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By Right To Change Radio
General, informal conversations on the Issues of the day - From Ireland.
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Episode 8 - Right To Change Radio talks to Julia Marciniak - Unite Hospitality

Right To Change Radio

Episode 8 - Right To Change Radio talks to Julia Marciniak - Unite Hospitality
Right To change Radio talks with Juiia from Unite Hospitality Branch on the many issues seen in the sector, from wages to the failure of workers to have the right to take a break ..  Julia is one fo the great workers who chose to stand up for her rights and take her employer to task on issues in the workplace, she has since gone on to help others through the Hospitality Branch in Unite.  To contact do contact through Unite. During the podcast, Julia talks of workers experiences during Covid, of the Fire and Rehire policy in some workplaces, of Covid.. She Speaks of PUP payment and the reality workers have and currently experience in the hospitality industry ..  She speaks of workers working Sundays but on normal pay, Sick pay and more..  Know your rights, become educated .. Join your Union .. - Unite Hospitality ROI - Leonard Cohen - Everybody Knows Bob Marley Get up Stand up Paola Nutini - Iron Sky
July 9, 2021
Episode 7 - Right To Change Radio talks to Senator Frances Black
On Episode 7, Right To Change radio is talking to Senator Frances Black on many issues. From Palestine to her experiences in Gaza, to the recent Motion Bills in the Dail:- International Coverage of Irelands Condemnation of the Annexation of Palestine Guardian:- Reuters:- She talks of her Occupied Territories bill and how far it got in the Dail:- She talks of the good Friday committee and how Irelands Future has grown from this and the Vision of an al inclusive Ireland caring for all .. Irelands Future – “Ireland’s Future was established to advocate for, and promote, debate and discussion about Ireland’s future, including the possibility and viability of new constitutional arrangements on the Island.” Do join the conversation and lets build a different Ireland for all in our society. Do join the conversation and lets build a different Ireland for all in our society. She Speaks of Covid and Mental Health and the reality of life for many is discussed .. of returning to education and studying as an addiction therapist – this is Francis talking in the Dail of the issues she sees in relation to eating disorders only last April :- Frances speaks of the Rise Foundation and the work it conducts, Their Mission statement states their goal to help the many .. "Our Mission is to support families impacted by a loved ones addictive behaviour through awareness, education and therapy, and to combat the associated shame and stigma." Do Visit and Support if you can .. Music suggested by Francis .. James Taylor – Long ago and far away :- Michael O'Domhnaill Casa on TSugain :- Neil Young - Don't Let It Bring You Down :--
June 10, 2021
Episode 6: Right to Change Radio talking with TJ Hogan Activist from Cork
Right to Change Radio talks to TJ Hogan on the recent Ombudsman report regarding living conditions on local authority sites, discrimination and more. He talks of experiences, reactions and opinions offered to him. Of Political opinion and willingness offered, of local and European political help, and the growth of bullying as seen daily in social media. He talks of standing again for election and his reasons for doing it. But most importantly he talks as a dad, with words worth listening to. The Report is Generated from a complaint in 2018 from a Traveller Advocacy Group, where 66 Children and their families were living. Or to put it in the description of its original design, a site designed for 10 families .. where up to 38 families have recently been living. The report found the following failures. · A persistent problem with rodent infestation · Inadequate sanitation · Extreme overcrowding · Safety concerns about access to the site · Illegal dumping nearby · Inconsistent and inadequate waste disposal · Inadequate heating systems · Unsafe and inadequate electrical works · A high rate of childhood illness caused by living conditions. · No amenities or safe play areas for children · Housing applications for some families not being progressed. Do take time to Join Right To change Radio and listen to an inspirational young man . Ombudsman report The Ombudsman for Children’s Office presents No End in Site; An investigation into the living conditions of children living on a local authority site. - Wolfe Tones – Only our Rivers run free Tracy Chapman – Talkin’ About a Revolution . Garth Brooks – The River
June 1, 2021
Episode 5 Right to change talks to Jane Crowe of Debenhams
Right To Change Radio talks with Jane Crowe Shop Steward Debenhams Henry St "Almost 1,000 workers across 11 stores balloted for industrial action last year after around 2,000 – 1,400 directly employed staff, 500 concession staff and 300 cosmetic staff – lost their jobs. The workers want to see the recommendations of a 2016 report on workers’ rights implemented. The report, which was published by Kevin Duffy and Nessa Cahill, centred on employment rights where companies separate assets from their operations by moving those assets into a separate legal entity. The report’s recommendations have never been enacted." Jane is one of these workers left down by the failure to act in the interests of workers after Clery's closure. Joan Collins put a private members motion forward that mandate stated - “The time for talking and reviews is now over. What we need is action. This motion today will illustrate to the Debenhams workers which side TDs and political parties are on.” “What we’ve seen throughout this pandemic is that where there’s a will there’s a way. The government insisted they couldn’t implement rent freezes or ban evictions because they would be unconstitutional. Then they went and implemented that exact legislation at the start of the COVID19 crisis. This proposal from Joan Collins and the Independent group is less complex and is entirely possible if the government were to prioritise workers for once.” Text Source - Private Motion Debate - Dail Record -
May 9, 2021
Episode 4 - Right To Change radio - talk with Dr Conor McCabe on UNITE's 'Hungry Bellies are not Equal to Full Bellies: Exploring Inequality and Deprivation in Ireland' report
Right To Change radio talks Dr Conor McCabe, on the Recent 'Hungry Bellies are not Equal to Full Bellies: Exploring Inequality and Deprivation in Ireland' report he worked on for Unite the Union. As Always an informal conversation on matters that matter, and Just a little music along the way .. Hungry Bellies are not Equal to Full Bellies: Exploring Inequality and Deprivation in Ireland -  Report download  - #HungryBellies Unite the Union, Republic of Ireland
April 13, 2021
Episode 3 - Conversation with Cllr Cieran Perry on Covid and the rise of the Far Right
General and informal conversation on Covid the rise of the far right with Cieran Perry - Dublin City Councillor - Cabra Glasnevin 
March 13, 2021
Episode 2 - Catherine Connolly TD talking aboutThe Mother and Baby Homes Commission of Investigation
General and Informal conversation with Catherine Connolly Galway East regarding the The Mother and Baby Homes Commission of Investigation Report  Full report -
February 22, 2021
Episode 1 - Right to Change Radio talking to Michelle from Debenhams
Conversation with Michelle from Debenhams
January 20, 2021