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How Ego blocks the Authentic Self

How Ego blocks the Authentic Self

By Rob Owens - Positive Psychology Meditation Practioner
How we Construct Ego. Where inside us is our Authentic Self? How we unconsciously allow Ego to overpower Authentic Self.
Open heart 20 minute guided relaxation, windchimes, breeze
Deep Letting Go to to gentle breezes, soft chimes, open heart 
March 06, 2022
4th and final "Ego Stories and the Authentic Self"
The final episode exploring how problem solving from the Authentic Self is better than relying on stories from the Ego/Constructed Self. How stress leads to poor decisions that we know will not work. 
February 27, 2022
Poadcast 3 in a series, Ego Stories and Authentic Self
Podcast 1 is about the concept of "self".  Podcast 2 is about how everyone makes, or constructs, their own ego.  Podcast 3 shows the duality, or conflict, between Ego and Authentic Self. 
February 02, 2022
Part 2 - Stories about Ego and Authentic Self
To (dis)cover your Authentic Self is as easy as deciding to do it. To decide, we need to be inspired. Great scientists tell us their best achievements just "came to them" without thinking. 
January 23, 2022
Discover your Ego
I have searched for my Authentic Self for years. Listen to how I learned to find it, and what I needed to know to discover it. 
January 19, 2022