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Rise Above Show presented by

By Diego Dante
Rise Above as a leader.
Rise Above as a human.

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Ep. 005 - Taking The Guesswork Out Of Your Business w/ Aaron Brookens & Brandon Allen | Rise Above Show |
Aaron Brookens and Brandon Allen are the owners of Brookens Construction, a roofing company out of Madison, WI. Having endured the loss of their mother, a terrible car accident, and a brain tumor, Aaron Brookens decided to take life on and go to work for himself by starting Brookens Construction. After a successful year, his brother Brandon Allen, joined as a co-owner. Aaron is the sales force. Brandon is the brains. Together this awesome team has assembled an all-star team and built a multi-million dollar operation. In this episode we discuss the history of their company, the systems and processes that have allowed them to take the guesswork out of their operation, and the situations in their lives that they have risen above from. We're excited for you to hear this episode of the podcast!  If you enjoy it please give it 5-Star Review. Follow Diego: Follow Brookens Construction: Find out more about our events at
January 12, 2022
Ep. 004 Living a Balanced Life as a High Level Entrepreneur w/ Ryan Groth | Rise Above Show |
Ryan Groth is the Founder of Sales Transformation Group and he sat down with me to discuss his journey from pro baseball to entrepreneurship.  He discussed how he is able to live a balanced life through eliminating, automating and delegating and also making his family a top priority in his life. Ryan is passionate about finding that work life balance and enjoying every day with his family. He suggested the following books: Jeremy Pryor - Family Revision Greg McKeown - Essentialism Hosted by Diego Dante of Follow Diego at: Follow Ryan at:
January 05, 2022
Ep. 003 How To Stick To Your New Year’s Goals w/ Diego Dante | Rise Above Show |
I’m excited to present to you the newest Episode of the Rise Above Show presented by In this solo podcast I’m discussing how I achieved my weight loss goals this year. I’m talking about: The mindset shift I had The specific diet and workouts I did The books and podcasts that kept me going How I continued forward when I felt like giving up How to apply this to any personal and professional goal Below are the books I mentioned: David Goggins - Can’t Hurt Me Tim Grover - Relentless Connect with me on facebook: If you are a Roofing and/or Solar Contractor looking to take your business to the next level, visit:
December 29, 2021
Ep. 002 From Addiction to Helping Others Rise Above w/ Jonathan Sherwood | Rise Above Show |
From Addiction to Helping Others Rise Above w/ Jonathan Sherwood | Rise Above Show Ep. 002 Growing up in a life of organized crime and drug addiction, Jonathan has risen overcome struggles to help others beat addiction and rise above in business. He is the founder of Roofers Helping Roofers. He invited me to be a part of his event, "What Stopping You?" so I asked him to be a guest of the Rise Above Show!
December 22, 2021
Ep. 001 Recruiting in the Roofing Industry w/ Hunter Ballew │ Rise Above Show |
It’s Here!!!  The Rise Above Show with Diego Dante brought to you by A show to talk about the struggles and obstacles we all face in business and personally. We are here to tell an authentic story and how we can learn from it.  Join us for this first episode with Hunter Ballew, Founder of Listen to us every Wednesday and let’s revolutionize this industry together!
December 15, 2021
Trailer | Rise Above Show |
This is the trailer for the Rise Above Show Hosted by Diego Dante and presented by The Rise Above Show was created to showcase leaders who are rising above in their businesses and personal lives. Check out the first episode Dec 15, 2021!
December 03, 2021