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rOad Trip

rOad Trip

By Natalie Uyeno
A weekly show discussing all things occupational therapy, mobile outpatient, private practice, and driver's rehabilitation.
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An Insight Into Owning Your Own Private Practice with Guest Speaker Krista Covell
2 of 2 Series: this series continues to talk about what it takes to own your own private practice where guest speaker Krista Covell dives into the ins and outs of the challenges with insurance contracts, marketing, and referrals, as well as, the services offered by Covell care and rehabilitation
November 13, 2019
An Insight to Owning Your Own Private Practice
An Introduction to Owning Your Own Private Practice; 1 of 2 series 
November 06, 2019
Control the Road with Josh Ingalls
Making the connection between locating a driving rehab specialists, auto dealers, and mobility vendors with in-depth knowledge about adaptive driving, customer handling, mobility rebates, financing, vehicle needs, installation arrangements and the processes faced by an adaptive driver. 
October 16, 2019
Fitness to Drive: A Clinician's Perspective
Listen to Natalie talk about what it means to address driving in your practice setting, making conversations and goal setting easier with clients, treatment intervention strategies in preparation for transitioning back to driving and community resources. 
October 02, 2019
rOad Trip: The Mobile Outpatient OT Podcast Welcome
Episode 000: Introducing rOad Trip with your host Natalie 
September 18, 2019