, 2021