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My business His Glory

My business His Glory

By Rickette Simmone
The show where believers in business learn how to overcome the common emotional challenges of building a business for His glory.
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This month I will believe: November's devotional

My business His Glory

10 Business commandments for believers in business (Part II)
Continuing from last week's episode, we are tackling five more Biblically based character traits to pursue so that we can thrive in our businesses. 
February 23, 2020
10 Business commandments for believers in business
I speak to so many dope Christian entrepreneurs who are struggling to start or make meaningful progress in their business and it’s partly because they have yet to develop and implement a mindset that positions them to prosper. From experience and tears, the following 10 Biblical based business commandments, or resolutions if you will, are just what you need to build and scale businesses for His Glory. So Grab a note pad and an open heart and let’s get into this week’s episode.
February 04, 2020
This month I will believe: November's devotional
In life and in business, it is important to carve out meaningful time with The Lord. This way we are not tossed to and from WHEN life happens. In this month's devotional, let's dive together and be reminded of God's trustworthy nature. 
November 05, 2019