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By Rob DreamSurfersQHHT
Follow me as I interview the clients and many vast esoteric topics packed within the subconscious minds of these many wonderful souls, and how the QHHT process, developed by Dolores Cannon, affected and positively influenced their lives.
Lemuria and The Council of Light
Client Remembers a lifetime in Lemuria, in which she remembers the details of a disagreement with Atlantis and the destruction of Lemuria by a giant tsunami. She also visits a lifetime on board a space craft as part of the Council of Light
March 11, 2022
New Orleans
Leslie revisits a life in 1800s New Orleans
February 18, 2022
Remembering Rembrandt
Lisa’s second QHHT Session. A powerful revisit to her past life as Henrickje Stoffels. Fantastic historical references are made!
February 18, 2022
Curt QHHT Past Life Regression - Cowboys and Indians
Curt from Inspirado Projecto was interested in having a regression hypnosis session with me. Hear this Wild story of Cowboys and Indians, and his travel to the afterlife.
February 13, 2022
Lisa QHHT Past Life Regression Session
Listen to the remarkable hypnosis session immediately following the interview in Season 1 Episode 1. An emotional story, filled with healing, energy, and a connection with a famous 17th century painter. **All sessions shared publicly are given explicit permission to share publicly by the client. All other sessions and interviews are confidential.**
February 10, 2022
Lisa QHHT Pre-Induction Interview
A phenomenal story from a woman with strength and courage like no other I have ever heard. We talk about how she stared cancer in the face multiple times and kicked it’s ass, and still with only 20% of her lungs and needing a transplant, she defies the laws of western medicine and chooses LIFE. Hear the unbelievably incredible story of someone who against all odds, chose to stand strong, and because of it was presented with phenomenal gifts. She is a psychic, clairvoyant, shaman, animal whisperer, and self taught herbalist with a soul so bright, extraterrestrials study her to understand the power of the human soul/body and our connection with the other realms. From there, I tell my origin story and how QHHT profoundly changed my life. Tune In Only on 🕉DreamSurfersQHHT🕉
February 10, 2022