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Where the Asians At?

Where the Asians At?

By RJ Bagus
In today's entertainment industry, diversity and inclusion are a major topic, and in the music industry we are seeing Asians become more and more prevalent in the spotlight, that begs the question, “Why are Asians now being in the media? Why did it take so long for Asians to be accepted? And Is this overall good for Asian and Asian Americans?” This podcast series, Where the Asians At? hopes to answer those questions, as well as introduce some asian and asian american artists who need to be heard. Made for the University of the Pacific, Music Industry program by RJ Bagus.
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New Music: June 2021
In this episode, we go over six new releases in the month of June 2021. We see releases from Hayley Kiyoko, Maoli, Travis Yee, Guapdad4000, BTS, and Ginger Root. June is also known as Pride Month, so check out our last episode on "Asian LGBTQIA+ Artists" to support some great LGBTQIA+ artists, and check out this episode's playlist. 
August 2, 2021
Asian LGBTIQA+ Artists
In honor of Pride Month, we introduce three amazing artists who are changing the industry, and using their platform to bring awareness to the LGBTQIA+ community. We introduce, Superknova, MRSHLL, and Raveena. They have touched the genres of R&B, Rock, and Pop and the industry is better for them inspiring others to be their 'authentic selves'. Check out their music on our episode 9 playlist, and support the artists. 
July 2, 2021
Asian Producers in Pop Music
In today's episode, we explore the production side of things, and introduce amazing producers of Asian decent. We look at the work of Shawn Wasabi, Chad Hugo, and the late Nujabes. We go into each producer's impact on music and how you don't have to be the performer always. Music production is a web of work by amazing people who don't necessarily get the spotlight. Support the artists and producers of the amazing music of this episode by checking out our playlist for this episode. 
June 14, 2021
New Music: May 2021
In this episode, We go over six new releases in the month of May 2021. We see releases from RUSSELL!, SuperKnova, Brian Dublin, Bella Porsche, the Linda Lindas, and 88Rising. May is also Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, let's continue fighting against hate, and to spotlight Asian and AAPI Artists. If you have any suggestions please message us on instagram, and support the artists in this episode by checking out our playlists. 
June 5, 2021
Asians in Rock and Alternative Music
In today's episode, we explore the genre of Rock and Alternative music. I want to introduce you to The Slants, Mitski and Hanni El Khatib. Three artists who have etched their names in Rock and Alternative music, in their own special way, weather it be in social activism, creativity or even a change style, these three artist have made names for themselves in Rock and Alternative music. If you have any suggestions feel free to message our instagram. 
May 30, 2021
Interview with Maria Tsuruta: Music Publishing and Being Asian in the Industry
In this episode, we interview the amazing Maria Tsuruta, publishing assistant for Avex USA, a subsidiary of a big publishing company in Japan, Avex Japan. We talk about her background in songwriting, experiences in the Industry and how being Asian in the industry, is about embracing being different. She also made an amazing playlist for everyone to listen too and you should follow her on instagram. 
May 18, 2021
Amazing Asian Women in Music
In today's episode, I want to introduce you three amazing female artists, who are at different stages in their careers but, nonetheless has made waves in the Music Industry. We're going to listen to the music of Beadadoobee, NIKI, and Melissa Polinar. There will be more episodes focusing on the diversity that is the AAPI and Asian Communities, and If you have any suggestions, hit us up on instagram. 
April 22, 2021
Interview with Chloe Tang: E-PITY ME, Her Inspirations, and the Growth of Asians in Music
In this interview, I talk to pop artist, Chloe Tang of Phoenix, Arizona. We talk about her musical inspirations, her new EP, E-PITY ME, and her many experiences in the music industry  from collaborations with artists like Bohkeh and Covex, all the way to opening up for Dua Lipa. We also talk about how asians are here in the music industry and we're here to stay. 
April 10, 2021
Interview with Brian Dublin: Filipino, LGBTQ+ and Representation in the Media
This interview was done back in October of 2020, but this is a dear friend and Artist, Brian Dublin, of San Jose California, We talk about his music, his struggles of being LGBTQ, and overall representation of Asians in the media. Hope you guys enjoy and we’ll look into his song “Late Night Love” which is available on all streaming platforms.
March 26, 2021
Youtube and Asians
The history of the entertainment industry is one rife with issues pertaining to diversity, representation, and inclusion. In the music industry particularly, Asian artists are subverting the aforementioned story of exclusion and claiming their place in the spotlight. This phenomenon raises a number of critical questions. Why are Asians now finding visibility in the media after decades of being culturally unseen? Is this change indicative of a positive paradigmatic shift for Asians? This podcast series, Where the Asians At? hopes to address those questions, as well as call attention to the noteworthy work of Asian and Asian Americans artists. We'll examine how the American media ecosystem perceives Asians, and discuss online influencers, who have helped shape the perceptions of Asians in popular media—from Wong Fu Production and Just Kidding Films—as well as four artists, who I believe started it all—Jeremy Passion, Tim Chantarangsu, Jeff Bernat and Dumbfounded—and the ways in which they inspired this podcast and galvanized me to pursue a job in the music industry.
February 25, 2021