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Voices of Homelessness

Voices of Homelessness

By Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless
How do you shelter at home when you don't have a home?

Access to safe and secure housing forms the foundation of good health. In this series, Voices of Homelessness advocates will explore the literally vital relationship between housing and health care, both in the context of COVID-19 and beyond

Voices of Homelessness is a team of Rhode Islanders who have each experienced homelessness and now share their stories to educate and advocate for change. For more info, visit
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From Homeless to Housed
In this episode of Voices of Homelessness, we share another success story from client Chuck. From spending nights sleeping in his car, to being securely housed in beautiful Tiverton, RI -- Chuck shares his journey from homeless to housed. Chuck shares his son's struggle with mental illness which ultimately lead to Chuck losing his housing multiple times and his son being incarcerated. He speaks to his own mental health in dealing with the turmoil of housing instability, and describes the toll homelessness takes on an individual.
January 15, 2021
Another Success Story
On November 2, 2020 the Coalition's Slack channel was a-buzz with the story of Tisha Miller who was featured on Caught In Providence with Judge Frank Caprio. Judge Caprio showed Tisha kindness and empathy when he removed the boot off her car and granted her daughter's wish for a hug from the judge.  Today, Shirley Jones meets with Megan Smith of House of Hope, CDC and Tisha to discuss the oppressive systems that keep people entrenched in homelessness and the ways in which kindness can change someone's life.  You can view the episode of Caught in Providence here:
December 4, 2020
Maintain Your Housing: Know Your Rights & Resources!
Knowledge is power, especially in these uncertain times. On the final episode of "Voices of Homelessness: Housing is Health Care" podcast series, host Wilma Smith talks with Jessica Thigpen, Housing and Community Development Manager at Pawtucket Central Falls Development ( about what people can do to maintain & protect their housing. They'll talk resources, orgs to turn to when you need help, best practices, and more: tune in!
September 23, 2020
Helping in a Pandemic: a Conversation with Project Weber RENEW!
Shirley Jones and Diamond Madsen interview Lily Rivera, Assistant Director of Project Weber RENEW, harm reduction and recovery org serving at-risk Rhode Islanders ( Assistant Director Rivera talks about how she meets people where they're at & why this work is so personal to her
August 5, 2020
Mental Health & Self Care While Living Through Trauma
Your housing situation impacts your mental health and well-being. Experiencing homelessness causes trauma: now layer that (or fear of experiencing homelessness) on top of the trauma caused by COVID-19. On this episode of the series 'Housing is Health Care', hosts and guests will discuss maintaining your mental health and practicing self-care while living through trauma, including what resources there are to help. Guests include Karen Jeffries, Director of Programs at BH Link and Loretta Thornton, Data Support Analyst at the Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless. Hosts are Shirley Jones, Constituent Advocate and Wilma Smith, advocate and member of Voices of Homelessness. Resources mentioned in the episode: BH Link (401) 414-LINK | 211: dial 2-1-1 |
June 30, 2020