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Rising Together

Rising Together

By Meg Collier
Stories of human resilience and rising from the ashes. Meg is a Light Summoner and Coach on a mission to help you shine brighter as you continue to unleash your greatness into the world. Our hope is that these conversations inspire your soul and help you along your healing journey. Here’s to #RisingTogether!
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Ep. 13 - #RisingReflections With Collin Williams-Welch
Today I'm sitting down with my partner + best friend, Collin as he shares his story about rising from the ashes after the loss of his daughter.  Collin takes us through a journey of coming face-to-face with some of the darkest times of his life and demonstrates how rolling around in the ashes and deciding to find the light, on his own, ultimately helped him in rising from the depths of his grief _ heartbreak Join me as we honor and share Collin's journey through the fire and out of the ashes as he healed his heart and decided to live his life on purpose and with joy, in honor to his daughter and his soul. You can grab the full show notes on the blog here :: --- #RisingReflections are personal stories of human resilience shared by people like you and me. In this segment, each guest shares their unique journey in rising from the ashes on their own path. If you would like to share your story on Rising Together. Please visit the show notes to apply.
February 13, 2020