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TradeScope Podcast with Rob Hand

TradeScope Podcast with Rob Hand

By Rob Hand
The TradeScope Podcast is a ten-minute broadcast by Rob Hand, longtime industry expert in trade promotion and consumer products who breaks down the most important issues facing manufacturers and resellers around the efficiency and effectiveness of trade promotion, revenue growth management, consumer marketing and engagement, and data & analytics. Rob brings his knowledge and expertise to focus on the news, technology, process and overall business impact driven by smart revenue growth management across all of the consumer shopping and purchase channels.
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Artificial Optimization

TradeScope Podcast with Rob Hand

Promo Resilience in a Post-COVID-19 World
There are so many advisory opinions about what will happen in a post COVID-19 world, but little or nothing written about the treatment of trade promotions.  Rob gives some straight-talk advice to CPG suppliers about what needs to happen now and in the future.  Check out his latest TradeScope Podcast episode to find out.
November 18, 2020
Channel Incentives - The Key Differentiator
CPG, more specifically Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) has carved out an entirely distinctive trade promotion management and execution format. But you need to know that TPx is only ONE version of channel incentive programs across every industry selling through the various channels of distribution. Rob breaks down some of the most relevant differences between CPG and other consumer or commercial product channel incentives programs.  May be the first you’ve heard of them!  Take a listen.
October 18, 2020
Artificial Optimization
Optimization is the latest buzzword in trade promotion and revenue growth management. RGM has owned it, especially around “Price Optimization.”  But be VERY careful about what you hear regarding trade promotion optimization. The advanced data science of REAL optimization depends on many factors, and not every vendor delivers those key factors. In this podcast, listen to Rob break down the difference between REAL and “artificial” optimization.
October 18, 2020
Indominus REX. Retail Execution in the Digital World
Retail Execution – it’s not exactly Jurassic in age, but this venerable old process is taking on a much more critical role in the improvement of trade promotion spending success. In this podcast, Rob Hand covers the important connection and alignment with trade promotion and how effective retail execution leads to better control and compliance of promotional performance across the trade channels. For more about Hand Promotion Management:
October 14, 2020
Modern Revenue Growth Management
Revenue Growth Management, RGM, is becoming a key strategic focus area for all consumer products companies today. The role of managing RGM is being elevated throughout the industry to, in many cases, the C-suite level.  Trade promotion is finally finding its natural fit within the RGM organization. Why not?  Promotion optimization has always been one of the top priorities for RGM across every consumer products company. Listen to Rob break down the role of TPx in RGM in this insightful treatment of one of the top mission critical jobs in CPG today. For more about Hand Promotion Management:
October 14, 2020
Data, Data, Data. The Secret Sauce of Success
With all the attention on “Optimization” these days, there is no doubt that the use of sophisticated and advanced data science is well on its way to solving a problem promotion planners have had with failing trade spend ROI for decades. But this super technology in and of itself is not the only answer. The DATA is the key, and most CPG companies are just now coming to grips with what sources of data to use, how to clean, harmonize and align the data and most critically, how to define the scenarios that use this data so that proper modeling can be done. Rob breaks down the problem and defines the “Secret Sauce” of success. For more about Hand Promotion Management:
October 14, 2020
Trade Promotion Finally Hits the Big Time!
Why has trade promotion, a critical business process which has been around for more than 200 years finally gaining the attention of the C-Suite?  Because someone finally figured out the second largest line item the financial statements of the top consumer products companies can and should be the most powerful incentive to consumers in the marketing arsenal.  Yet even though spending of trade channel promotion funds is as high as 30% of gross revenues, almost three-quarters of the promotions continue to fail to produce positive ROI.  That gets the attention of the C-Suite for sure. For more about Hand Promotion Management:
October 14, 2020