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By Kimberly Crossland
The Roadpreneur podcast blends entrepreneurship with exploration, camping with more cash, and the RV lifestyle with recurring revenue that’ll lets wanderlust souls go off-grid more often.
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Marketing Upgrade: 10 Ways to Elevate Your Website
When you RV or travel, you want to know that your business is still bringing in new eyes, new leads, and new customers. Having a website that lets your audience know what you offer and how to work with you is crucial to that goal. On this episode, you'll hear 10 elements every website should have to keep your business moving.  If you want to keep the conversation going around how you can build momentum in your business, even while you RV, join the free Facebook group for Roadpreneurs here: And if you want to get your FREE Roadpreneur Roadmap, head to
May 10, 2022
How to Schedule Your Social Media and RV More Often
Hot and cold social media posting is less than ideal. Even worse, feeling trapped in a never-ending hamster wheel of content creation and social media promotion. In this episode, you'll get a framework for three ways you can schedule your social media so you can be consistent without burnout and get out ahead of the content creation game.  Join the Summer Stabilizer Series here: Join the private Roadpreneur Podcast Facebook group here:
April 26, 2022
5 Steps to More Impactful Content Marketing
You have a leg up in the world of content marketing when you RV. You have more stories to tell, more color to add, and a more compelling reason to tune into your message. Still, how you put your message together matters. In this episode, I'll walk you through 5 steps you can take to have more impactful content for your business.  Step 1: Tell a stronger story Step 2: Don't start from scratch Step 3: Ask why this matters Step 4: Answer the 4 Ws (and 1 H) Step 5: Don't be mysterious If you'd like to get the support, guidance, and of course, templates needed to make your content stronger join the Roadpreneur Community - If this episode was helpful, share it with a friend and leave us a 5-star review. 
April 19, 2022
The Importance of Having a Marketing Calendar
Why does having a marketing calendar matter? And what is a marketing calendar anyway? On this episode, Kimberly breaks down the importance of scheduling marketing activities so you can maximize your time and your reach. You'll learn strategies for how to do this effectively.  Join the Roadpreneur Community and get a done-for-you marketing calendar each month: Be sure to leave a 5-star review if this podcast has helped you find more freedom through entrepreneurship and adventure.
April 11, 2022
Leveraging Voice in Your Copywriting to Grow Your Business
Your copywriting matters — especially as you're working to build a business that runs while you're running up and down the trails or exploring new backroads in your RV. The copy you put on the screen will tell the reader that they've found their people (that's you) and get them entrenched in your world, even when you're not there to walk alongside them or hop on a call.  In this episode, you'll learn 5 different types of brand voice that you can use to sell your products, services, memberships, you name it. Infusing this voice into your content will help you reach more people and expand your influence no matter where you are in the world.  Download your free Roadpreneur Roadmap here: Join the Roadpreneur Community to get monthly marketing and copywriting templates:
April 05, 2022
Building Confidence as a Roadpreneur
Probably one of the biggest things that will stunt an entrepreneur's growth is mindset. As we get stuck in our heads with all sorts of limiting beliefs, we get stuck in our business. In this episode, Kimberly Crossland walks you through how you can leverage your RV lifestyle to find your stride and approach business in a calm, consistent, and confident way.  Join the Roadpreneur Community for additional marketing and mindset support: Follow Roadpreneur on Instagram: Follow Roadpreneur on Facebook:
March 29, 2022
Marketing for the RV Lifestyle
Take a look at your marketing. Does it keep you living on a content creation hamster wheel? Do you feel like you need to spend the entire day hunkered down working on your business and miss out on chances to go hiking or explore? That's no way to build a business as a Roadpreneur.  In this episode, we'll look at how you can audit your marketing to adjust your strategy so you're putting your precious hours towards the most impactful tasks. Get your pen and paper ready! This episode is juicy with takeaways. Want extra help refining your marketing and messaging? Join the Roadpreneur Community here: Follow us on Instagram for more marketing tips for RVers:
March 22, 2022
Why Passive Income is a Myth
Look, passive income sounds great, but the reality is, "passive income" is never truly passive. There's work to be done to stay relevant and keep your products in front of others. In this episode, Kimberly Crossland breaks down how RVers can build in income streams that still work to bring in money while they travel (even off grid) but without treating their business like a machine that should run in the background while they roam.  This episode is all about building in balance, getting off that hamster wheel, and taking away your obligation to be on someone else's schedule. In it, you'll learn how to develop products that will make you money while you sleep while still maintaining relevancy. In other words, it's all about rinsing and repeating.  If you're ready to bring your Roadpreneur marketing plan to life so you can RV more often, join the Roadpreneur Community at Follow Roadpreneur on Instagram:
March 15, 2022
Shifting Traditional Business Models to Allow More Freedom to RV
Traditional business models weren't designed to allow you to travel. They were designed around antiquated work methods that required you stay in the office to answer phones and faxes. We can all agree that we're well past those times, so isn't it about time that our business models catch up too?  In this episode, Kimberly Crossland breaks down how to take common business models and give them a facelift to allow you to RV more often. These business models are ideal for wanderlust souls who are ready to hit the open road but aren't sure how.  Important note: This episode will NOT teach you how to become a travel influencer. Instead, it'll show you how to take your personal gifts and desire for work, and turn that into a way to reach even more people while you explore.  If you've been looking for your next revenue stream, this episode is for you! Be sure to give us a 5-star review if this content sparked a new idea for you. Links mentioned:  Join the Roadpreneur Community and get a 14-day free trial here: Follow on Instagram and send Kimberly a DM while you're there:
March 08, 2022
My Path to Becoming a Roadpreneur
Just as every RV trip is different, so is every entrepreneur's journey into business ownership. On this episode, you'll hear Kimberly Crossland's path from starting a business and growing it behind the scenes alongside her client's companies, to now becoming a Roadpreneur. What is a Roadpreneur? It's someone who rejects the idea that adventure has to wait until post-retirement and actively builds a business that allows for both RV trips and entrepreneurial success. In this episode, you'll learn about a few of the critical mistakes Kimberly made along her journey into entrepreneurship, how she balances business ownership while on the backroads with her kids, and why now is the time to bring that knowledge forward. Sign up to learn the top 10 business models you can do from the road here: Learn more about her private coaching community, The Roadpreneur Community here: Follow Kimberly Crossland and Roadpreneur on Instagram:
March 01, 2022
Coming Soon: The Roadpreneur Podcast
Welcome to the Roadpreneur podcast, where I’ll show you how to blend entrepreneurship with exploration, camping with more cash, and the RV lifestyle with recurring revenue that’ll let you go off-grid more often.
February 18, 2022