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Riding the Long Way Home

Riding the Long Way Home

By Paul Berney
An occasional podcast following the adventures of cyclists who have all have taken multiday rides or bikepacking adventures.
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4. With Lee Prescott of Velo Atelier & Meteor Works Cycles

Riding the Long Way Home

4. With Lee Prescott of Velo Atelier & Meteor Works Cycles
In the leafy countryside of Warwickshire, bike fitter/frame designer and builder Lee Prescott is quietly building a cult following of people who want the perfect fit on the perfect bike. In this episode we chat about his journey and the experiences that have helped shape a very different approach to most of the cycling industry. You can find out more about his work at 
January 01, 2020
3. Racing the Transcontinental
In this episode I talk to Andy Fogg, one of the finishers of this year's Transcontinental race - 4,000km across Europe, solo and self-supported and all against the clock. (audio issues fixed)
November 22, 2019
2: The Warwick Lanterne Rouge Episode
I talk to three people with very different stories, but all part of the same club. I talk to the biologist who became a baker, the world championship racer and the man who started it all at Warwick Lanterne Rouge Cycling Club
October 31, 2019
1: Cape Town Cycle Tour(ture)
A visit to Cape Town to take part in the worlds biggest timed cycle race alongside 36,000 other riders.
March 19, 2019