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RightWingMediaDotNet On the Air

RightWingMediaDotNet On the Air

By Scott Humm
Right Wing Media gathers the best of written, visual, audio and graphic conservative social and political content for the purpose of news reporting, criticism, and comment. Our goal is to bring together the best conservative and pro-right minds, along with links to these writings, radio shows, and videos.
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Spotify On The Air (EPISODE 11)
Besides the in-depth news of the week, we have comedy from Conservative Romeo, too!
November 27, 2020 On The Air (EPISODE 10)
Internet comedian, 2 Wheels Dipper 98, joins us for discussion of his thoughts about the projected Biden presidency. Brought to you by: and RightWingMediaDotNet on Facebook!
November 18, 2020 On The Air (EPISODE 9)
Post-election UPDATES and WARNINGS, plus the top conservative news highlights!
November 11, 2020 On The Air (EPISODE 8 -- US Election Day Special)
We covered the first few hours of election day in real-time, and condensed it into just over 30 minutes! Political Romeo joins along with callers Jesse and Colin into almost explosive analysis and commentary!
November 4, 2020 On The Air (EPISODE 7)
RECORDED 10/29/20 One of our most ambitious shows to date features our interpretation of the news of the week, the COMPLETE Amy Barrett US Supreme Court Swearing In Ceremony, a commercial by Political Romeo inviting listeners to go to, an appeal by host, Scott Humm, for listeners to support (and sponsor) On The Air, and a highly imaginative, breakthrough retelling of the famous 1964 "Daisy" TV commercial to warn viewers (and our listeners) to "vote Trump," lest they be in for Antifa-ridden civil disturbances and worse!
October 30, 2020 On The Air (EPISODE 6)
Recorded 10-21-20 First half of the show features Scott Humm's usual engagingly snarky comments about the conservative news stories of the past week. Segment Two after the break is the funny and compelling pro-Trump comedy and commentary from internet comedian and pundit, Political Romeo.
October 22, 2020 On The Air (EPISODE 5) On The Air (EPISODE 5) RECORD DATE 10/6/20 UPLOADE DATE 10/13/20 Our guest is Conservative Romeo, an internet comedian and political pundit. We will be analyzing the Kyle Rittenhouse shooting and other issues as well as the related political groups and personalities, including President Trump, BLM, and Hillary Clinton. This controversial broadcast has been edited for time and content. For any liberals who might be hearing our show for the first time, "listener discretion is advised!"
October 13, 2020 On The Air (EPISODE 4)
We visit our Facebook companion, Conservative Country News, to touch on, explore and briefly analyze the stories from the end of July to the beginning of August. Interestingly enough, many of these stories easily dovetail into what is going on currently. Scott Humm hosts with his usual blend of insightful long-term clarity and sarcasm!
August 26, 2020 On The Air (EPISODE 3)
The usual insightful and oftentimes funny commentary about the days news! 
July 23, 2020 On The Air (EPISODE 2)
We continue our look at the potential responsibility for Covid-19 and chuckle through a humorous essay as to how President Trump can fix America in ONE WEEK! 
June 18, 2020
RightWingMediaDotNet On The Air Pilot Show
(5-20-2020) We discuss news history of Covid-19.
May 21, 2020