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Rich Black Woman

Rich Black Woman

By Rich Black Woman Podcast
Every week we speak to change-makers from around the globe to enrich your mind, body and bank. Take a trip with your host Yaz and her global guestlist to help enrich your life from the inside out. Our guests will nourish your mind, your body and your bank. #liverichly!
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Rich Black Woman Podcast - Living Well During COVID with Eric Givens
Join me, your host, YAZ, with my very special guest, Eric Givens. Givens is a renaissance man with some sage advice for surviving, thriving, and pivoting during these turbulent times. We discuss practical achievable things you can do to make it through this season. It's temporary and we will be better on the other side!
May 27, 2020
Rich Black Woman Podcast - Self Care Pandemic Style
How do you self care during a pandemic? We share our top 10 tips plus a few bonus tracks to help you care for your self, during this season of turmoil. Check out our no-money needed tips to keep you sane and soothed. Featuring our resident Therapist and Mental Health Expert- Tann Moore.
May 10, 2020
Rich Black Woman - Financial Guru Ericka Young Shares Top Tips to Save $$$Money Now In The Pandemic
In this episode join Rich Black Woman Podcast host Yaz and Ericka Young, as she gives us the 411 on the CARES ACT, what you can do right now to stop the financial bleeding and get your house in order. Tune in for her top tips as well as insight on how to speak up and get the financial breathing room you need as we plot our path in this pandemic. We will survive and thrive! Keep your head up.
April 25, 2020
Rich Black Woman Podcast - Zoom In - How to Protect Your Personal Boundaries in the Age of Zoom
Are you overwhelmed by not just a pandemic, but now by nonstop Zoom calls invading your personal space? Tune in to Yaz and Tann Moore--a licensed clinical marriage therapist, mental health spokesperson, playwright, and producer for this dynamic and practical conversation on how to reclaim your physical and mental space in the age of Zoom. We drop rich tips in how to set healthy boundaries with your job, your kids and more. Stop the insanity of non-stop Zoom videos and reclaim your time during this pandemic.
April 16, 2020
Rich Black Woman Podcast Creating A Digital Dynasty With DeAndrea Byrd
Make money in your sleep? No, really! You can. Sit down with Digital Creator, Vision Board Strategist and Business Woman, DeAndrea Byrd for some girl talk as we learn how to create your own digital dynasty by marketing your unique talents and gifts. Financial freedom is possible in the age of digital. Learn the top new tools to get build your digital empire. Anything is possible with a little elbow grease and determination.
August 14, 2019
Rich Black Woman Podcast Featuring Jenell B Stewart The Queen Of Digital Content
Join me in this fun conversation with Digital Content Creator, Lifestyle Blogger, Teacher turned Master Trainer, Jenell B. Stewart and discover immediate ways to level up your digital content and get paid. Jenell talks the talk and walks the walk after first starting with her own natural hair blog and developing an online tribe of naturalistas, she has since expanded her online empire into a lifestyle brand and wants to help you do the same. Tune in to this Yaz Jam session with Jenelle and Yaz and turn your talents into digital dollars.
June 3, 2019
Rich Black Woman Podcast Featuring - Yaz - Love You Boo!
Live richly with your host, Yaz, creator of Rich Black Woman. True wealth and health starts with you. Take a listen to this power track and inspiration to love self first and to invest in your own personal growth through self care and self development. Let's build wealth with a healthy self and watch the domino effect transform your life. The Rich Black Woman Podcast enriches its listeners through mind, body and bank. #RichBlackWoman #LiveRichly
April 6, 2019
Rich Black Woman Podcast Featuring Dr. Kendra Segura Your OBGYN Next Door
You are in for a treat Ladies as we talk with your OB GYN Next Door, none other than Dr. Kendra Segura. She is amazing! She is also one of the contributing authors of the recent book release titled: Chronicles of Women in White Coats. You've never met a more down to earth, intelligent and insightful physician and she's all about us and our women's health. Tune in as we head into October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month to take a deep dive into all the necessary preventive screenings we need to be on top of so we can be healthy, happy and wise all of our God given days! She also drops serious rich gems on the importance of preserving your fertility and even talks relationships. Tune in Rich Black Ladies. It's time to bring the bank$$$. #Mind #Body #Bank.
September 17, 2018
Rich Black Woman Podcast Featuring Sonia Lewis: The Student Loan Doctor
This episode we talk with the Student Loan Doctor! AKA Ms. Sonia Lewis is the expert you want to learn from and engage if you are suffering from student loan debt and all of its entanglements. She breaks down solid tips on how to avoid the student loan trap all together and then how to break free if you got caught! Tune in for some student loan CPR and also how to choose a college major that will ensure better financial success later. We talk Power, Purpose, Profit, and student loans too! #Richblackwoman #studentloandoctor #mindbodybank
August 31, 2018
Rich Black Woman - Level Up With Lori Battle And Set Those Dreams In Motion
This episode we level up with Lori Battle, Success Coach to Women Entrepreneurs and Founder of the Dream Big Experience. Find out why it's true that your Network is Your Networth. How to let go of naysayers and create the tribe that loves you and your actions towards your dreams. Find out what is the No. 1 mistake women of color make in tackling or not tackling social media. Get a personal invite to the Dream Big Experience in Los Angeles with the VIP code mentioned. Black Billionaire Janice Bryant Howroyd is the KeyNote at this annual event and our listeners get a VIP discount. Check out and Rich Black Woman is your destination for enriching your life from the inside out. #MindBodyBank
August 21, 2018
Rich Black Woman Podcast Featuring An Up Close And Personal Chat With Yaz - Flip The Script
We flip the script in this show episode. My friend, a documentary film maker ask the question as to why the Rich Black Woman Podcast exists? What's the story behind it? What's the vision? Join us for a fun and laid back episode on the behind the scenes look at what makes me tick and what I envision for Rich Black Woman. Yaz, the creator of Rich Black Woman, gets interviewed in this "flip-the-script" special chat.
August 15, 2018
Rich Black Woman Podcast - Shine Bright Like A Diamond Featuring Relationship Expert Patricia Fuqua
Summer Love is in the air! Tune into this show episode as I sit down with Relationship Expert and Soulmate Coach Patricia Fuqua. Patricia has a successful and innovative approach to helping women and men discover their soul mates. All you need is (1) person to go from first date to soul mate. Soak in her wisdom and check out her Dating Diamonds coaching for yourself if you haven’t found your soul mate. Don’t stand on the sidelines and have a pity party, take the plunge and do something different. Get what you want! Contact Patricia at: and @datingdiva on Facebook.
July 20, 2018
Rich Black Woman Podcast Featuring - Tann Moore: Radical Self Care In Careless Times
We are living in stressful times! Stressful times require radical self care. Join me as I speak with Tann Moore, licensed Marriage Family Therapist, Author, Actress and a trained listener drop pearls of wisdom when it comes to Black People and Therapy. She unfolds insights valuable to any one of any background. Tann breaks it down with such a smoothness, during this insightful conversation you don’t want to miss it! Are you anxious? Are you burnt out? Are you tired of being the Strong Black Woman? You can be strong and seek self care. Let’s get the mind enriched! @richblackwoman on instagram @richblackwomen on
July 2, 2018
Rich Black Woman Podcast Featuring - Carole Neal: Breaking Into The Board Room
This episode of the Rich Black Woman Podcast Features - Carole Neal: Breaking Into The Board Room. Ever wondered how people get on to non profit and corporate boards? Well, we speak to Carole Neal, a senior marketing professional with one of the world's largest global media and communications companies, and a long time and experienced board member of several acclaimed non profit boards. Carole breaks it down 101 style: demystifying boards. After this podcast you will be inspired to lend your time and talents to a worthy cause in your own backyard. The world needs you! What better way to share your gifts and strengths than with a mission-minded organization. #payitforward
June 22, 2018
Making It Rain With Books - Rich Black Woman Interviews Children's Author Nicole Fenner
In this Rich Black Woman podcast show, join your host Yaz, creator and founder of the Rich Black Woman Media Network as she interviews children's book author Nicole Fenner. Let's get lit with kids literature and exercise our creativity and our minds. Learn the tools to write your own book and encourage a little brown girl or boy along the way to read and imagine!
June 1, 2018
Rich Black Woman Podcast Featuring A'shanti Gholar - Get Activated! Tips To Run For Office
Join your host Yaz, as she talks with A'shanti Gholar, founder of the Brown Girls Guide to Politics and the CEO of AFG Consulting. Currently, A’shanti serves as the political director for Emerge America, the only organization dedicated to recruiting and training Democratic women to run for office. Check out our lively and informative conversation on how you are born to lead ladies. Let's get in formation. #politics #womenlead #civics #blackwomenlead #rockthevote #blackwomenvote #blackgirlmagic #blackexcellence #womenlead
May 20, 2018
Rich Black Woman - This Show Features Mandy Bowman - Founder Of Official Black Wall Street
Black Wall Street is here, but this time it's a world-wide global platform. We talk with Mandy Bowman, creator of Official Black Wall Street an online business directory and app featuring Black Owned Businesses from around the world. The Revolution will be monetized and digitized. Get inspired to be a part of Black Wall Street and support it! #RichBlackWoman #MandyBowman #OfficialBlackWallStreet #MoneyMoves
December 4, 2017
Rich Black Woman - Break The Ceiling With Business High Performance Coach Tana Session
Join your host Yaz and High Performance Business Coach, Tana Session for a conversation on tips and tools to get you a job offer and to excel once you've landed it. Tana Session, Author of the Amazon #1 Best-seller titled: Get Your Career Life in Order, a step-by-step career management and job-hunting self-help guidebook is our special guest. She rocked the mic with pro-tips. Dropping more than just dimes, but dollas. Tana is also a contributing writer for and Take a listen and check out how to take your self and your career to the next level. #BringtheBank #RichBlackWoman
November 12, 2017
Rich Black Woman - Expand Your Dynasty - Secret Tips To Book Yourself On TV Featuring Tee J. Mercer
Rich Black Woman Host Yaz, interviews Award-Winning Hollywood Executive Tee J. Mercer to discuss secrets of the trade to book yourself on major TV networks, Radio and more. Tune in to find out the top things you can do right now to get booked and expand your dynasty.
October 18, 2017
Rich Black Woman - Self Care Is Sexy - A Convo With Tann Moore-Therapist, Gratitude Coach, Author
Author, therapist, coach, Renaissance woman Tann Moore provides easy tips on how to Relax, Relate and Release from all the drama in the LBC. AKA -- USA.
July 16, 2017
Rich Black Woman Podcast - Ep. 1 Get Your Sexy Back: Health & Wellness Tips With Yaz & Eric
Founder and Creator Yaz, of Rich Black Woman hosts a weekly podcast to enrich the lives of women from the inside out. Join Yaz and her expert guests for tips and tools to live a rich life in mind, body and bank. This episode we talk with Fitness Guru, Eric Givens--trainer to the stars whose clients include Pamela Anderson about healthy living made easy.
July 1, 2017