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The High Achiever Podcast

The High Achiever Podcast

By Richard Odiamma
We talk about growth, career, mindset shift, personal development, family, God, purpose, business
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The millionaire graphics designer: How to earn more as a graphics designer
Learn about this outstanding graphics designer's walk with God and how he learned to be rewarded for his mental genius.
May 07, 2020
Turning pain into purpose; conversation with Tolu Olisa EP 012
He's a lawyer who tried to join the big brother house once, he learned to give his heart to service. He figured out for himself what to do when no one is appreciating you and didn't allow his immediate reality to discourage him. He went 6 months without a job after leaving a job that seemed to be frustrating him but he learned along his journey to take risks but be prepared in your mind first. Listen to see how he turned all this pain and more into purpose.
May 04, 2020