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Business Isn't Usual Podcast by RightWay

Business Isn't Usual Podcast by RightWay

By RightWay Ltd
This podcast covers topics relevant to NZ Business Owners with a real emphasis on providing practical ideas, tips and advice on how to move their business forward, especially in these challenging time.
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What do the new tax changes mean for Business Owners

Business Isn't Usual Podcast by RightWay

What do the new tax changes mean for Business Owners

Business Isn't Usual Podcast by RightWay

Featured Episode: Craig Hudson, Managing Director of Xero NZ and Pacific Islands - Insights into Wellbeing, affects of COVID 19 on Small Business and how to move forward
We are delighted to be joined by Craig Hudson, Managing Director of Xero NZ and Pacific Islands. Craig is responsible for promoting the small business economy in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands and Xero’s relationships with government, financial institutions, and enterprise. Craig joined Xero in the UK where he led the business into market in Europe, the Middle East and South Africa. Prior to joining Xero, Craig played professional rugby in New Zealand, France, England and Wales. We cover a range of topics with Craig but start with how Xero has dealt with lockdown, COVID 19 and how this has changed their business moving forward. We discuss their latest Small Business Insights, which shows the effect of COVID 19 and lockdown on Small Business New Zealand and how do we move forward. Finally, we discuss Wellbeing and Mental Health a subject Craig is very passionate about, we look at how Business Owners can look after themselves through these challenging times and their staff. There are several references within the Podcast, and links to these references are below. Xero Wellbeing Report and Assistance Program - Xero Small Business Insights - Xero App Marketplace Payment Options - Xero Short Term Cashflow Tool -
July 2, 2020
How do we plan for the economic storms ahead of us?
In today's episode, we catch up once again with Greg Hughes, Senior Business Partner here at RightWay based in Wellington. Our discussion today looks at what business owners are facing now that we are supposed to back to normal.  Why are some thriving and what is causing people to struggle? We look at how businesses we deal with are adapting and why is knowing your customers so important. A theme we have discussed many times before on this podcast. We look ahead for any trends that business owners need to be aware of and discuss how business owners can make sure their business is prepared to navigate the potential economic storms that are ahead.
June 25, 2020
Lesson for business owners from the Christchurch Earthquakes
This episode is slightly different as we look at the lessons we can learn from the Christchurch Earthquakes. To look at this, we have Shelley Dickson Regional Business Manager for RightWay on the podcast. Shelley at the time of Christchurch Earthquakes worked from BNZ as a Small Business Banker in Lyttelton and post the earthquakes moved into mobile commercial banking role with the BNZ which actively went out to work with business owners in the Christchurch region. Within this episode, Shelley shares her personal story of the earthquakes, plus talks about what it was like working with business owners post the earthquakes. We discuss what got businesses through this terrible time and what can we learn and be applied to the CVID 19 pandemic. Shelley is extremely open about her experiences, and for people who were in the earthquakes and are listening to this episode, this may bring back some memories for you, so a word of warning.
June 18, 2020
Feature Episode - Darren Linton CEO Yellow - What are you doing to market your business at the moment?
In this conversation, we chat with Darren Linton, CEO of Yellow ( Darren has an extensive career in marketing and held many senior leadership roles abroad and in New Zealand. With Yellow's focus on helping SME's promote their business, he is a great person to chat to about how business owners should think about marketing at this time. Within the conversation we discuss Your customers and how their world may have changed How your product and service may need to change and how this flows into your business model Channels to market and how you promote your business Dealing with your staff during this uncertain time
May 28, 2020
Cash is King Episode Two - How to put together a cashflow plan
Following the success of our first Cash is King episode, we have produced a follow-up. In this episode, we sit down with Isaac Gommers, Business Partner based in Auckland and Daniel Murphy, Business Partner based in Palmerston North to talk about cash flow forecasting. Over the next 12 months, having a plan around your cashflow is going to be crucial to make sure your business succeeds in coming out of the COVID 19 crisis. In this episode, we cover off the following points What is cash flow forecasting, and why is it important? How do you predict revenue in uncertain times? How does this help your decision-making process? We discuss the Small Business Cashflow Scheme available from the government and how customers can use this and how they shouldn't use it. The traps you could fall into when it comes to cashflow What do you do once you have a plan around your cashflow?
May 22, 2020
Budget 2020 - What does this mean for Kiwi Business Owners?
In today's episode, we discussed the 2020 Budget and what this means for New Zealand Business Owners. The budget is arguably the most significant in New Zealand history, and it gave us an idea on how the government sees us growing the economy, saving jobs and supporting business. Joining me on the episode today to discuss the budget is Greg Hughes, Senior Business Partner based in Wellington, Anna Steele, Associate Business Partner based in Rotorua and Ernie Chan, Associate Business Partner and Tax Specialist from Nelson. We cover off all the major announcements, go into some detail on what these mean for New Zealand Business Owners, look at what we feel might be missing and have a good discussion on the path forward for business owners. We also discuss the topic of business viability. Within the podcast, we refer to many articles and interviews since the budget, and we have included links to these below. Government announcement of the budget - Mike Hosking's interview with Grant Robinson, discussing a potential extension of the wage subsidy scheme - Details of the wage subsidy scheme extension -
May 14, 2020
Featured Episode: Growing Revenue in these challenging time - Mike Stokes
In today's conversation, we catch up with Mike Stokes, CEO and Found of Indicator ( Indicator is Sales consultancy firm that helps companies and individuals to navigate the complexities of sales and sales leadership.  Mike is ideally placed to talk to us today, as we face these challenging times and growing revenue is going to be crucial to business success. The two main themes of our conversation look at how sales will change moving forward and how do we grow revenue in a recession. This leads us to discuss the following topics. How important are sales and marketing people right now? How we should be selling at the moment? Ideal customer profiles The future of sales Technology in the sales and marketing space If you want to download The Mood of the Sales Leader survey we reference in the podcast click this link - To join The RightWay Business Hub Facebook Group - For more information about RightWay - 
May 6, 2020
How to manage your people post lock down and navigating new ways of working
We catch up again with Rachel Harris, the HR Consultant at RightWay. ( Rachel has an extensive background working in HR across numerous industries, ranging from Dunedin City Council to Canterbury District Health Board. Rachel also brings a unique perspective as Rachel is a former business owner herself in the Hospitality sector. In the previous episode with Rachel, we talked about the wage subsidy. A month on we are hearing about new challenges business owners are facing when it comes to people. In today's conversation, we are going to discuss the following: What are common themes that business owners are facing with there people What are the key differences between Level 4 and 3 for business owners? When it comes to changing the way in which employees work, or how a workforce is structured, what are some key points for business owners to think about; Summary. Links discussed in the Podcast The previous episode with Rachel, discussing the wage subsidy - Click Here Link to the NZ Herald Article we discussed in relation to the wage subsidy - Click Here The RightWay Business Hub Facebook Group - Click Here For more information about RightWay - Click Here
April 30, 2020
Feature Episode - Rod Macdonald - Process improvement, maximising efficiency and how can technology help
In this episode, we chat with Rod Macdonald, Managing Director of Fint, which designs and optimises workflows to ensure business operations are effective. Fint works with businesses to recommend and implement the right SaaS technology systems to fit their requirements. Through the conversation, we cover off a number of topics Where to start with process improvement? Tools to help you look at bottlenecks in your processes How can process improvement improve your bottom line? How can process improvement help get more out of your staff? How can technology help? To find out more about Fint check out Rod is happy to have a chat with any listeners, with a free 20-minute call to discuss their business and processes You can contact Rod at  For more information about RightWay check our  Make sure you check out the RightWay Business Hub Facebook Group, where you can get up to date advice and support -
April 28, 2020
How do we use the COVID 19 shutdown to understand what is important for you and your business?
In this Podcast, we have a conversation with Anna Steele ( about how Business Owners can use the lockdown as an opportunity to review what they want out of their business and how they can design a business that works for them. Our conversation covers a lot but some themes are: What work has to be done and by who? What tasks and functions are important to you as a business owner? What do you enjoy? How can business structure help? The importance of vision and purpose. Tools on how you can start to discover what's important to you as a business owner
April 20, 2020
News from the week - Alert Level 3. Tax changes and Business Consultancy Support Packages for business
This episode Stuart Wilkinson, Regional Business Manager at RightWay is joined by Greg Hughes, Senior Business Partner, to talk about the announcements made by the government this week.  We start by looking at the expanded Business Consultancy Support Package available to business owners and the tax changes which were announced on Tuesday. More detail can be found here - We discuss in detail what Alet Level 3 means for business owners and things to think about before opening the doors. Especially what hospitality owners need to consider before opening up for non-contact delivery options. We go through the Alert level table and the measures business owners must put in place before getting back to business - IRD website with more information on the tax changes - Regional Business Partners website -
April 17, 2020
How to work with your bank through COVID - 19
in this episode, we catch up with Shelley Dickson ( to talk about how to work with your bank through COIVD 19. Shelley is the Regional Business Manager here at RIghtWay for the South Island, but before RightWay, she spent ten years at BNZ as a Commercial Banker. In today's conversation, we discuss how to work with our bank through this difficult time. We talk about a range of topics including What are the banks going through at the moment? What are banks looking for from business owners? What options are out there in the market in regards to lending How to approach your bank if you are concerned about not being able to fulfil repayments on an existing loan. To access the RightWay Business Hub Facebook Group which we refer to in the podcast click here
April 7, 2020
What do the new tax changes mean for Business Owners
In this episode, we speak with Ernie Chan ( Ernie started his career in tax at Deloitte and has worked in many tax teams across the country as well in the commercial sector at the NZX. In this conversation with Ernie, we talk about the tax changes announced by the government, as part of their economic package in response to COVID 19. We talk through what they are, how they work for business owners, and how you can manage your tax obligations through this turbulent time. Within the conversational, we talk about the AIM and how this might work for business owners. For more information on AIM check out this video - 
March 31, 2020
How to manage your people through COVID - 19
In this episode, we chat with Rachel Harris, an HR Consultant at RightWay. ( Rachel has an extensive background working in HR across numerous industries, ranging from Dunedin City Council to Canterbury District Health Board. Rachel also brings a unique perspective as Rachel is a former business owner herself in the Hospitality sector.  Over the last few weeks, business owners have had a lot of questions on how they work with their people through COVID 19 and today's episode will cover off the main themes around HR, staff and the government's wage subsidy. Rachel has been on the front line working with business owners over the last two week's and has a wealth of knowledge to share. In today's conversation with Rachel we discuss the following topics The biggest challenge facing businesses at the current time in an employment sense The key themes or questions that are coming through from business owners The misconceptions that are out there As companies move through the lockdown period, what should business owners be thinking about? If you have any questions feel free to contact Rachel at 
March 26, 2020
Cash is King - How to manage cash through Covid - 19
We chat with Greg Hughes ( RightWay Business Partner to discuss practical ideas on how you can manage cash in these tough times, when revenue is falling and so much uncertainty.
March 24, 2020