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Help Me Rhonda...Now!

Help Me Rhonda...Now!

By Rhonda Farrah

Our program, Help Me Rhonda… Now! Is a provocative and informative showcase dedicated to Awakening hearts, minds, and most especially Spirit to the unique Power that resides within each one of us...
Enabling Us to Live the Life that We Desire…rather than just settling for less year after year, and living life in default mode.

We invite You to this Gracious Journey we have been placed on together… to explore insights, as well as, have some fun doing so!

We look forward to You tuning in… And joining us with an open heart!

Here’s to our Health, Well-BEing, and Empowerment together!

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Help Me Rhonda Now Episode #1

Help Me Rhonda...Now!

Help Me Rhonda Now Episode #1
Today I am being interviwed by my good friend Susan Brender who is the host of her own show. Join us as we talk about my goals and how to bring about changes that have a more positive effect on your LIFE. You will begin to act differently, developing positive behaviors that allow you to live a healthier, happier, abundant, peace and joy-filled LIFE. A LIFE where YOU  are the best you can be in body, mind, and Spirit!  The LIFE YOU Desire!
April 7, 2021