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Podcast S01/E06 - Jamison Aweau

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Podcast S01/E07 - Chris Nelson
In the latest episode we talk with Chris Nelson. Editor of Iron and Air Magazine. He invited me to head down to LBC and join him in his office for a chat. If you're not familiar with the magazine or his work give this one a listen or just listen anyways!  Chris's Instagram: @bychrisnelson Please subscribe, rate, and review! Become a supporter of this podcast:
March 1, 2019
Podcast S01/E06 - Jamison Aweau
A bit late but here it is! Episode 06! Thanks guys for continuing listening. I talked with Jamison about all the usuals, work, history and where life is going! Fellow east coaster on the west coast so you know its going to be an interesting one. @jvmison
February 18, 2019
S01/E05 - Travis Hess
Ah! This is a great one. With talks about his background in the military to the build of his new Tundra. Travis has his hand in all kinds of various pots and does it with style. Glad to share this one with you guys. @Travis_teamfieldcraft
February 8, 2019
S01/E04 - Garrett King
Super stoked on this one, finally get a chance to sit down with the man! Garrett King. He and I have been following each other for some time now and its always good catching up. In this episode we talk about all the things! Travel, moving to CA, work and future work.  @ShortStache
February 1, 2019
Quite a busy guy, but we finally had a morning to jump on a Skype call and I talked with Graeme about living and working in Montana, His company Go Fast Campers and how he seems to manage it all. Lots of talk about innovation coming out of GFC, and all the fun they get to do because of it.
December 12, 2018
S01/E02 - Madison Hampton
Talking with Madison about travel, gear and creating on the road! With a recent move to Bozeman, Montana we talk about how to balance the life on the road and at home. We agreed on putting in the hard work to make these dreams possible! Instagram - @vancraftedstudio
November 13, 2018
S01/E01 - Graham Nystrom
Graham Nystrom - A creator of brands. I talked with Graham a long time friend for our first podcast. He was one of the people who first hired me while living in California working with Us Versus Them. We talk about working in the creative world, breaking the routine, the desert, our views on being outdoors in a digital age and how things may be affected with this new view on travel.
October 25, 2018
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