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By Cigar Aficionado Rob Jones
Lite up a cigar and hang out with Rob & Bryant! Interviews with shop/owners, cigar reviews, weekly give away.
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Lite up a cigar and hang out with Rob & Bryant! Interviews with shop/owners, cigar reviews, weekly give away.

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EP50 - The One & Only, Dirty Fabien and Our Weekly Cigar Picks
The man, the myth, the legend... Dirty Fabien joins the show this week with a great interview. We talk about getting started with Drew Estate and his journey along the way before departing to do something new. And Rob & Bryant give you their weekly cigar picks and announce this week's winner of a new Visol jet flame torch. Sponsor - Micallef Cigars
November 11, 2019
EP49 - Rob & Bryant's Top 10 Value Cigars
This week on Cigar Talk, Rob &  Bryant name their Top 10 Value Cigars and discuss more cigars, cigar companies. and throw in a little football as well. Sponsored by Micallef Cigars
November 4, 2019
EP48 - BOTL Etiquette, American Whiskey, & Our Weekly Cigar Picks
Rob & Bryant talk about their favorite cigars for the week, discuss BOTL etiqueete at shops and online, interview Maggie Kimberl from American Whiskey Magazine, and visit with one of Cigar Talk's Patreons.  Sponsored by Micallef Cigars
October 28, 2019
EP47 - This Weeks Top 6 Cigars & Interview with Cigar Smoking Superbowl Champ Fred Robbins
Rob & Bryant share their top picks for the week and then have NY Giant Superbowl Champ, Fred Robbins on the show to discuss his love for cigars, football, and his charity helping kids in his community. Sponsored by - Micallef Cigars
October 21, 2019
EP46 - Cigar & Spirits Festival at Panther Island
Rob & Bryant record the show from the Cigar & Spirits Festival in Ft. Worth, Texas at the Panther Island Pavilion. Had several people stop by and interviewed a few. Tried some new spirits and smoked a lot of cigars. Sponsor - Micallef Cigars 
October 14, 2019
EP45 - Our Favorite Maduros, Best Sipping Tequilas for Pairing, & Private Cigar Events
This week on Cigar Talk, we discus our favorite maduros, get educated on sipping tequilas, and talk to a special guest about throwing your own personal cigar events. Sponsor - Micallef Cigars
October 7, 2019
EP44 - The Ultimate Cigar Book & Cigar Talk Quiz
Join Rob and Bryant this week for a phone in Cigar Talk quiz as they give away Cigar Fest Tickets! Then Rob has a one on one interview with the Richard Careleton Hacker, the author of The Ultimate Cigar Book! Richard wrote cigar and spirits articles for playboy and is currently writing articles for the Rob Report magazine. Sponsored by Micallef Cigars
September 30, 2019
EP43 - Living the Dream! Managing a Cigar Shop
This week Rob and Bryant talk about some new sticks, interview a manager of a cigar shop, a little football, and announce this weeks Luxury Cigar Club Winner!  Sponsored by Micallef Cigars
September 23, 2019
EP41 - Cigar Cutters & The NY Ambassador
Rob and Bryant discuss cigar cutters, cigars, the NY Ambassador joins the show, and we announce this week's Luxury Cigar Club winner. Sponsored by Micallef Cigars
September 7, 2019
EP40 - Scotch, Bourbon, & 10 Cigar Tips
We welcome Eric from Scotch&Time to the show to learn about the best spirits. He educates us on whiskies, tells us the best scotch for beginners, and shares his favorite rums and cognacs. Rob and Bryan give their top 10 cigar tips, name this weeks winner of the Luxury Cigar Club winner, and  we find out Rob is half Canadian! Sponsor - Micallef Cigars
August 31, 2019
EP39 - We pay respects to one of our Cigar Brothers, 530 Fred RIP
We pay respects to a BOTL, have 2 interviews with our Cigar Talk Patreons, and announce the winners on 2 seperate giveaways.  Sponsor - Micallef Cigars
August 24, 2019
EP38 - What is a Maduro & Interview Storm from Cigars for Warriors
Rob and Bryant discuss what they are smoking, share some information on what a maduro is, and then have a great interview with Storm Boen from Cigars for Warriors.  Then the guys announce this week's winner of the Luxury Cigar Club giveaway.  Cigar Talk is Sponsored by Micallef Cigars.
August 17, 2019
EP37 - Travel to the Renegade Lounge in Richardson Texas
Visited the Renegade Lounge in Richardson, TX and had the chance to sit down with owner, Brandon Hays. He's a forward thinking cigar lounge owner that wants to provide his clients with a unique experience and gives them a great facility to enjoy their time in. Rob and Bryant also announce this week's Luxury Cigar Club winner and send their prayers out to the families in El Paso and Dayton. Sponsored by Micallef Cigars 
August 10, 2019
EP36 - Getting Real with Briglin - 2 Time National Champ at Clemson University
Rob has an in depth interview with Coach Briglin, former assistant coach at Clemson. He shares his journey from New York to now assistant coach at ACU and everything it took to get here. Grab yourself a cigar and enjoy.  Sponsor - Micallef Cigars
August 3, 2019
EP34 - Interview with Cigar Blondie from Nova Cigars
This week on Cigar Talk Rob and Bryant talk about what they look for in a good cigar lounge, interview a fellow Micallef Ambassador, and then welcome Leo from one of the hottest cigar companies to hit the scene in 2019, Nova Cigars. And as always, announce this week's Luxury Cigar Club winner. 
July 27, 2019
EP33 - Building a Great Cigar Lounge
Rob and Bryant play Cigar Roulette, Talk Cigars, Accessories, and name this weeks winner of the Luxury Cigar Club box winner! Then Jay from The Leaf stops by for a one on one interview. Rob tells a story about his first meeting with Al Micallef.
July 20, 2019
EP32 - First Half of 2019 Top 10 Cigars
This week on Cigar Talk, Rob and Bryant announce the 2019 Top 10 cigars from the first half of the year! These are some of the top cigars they smoke on a regular basis and Luxury Cigar Club is going to offer a limited box of our Top 10. We also discuss the Micallef Cigars event at The Leaf and announce some new members supporting Cigar Talk thru our Patreon group.
July 13, 2019
EP30 - First look at a New Cigar Line
 Rob and Bryant talk cigars, Micallef Ambassador program, then have a great interview with Ben from Black Label Cigars. Announce this weeks Luxury Cigar Club winner and a surprise visit with Sad Diego Jack.  Thank you for your support & Keep Smokin
June 29, 2019
EP29 - The Barrel Burners Cigar Club
Rob and Bryant talk about what cigars they are smoking and what bourbon they are drinking, then have a a great conversation with a fellow cigar enthusiast from the younger generation, who has put together a cigar smoking 10 commandments. Then the long awaited interview with Jason, founder of the Barrel Burners Cigar Club. Then wrap up this week's show announcing this week's Luxury Cigar Club giveaway winner. Sponsors Micallef Cigars  Hiram & Solomon Cigars
June 22, 2019
EP28 - Fight For Your Right through Cigar Rights of America
Rob and Bryant talk cigars, both pick who they would love to go back in time and smoke a stick with, and visit with a great frind CigarManOffical. Then on the 2nd half of the show we talk to Glynn Loope from Cigar Rights of America, announce this week's Luxury Cigar Club winner and talk about next week's show. Check our the Micallef Ambassador Membership Hiram & Solomon Cigars
June 15, 2019
EP27 - First Look at the Blanco Cigars
 Rob and Bryant add new cigar music to the playlist, talk about the smokes they’ve been smoking, and then have a great interview with David Blanco from Blanco cigars. And they announce this week's winner on the Luxury Cigar Box giveaway! Sponsors  Alpha Cigars Hiram & Solomon Cigars
June 8, 2019
EP26 - RoMa Craft II
Rob and Bryant discuss Hollywood tobacco ban, as well as other topics and then finish up the rest of the visit to RoMa Craft. Register on our website for your chance to win our weekly giveaway from our partners over at Luxury Cigar Club. Cigar Talk Sponsors Alpha Cigars  Hiram and Solomon Cigars
June 1, 2019
EP25 - RoMa Craft I
This episode we learn everything you need to know about the cohost Bryant. We head down to the RoMa Craft HQ in Austin, TX for a great interview with Michael Rosales, RoMa Craft co-founder, and we announce a new partnership with Luxury Cigar Club on the Weekly Giveaway! Sponsors Alpha Cigars Hiram and Solomon  
June 1, 2019
EP24 - Opening a Cigar Lounge in North Austin
This week's show takes a look at some of the best meals to pair with a great smoke, then we head to Austin, Texas to interview Ian & Rebecca the owners of Smoker's Abbey. We announce last week's weekly winner and talk about the smokes we are smoking, Tune in to find out how you can win CIGARS. Sponsors Alpha Cigars  Hiram & Solomon Cigars Cigar Talk Website
May 25, 2019
EP22 - Buying a Cigar Lounge
This week we have a new sponsor, Hiram & Solomon cigars! We interview the new cigar shop owners of The Leaf. Name our cigars of the week and announce this weeks Cigar Talk contestant winner!  Hiram & Solomon The Leaf
May 11, 2019
EP21 - Aganorsa Leaf & Cigar Media
On this week's episode of Cigar Talk, we have a special guest on the show, Terrence Riley VP of sales from Aganorsa Leaf. We also discuss cigar magazines like Cigar Aficionado and other cigar media and what roles they play on selecting cigars. Also give you our cigars of the week and talk about the future of Cigar Talk joining  Jim Beam Bonded
May 4, 2019
EP20 - First look at Warfighter Cigars
Paul from the 5150 Cigar Tour co-hosts the show with us this week. We discuss social media and cigars, smoke Casa Fernandez Aganorsa Leaf cigars, talk about Hiram and Solomon cigars, drink some Jim Beam Bonded, then have the founders and owners of Warfighter cigars join us for an interview. Bill Binder gives us his Bourbon of the Week!  Sponsor - Hiram & Solomon Cigars Warfighter Cigars Bill Binder Aganorsa Leaf Cigars Select Draw Cutters  Jim Beam Bonded
April 27, 2019
Ep. 19 - Smokin Brad goes to a Tobacco Factory in Honduras
Smokin Brad tell us about his trip to Honduras, cigars of the week, travel kit tip, and Cigar Talk Trivia. 
April 20, 2019
Ep. 18 The Cigar Brotherhood
No secret handshakes, no challenges to get in, just good people sharing a bond. Select Draw Cutter interview, cigar of the week, and some trivia for a give away.
April 13, 2019
Ep. 17 - Vegas Style at a Texas Cigar Lounge
Had a great interview over at Marigols Fine Tobacco and  Lounge in Brenham, TX, the chat with a new player in the game from Green Side Cigars, and of course get a cigar tip from Cigar Man Official. Then something new in the line of cigar of the week and a new Cigar Talk Trivia question.
April 6, 2019
Ep. 16 - Going Back to where it all Started!
We head back to Big Spring TX for a followup with Camilla and Brent. Cigar tip,  cigar of the week, and new trivia.
March 30, 2019
Ep. 15 - The Good Fellas of Cigars
Great interview with the guys in New York,  Cigar Fellas and get CigarManOfficial's cigar tip of the week!
March 23, 2019
Ep. 14 - Only in Nebraska - The Safari Cigar Lounge
Great trip to Nebraska and visited some great shops. Stopped in Omaha at the Safari Cigar Lounge for an interview. CigarManOfficial gives us his cigar tip of the week.
March 16, 2019
Ep. 13 - Atlanta Cigar Scene
Great interview with Octavia Toliver from Atalnta, talk to a BOTL, and get our Cigar Tip of the week from CigarManOffical!
March 9, 2019
Ep. 12 - First look at Viva La Vida Cigars
There is a new cigar on the market, Viva La Vida and we interview the man behind the vision! then we will give the cigar or the week and then our weekly Cigar Talk Trivia, first person to send the correct answer wins a cigar sampler!
March 2, 2019
Ep. 11 - Amendola Cigars & Smokers Haven
Interview with Jeffrey Amendola from Amendola cigars, Finding out from a BOTL where to hang out in Memphis, Interview with John Curtis from Smokers Haven , and more...
February 23, 2019
We Welcome Bill Binder from Binders Stash
Join us as special guests Bill Binder & Doc Collins shares their stories and passions of Whiskey, Cigars, and their upcoming events.
February 16, 2019
The Ambassador in all of us.
Cigar Talk visits the Micallef Cigar headquarters, Dave Lampert talks about his history in the industry, tells us about the Micallef Ambassador reward program. We talk to some more listeners, announce the cigar of the week, and announce this week's winner of the our give away! 
February 9, 2019
The 5150 Cigar Tour
This week on Cigar Talk we will interview entrepreneur Gyasi who created his own line of cigars, give my cigar or the week and cigar tips, Paul is back to announce his new 5150 cigar tour start date and location, and we hear from 3 callers and announce this week's winner. Special thanks to Cigar Fellas and Remember Cuba Cigars.
February 2, 2019
A Mobile Cigar Lounge
Special guests this week! I talk to Paul about his 5150 cigar tour, Dirk & Mauzy tell us about their mobile cigar lounge in Atlanta, I give my cigar of the week, and announce the winner of the weekly cigar give away.
January 26, 2019
Building Cigar Shops in West Texas - Good Karma
Join us for a great interview with Todd, owner of the Good Karma Cigars, located in downtown Ft. Worth. Get my cigar of the week and this week's cigar winner is announced.
January 19, 2019
Brothers and Great Cigars
Meet Arron and Mathew from Paladin Cigars.
December 29, 2018
Whole lot of BS and Cigars!
Old friend stops by for a smoke, share some old stories, and review some good music.
December 22, 2018
Smoking on the right side of the tracks, at the Train Car
The first episode, Cigar Talk hangs out at the Train Car Cigar Bar and finds out how this unique cigar shop got up and running.
December 15, 2018
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