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Financial Acumen

Financial Acumen

By Richard Outram
Inside the mind of a CFO- Corporate and Personal Finance made simple.
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"What Does Being a Board Director Really Mean to You?"
In this inaugural podcast episode in the "Boardroom Insights" series co produced by Women Executive Leadership (WEL) and Financial Acumen, Inc. Madeleine Condition and Richard Outram discuss the "why" become a Director and what it takes to prepare and position oneself for success. 
July 06, 2022
What an Annual Report Can Tell You
In the episode, Richard provides insights on how to read and Annual Report and assess the health of a business. 
September 06, 2021
Tracking Profitability
In this episode, Richard describes how the different measurements of profit are tracked in financial statements and what it means to assess business performance 
June 21, 2021
The Triple Financial Overlap
In this episode, Richard introduces "The Triple Financial Overlap" and the keys to making money in your business.  
June 01, 2021
Insights into Financial Statements
In this episode, Richard introduces the financial statements and how to use them for the triple overlap. 
February 26, 2021
What is Financial Acumen and why is it important?
In this first episode of the series, Richard explains the "what" and "whys" of Financial Acumen. 
February 21, 2021