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Positive Encouragers

Positive Encouragers

By Richmond Stace
Conversations with people who are Positive Encouragers who share, give and serve. In so doing they encourage and inspire and make a difference in the world.

These chats are recorded raw and unplugged. No editing -- we just press play and go!

It's like you are there with us in the room.

How do people overcome challenges and grow? You will pick up tips and tools, practices and purposes, which you can use in your world to make a difference.

The aim is to inspire and encourage you to live your best life.
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We didn't talk about back pain, much ~ Tom Jesson
Terrific to have Tom from Texas on the podcast. He is actually English and started out as a history graduate.  Recently, Tom published an e-book on sciatica for clinicians, following on from his popular Sciatica Newsletter. We explore Tom's journey so far. What comes across is his desire to share his knowledge in a practical way. This seems to stem back to being an English teacher in South Korea and a desire to help the younger students when he was training to be a physio. Now he is trying to find a balance pursuing a purpose, doing something useful and earning an income.  He lives in the US with his wife, where he is focusing on his writing and future projects. Tom talks about his successful habits that resulted in Book 1. He is candid about his struggle with Book 2.  This was a very human conversation. Honest and vulnerable. Perfect for the Positive Encouragers Podcast.  You can read Tom's excellent work on his website and follow him on Twitter.
February 23, 2021
Hannah Leach ~ cancer specialist physiotherapist
Hannah has impressively carved out her career as a physiotherapist in cancer care. Listen to her talk about working in a hospice and creating her own business, Stronger Than, to provide safe and accessible support for people with cancer across the UK. One of the big pluses of online sessions, especially with the Covid-19 pandemic. This is invaluable work, drawing on all the core physiotherapy skills, plus those that Hannah has developed and continues to work upon. In particular, she talks about the importance of communication and the power of conversation.  Hannah's work is a terrific example of how you can turn your passion into a purpose, contributing to, and making a difference to people's lives. This will undoubtedly encourage many others.  You can find Hannah on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and her website. She also wrote a blog for Understand Pain.
February 16, 2021
Damian Hall ~ record breaking GB ultrarunner
Damian Hall has set records and fastest known times (FKTs) on 260-mile Pennine Way (supported), the Paddy Buckley Round (supported), Paddy Buckley Round in Winter (solo, unsupported), the South West Coast Path (supported) , the South Wales Traverse (supported), and the Cape Wrath Trail (self-supported, mixed gender with Beth Pascall). That's some set of successes. In this chat, Damian talks about his passion for running, the planet, how he looks after himself, breaking the Pennine Way record, diet, training, the importance of support, his coaching, being a parent and more.  If you are a runner, there's so much to gain from listening from Damian. He is rather humble, and probably doesn't realise how much he has positively encouraged people to get out there and take on their own challenges.  You can find out more about Damian on his website, his writing as a journalist and coaching. He is also on Instagram and Twitter. 
February 10, 2021
Steve Rollnick ~ co-founder of motivational interviewing
I could listen to Professor Stephen Rollnick's insights and stories all day. Co-founder of motivational interviewing (MI), Steve has focused on how it can make a positive impact in different fields: healthcare, the prison service, education, sports coaching and we even touch on pain. Currently, Steve is bringing MI to parenting.  In essence, MI is a way to help people make changes to improve their lives. Often people are told what to do, having problems that need fixing. Further, the person can be deemed the actual problem itself. We know that this approach does not work well, resulting in resistance and 'kickback' in many cases.  Instead, we can use MI, which is a style, an art and an approach that focuses on the person and their potential. Through skilled conversation, they themselves address their ambivalence. In fact, MI is a way that we can communicate with anyone if we want to empathise, relate, bond, encourage, be curious and to care. MI opens the door. In this chat, Steve openly talks about his beginnings as a trainee nurse in a very harsh and dangerous environment in South Africa, before escaping to Europe and embarking on a career in psychology and MI. His passion is clear. I am not sure he realises how many people he has influenced, encouraged and inspired. Many for sure.  Within the conversation we explore the essence of MI, healing, empathy, being present, listening, self-awareness and more.  To discover more, visit Steve's website where you will discover his books, including the recent 'Coaching Athletes to be their Best', recent webinar series, training and contact details. Steve is also on Twitter.  ** Photo taken at an MI training event in the days when we could hug!
February 9, 2021
Roll with it ~ Ultrarunner Ian Morgan
Loved this conversation with ultrarunner Ian Morgan, who is currently in Chile. He says that he doesn't have a philosophy, but I disagree. Listen to Ian you'll discover how he taps into his strengths and resources to achieve success, learning as he goes and appreciating life itself. From businessman to runner, from heart attack to ultrarunner, Ian has found a way. So much to be gained from listening to him. Ian offers so many practical tips in this chat. Here are some of the highlights: Looking after yourself as a runner: eg/ sleep, diet, being sensible, meditation, breathing Recovery from illness and injury (Ian was hospitalised in Brazil with Covid in November) Managing social media (112K followers on Instagram) How to get into ultrarunning Keeping going (like in life) Realising what matters Having fun You can see what Ian is doing, enjoy his amazing photos and read his posts on Instagram @ian.morgan and facebook and YouTube Hope you enjoy listening as much as I did. If so, please comment and share to friends. 
February 3, 2021
The Whyte man for the job ~ Prof Greg Whyte OBE
Loved listening to Greg talking about his early involvement in sport, encouraged and inspired by his parents, and how this has shaped the way he encourages and motivates people. We cover a lot of ground, with stories and practical tips that we can all use, including:  * Greg the two time Olympian in Modern Pentathlon and now ultra-athlete * training celebs including David Walliams, James Cracknell, Olly Murs, Claudia Winkleman, Gary Barlow, Tess Daly, Dan Walker, Zoe Ball and many more, to achieve success with some serious sporting challenges * inner motivation and success * facing tough moments and keeping going * looking after your immune system during the Covid pandemic * the inequalities in sport between girls and boys, and women's and men's sports coverage * planning your days to optimise health You can find Greg on The Whyte Answer, where you can ask him questions and watch his incredibly inspiring film 'Extraordinary People'.  Social media: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook  Greg has written many books including Achieve the Impossible, which I am just about to buy myself!
January 20, 2021
Jo Wimble-Groves and Caroline Kings from We Are Girls in Sport
Jo and Caroline take time out from the We Are Girls in Sport Wellness month (free tickets here) to talk about their passion and purpose: encouraging girls to take part in sports and activities to improve their lives. In part 1, they describe their coming together and the evolving project -- their 'why'. The second part, Jo and Caroline talk about the Wellness month and share practical tips. You can see more on their work on the We Are Girls in Sport website, read the blog and their individual LinkedIn pages: Caroline and Jo  On social media: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook
January 19, 2021
Cody Royle ~ a coach of coaches
I met Cody at HR Disrupt evening in Edinburgh 2019 where we both spoke. We went for a meal afterwards, found a lot of mutual ground and kept in touch, chatting, exchanging tweets etc.  Cody then kindly invited me on his podcast, Where Others Won't with Prof Stephen Rollnick of Motivational Interviewing fame. WOW is  an award-nominated podcast that brings together thinkers and practitioners from sports, business, and academia to detail the leadership and culture secrets of the world's best teams. He has had some awesome guests! Cody is the head coach of Canada’s national men’s AFL program -- he is an Aussie in Toronto. For the past 10 years Cody has been writing about how leadership, culture, and organisational dynamics contribute to competitive advantage.  In this chat we explore Cody's passion for coaching, his approach, his vulnerability, the importance of asking for help when he needed support facing one of his greatest challenges, Arsenal and more. What comes over is a thinking, caring, dedicated individual who most definitely encourages others to be their best.
January 12, 2021
Mike Pegg ~ The Positive Encourager
A conversation packed with practical tips and tools that you can use to be an encourager, to follow a positive path and help others. Perfect if you work with and care for people. Mike inspired the name for this podcast and truly embodies Positive Encouragement -- giving, sharing and serving others.  He talks about his journey, the principles he follows and gives examples to help you understand. Vital listening for coaches, therapists, teachers, parents, leaders, managers, pioneers, entrepreneurs and others. Mike has always given freely. In this spirit, his latest book is freely available on his website The Positive Encourager. He calls himself a militant hippy. Check it out, share and let me know your thoughts. 
January 6, 2021
The Way of Weigh: Jeff Weigh ~ facilitator, coach, author
This was a special conversation.  I have known Jeff for a few years and was so pleased that he agreed to be a guest.  Jeff is undoubtedly a Positive Encourager, which comes across in his purpose that he describes.  In our chat, Jeff tells of his journey: how he learned the value of vulnerability, the importance of connections to people, why failure is a teacher, finding his voice and why listening is a vital skill. Plus so much more captured in this hour. Jeff's book comes out in January 2021. If you are somehow stuck in life and with your career, Jeff's book will undoubtedly help you to move on.  For more, see his website: Ignite Performance and podcast. On social media: Twitter and Instagram.
December 8, 2020
Adharanand Finn: Writer, Journalist and Runner
Adharanand's book, Rise of the Ultra Runners, encouraged me in my running and exploring the world of endurance. I initially listened as an audiobook whilst I ran, being introduced to the sport's characters and races. I was excited and enthused. Adharanand is a terrific writer. Whilst his books are essentially about running, there is a richness from his own experiences, history and the social context that he brings alive in the pages. His back catalogue of races is also might impressive: UTMB, Ring o' Fire and more.  We met in 2019 when I went on Adharanand's running and writing retreat in Devon, co-hosted by author Richard Askwith (Feet in the Clouds -- the classic on fell running). It was a superb weekend of, well, running and writing....and conversation and food. It was in The Rise of the Ultra Runners that I first came across the notion of the pain cave (Zach Miller loves it!). This is of great interest because of my work with people who suffer chronic pain. What happens in the pain cave? What can we do? How can we face the challenges in a positive way, learn and move on?  In this entertaining, anecdotal conversation, Adharanand chats about the challenges, keeping going, and of course the pain cave. 
December 7, 2020
The pain cave and keeping going ~ Rhys Jenkins ultrarunner
I was very excited to talk to Rhys having been in Wales when he completed a mammoth run this year.  Ultrarunner Rhys Jenkins recently broke the Wales Coast Path (Chester to Chepstow) record, completing the 870 mile journey in 20 days, 10 hours and 36 minutes, beating the previous record by 2 hours 19 minutes. In 2010, Rhys ran with his brother and two friends from Boston to Austin in the USA. This was his introduction to ultrarunning. He tells me about this journey and Badwater 135, arguably the toughest footrace on the planet. Four times he ran the course independently before running the official race on the fifth occasion. He loves that one! Rhys describes the highs and lows and how he deals with the notorious pain cave.  There are many analogies with ultrarunning and life, in particular dealing with the ups and downs. This is not only a conversation for runners. Hearing about how Rhys tackles challenges will give you ideas about how you can face your own in your life, taking the positive approach. He also accidentally announces his next trip...... Rhys is most definitely a Positive Encourager. 
December 7, 2020