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Rangr Outpost

Rangr Outpost

By Richard Lee
Rangr Outpost goal is to dive deep into our host's lives and unveil the lives behind the titles.
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Journey to starting GreenBytes an Eco-Startup in Iceland: Jillian Verbeurgt
Introducing Jillian Verbeurgt ! A Canadian American currently residing in Reykjavik, Iceland, and has been the co-founder of a GreenTech startup called GreenBytes! GreenBytes started off as a service to a platform that tackles the ever-growing challenges of the world's food waste. We will follow her journey from studying to be a GeoPhysicist in British Columbia to become a leader in Iceland's eco-friendly tech sector. With an unquenchable curiosity, she dived into the world of archaeology partly due to the ole Indiana Jones and his series of onscreen adventures. She realized during her studies she actually loved physics and did a quick pivot! She earned a Geophysics degree from the University of Calgary where she also partook in some universities traditions that include but not limited to Couch Surfing ( literally) down snow-covered hills. After some economic downturn in her neighborhood, she looked at her options to pursue a Master's degree at the Iceland School of Energy with a focus on Sustainable Energy. This led to her new life in Iceland, meeting a previous guest and good friend Renata Bade, and co-founding a startup to answer some really difficult questions. How by taking on new challenges, not sweating the small stuff, and thinking about the big picture, Jillian took many turns that didn't follow the traditional career path. She discovered a new way to work and how that work would leave an impact.
April 02, 2021
Journey to DandyHacks 2020 : Anna Zimmerman, Carolina Lion He , Ethan Yang, and Tony Lai
Introducing the DandyHacks Team, comprised of Anna Zimmerman, Carolina Lion He, Ethan Yang, and Tony Lai. DandyHacks 2020: a virtual hackathon experience created by the students of the University of Rochester This will be the 8th year as the University of Rochester's hackathon, and our 1st as a virtual one! Being a fully student-led organization at a tier 1 research university, we try to embody our school's values as we seek to encourage participants to question the world and learn more. We will follow the journey of how the team got together in the first place, explore the environment of the city of Rochester, and the many obstacles the team had to overcome to host a complete virtual hackathon in the wake of a global pandemic.  Team Introductions:  Anna is a senior studying computer science at the University of Rochester, and the co-head of Logistics for DandyHacks 2020 Carolina is a senior majoring in Digital Media Studies at the University of Rochester. She is the director of DandyHacks 2020. Ethan is a Computer Science undergraduate, looking to broaden his horizons! Tony Lai is a brilliant individual who is not afraid to speak his mind. He is a Luddite and loves learning about whatever he can get his hands on, except physics. Currently, he is doing research for a URMC PhD student.
March 11, 2021
Journey to becoming a Project Manager at Pure Power : Andrew Kim
Introducing Andrew Kim! Korean American alumni of Georgia Tech and current Project Manager at Pure Power Engineering, a nationwide solar engineering firm specializing in commercial solar systems. We will go through his journey and the many challenges and questions he had to answer to overcome his own degree. He grew up in New Jersey as a Korean American and felt like he was one foot in both the American and Korean world but didn't feel like he belonged in either. As a Chemical engineering major in school, he quickly realized that the field of study didn't match with the life he envisioned for himself in New York, so he quickly pivoted into something a bit more creative. He discovered acting and all the different avenues such as voice acting and music videos. He saw that the skills such as quick problem solving and grit allowed him to pivot as necessary to solve problems regardless of the field.
December 10, 2020
Journey to co-directing HackGT : Claudia Chu
Introducing Claudia Chu! The fearless leader and co-director of 2020's HackGT, a nonprofit student organization known for organizing one of the largest hackathons in the SouthEast that challenges thousands of students to innovate and create new ideas every year. She is a graduating senior at Georgia Tech finishing up her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. To recap, she started her journey with her parents in the most scientific corner in Huntsville,Alabama where she discovered her love for biology later married with her genetic research and computer science. While she developed a strong understanding of the beauty of a diverse community in Alabama, she grew to become a leader in one of the most respected organizations at one of the most difficult technical universities in the nation. Claudia approaches challenges with a game-plan and tenacity to continue to learn more in the process. When given many choices to make, she employed a concept from computer science known as the regret function: an ecomomic theory that models choice under the pressures of uncertainity with the anticipation of regret. She used this model while deciding to go on a last minute ski trip to South Carolina and uses it on larger decisions such as which career to pursue. We dived dep into her many evolving passions and her abilit to weave different thoughts cross traditional academic boundaries.
December 03, 2020
Journey to Augment Health : Jared Meyers
This is Jared Meyers, the co-founder and fearless leader of Augment Health, a medical device startup that allows users to safely and comfortably monitor their bladder fill in order to restore freedom and independence.  He is currently a senior at Georgia Tech pursuing his Biomedical engineering Bachelors degree. He started life with multiple allergies one being allergic to peas and also suffered an ACL injury during his high school soccer career. These moments in life allowed him to really think about what he wanted to do and why.  His perspective was forever changed to solving problems and not just any problems, problems associated with one's health.  Jared learned to use multiple productivity tools and tips such as putting everything he does on a calendar and time boxing specific tasks so he can focus on one thing at a time. Apparently, the easiest way his girlfriend could get a hold of him is to schedule herself on the calendar.  We dived deep into his favorite way to psych himself up which is blasting either Eminem's 8 miles or Hamilton the Musical's My Shot! 
November 19, 2020
Writing her first novel to teaching dance internationally : Madeleine Cruz
This is Madeleine Cruz, a creative based in Atlanta, Georgia. She is an experienced performance dancer specializing in hip-hop and contemporary dance and enjoys teaching different styles internationally.  She took many pivotal decisions from changing her sleep schedule to mirror the Great Jimmy Butler's 3 am wake-up call, pursuing a master's in social work, and taking on the new challenge of writing a mystery novel.
November 12, 2020
From Selling Solar Energy to Building it : Edgar Lim
This is Edgar Lim, a curious engineer that worked his way up from Sales engineering to becoming the VP of Engineering and Procurement at EnterSolar.  He is a humble problem solver with a talent for looking for the bright side of any occasion. He started his journey during the recession in 2008 where his two engineering offers disappeared.  He traveled across the country twice and the world to pursue a new career in solar energy. He and his team are working constantly to integrate solar energy into our everyday lives and translate the upcoming needs into technological solutions. He will share about his many passions, insights on starting from the sales division of a company and then to engineering, taking a chance on entrepreneurship, and how managed to mostly plant-based diet. 
November 06, 2020
The Road to Build HyperInbox Remotely : Christopher Chae
Have you ever tried to build something completely virtually? Chris took on the challenge of building that perfect tool that made building things remotely delightful. Chris Chae is a Korean American entrepreneur born in Chicago who lived in both Korea and the United States. With a background in strategy consulting having worked for both IBM and Walmart, He started his own venture known as HyperInbox ( a universal inbox app that connects with tools you already use to get through the day) . A prolific writer that fluently writes in both Korean and English, Chris uses his cross-disciplinary skills to run his startup.
October 30, 2020
Journey to Build GreenBytes an Eco-Startup in Iceland : Renata Bade
Onward to Iceland!  From the shores of the Florida coastline, Renata Bade saw the looming troubles of climate change all around her.  During this episode, we will dive deep into her journey on how she got to where she is now: the CEO of a growing Eco-Startup GreenBytes in Iceland. We will cover her growth in university, the incredible timing of the classic job search adventures,  to potentially life-changing advice from a rideshare driver. Renata shares her journey as well as many helpful tips on pursuing the dream, taking on challenges, and changing the conventional image of an engineer and the workforce. 
October 22, 2020
Pivoting to become a Physician Assistant: Tiffany Suwoto
In 2018, Tiffany Suwoto decided to change her career path right after graduating from Georgia Tech majoring in economics and international relations to pursue a new career in the medical field.  In this episode, we will cover her journey starting from her early university days to where she is now and how she made pivotal decisions that changed the trajectory of her life for the better. Tiffany shares her journey as well as many helpful tips on staying motivated, remaining calm during a time of challenges, and insight into the world of the Physician Assistant. 
September 28, 2020