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Rishs Smart podcast

Rishs Smart podcast

A podcast by School children . Unlock the child within you.
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Rishs Smart Podcast Episode 2
On 21th of December, Rishians celebrated Christmas before closing for winter vacations. To set a perfect example of secularism, we celebrate all the festivals in our school. The students beautiful decorated the atrium and it looked like Bethlehem itself. Then cultural programmes included a beautiful skit to celebrate the birth of Christ,   students of all Grades sang melodious Christmas Carols, and spectacular dance performance was also put by the dynamic dancers of Rishs.  There was also a surprise element towards the end of the program, enchanting Santa Claus came and student went berserk over him. We closed down on a festive note.
December 21, 2019
Rishs Smart Podcast Episode -1
Rishs Smart Podcast is an ideal platform for the students of Rishs International School to present their talents apart from imparting knowledge.  Rishs Podcast is transforming student’s life to be abreast of time, stimulating creative learning and acquire up new ways of communicating.  In this first episode of Rishs Smart podcast we have interviewed Dr.Priyanka Samji, well-known scientist at IIT Madras, devotional Tamil song by vivacious Varsha and a melodious carol by cheerful Neha of Grade VIII.  
December 17, 2019