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Big Robs Room

Big Robs Room

By Author Robert Carpenter
Author of children books Robert Carpenter speaks to the ills of society identifying the struggle of underserved communities. Explores the life of black children through sports, science, and life experiences. The Big Rob Room talks about everything that people of color go through from police brutality to mistreatment in sports to childbirth and relationships. tune in to ideas and conversations that are not always spoken about........
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The National reading problem in Black communities
The goal is to inform and change the reading level for men and women of color. Listen in as Author Robert Carpenter shares some stories of men and women who fail to master the English language and their struggle. 
February 27, 2022
Black Children should read
Author Robert Carpenter speaks on the importance of reading and educating our black and brown children why they should read ab=nd how reading is the key to success. tune in 
February 12, 2022
TALK ON family Relationships
Author Robert Carpenter talk about family relationships in Black communities.
September 23, 2021
Relationships part 1
Author Robert Carpenter and cohost speaks on the steps that taken to have a healthy relationship. part 1
September 08, 2021
Behind the Mask
Author Robert Carpenter, Marcus Flander, and pastor Charles speak on living behind a mask. How people try to be something that their not.
September 01, 2021