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The White Door

The White Door

By Robert Eric Ellison
A King. An Obsession. A lost boy finds himself in the center of a world divided. The ancient White Door and young Isn Aggro have intertwined to reshape the world of Isgaulda forever. With the help of a cursed Swordsman, an undead healer, a maniac with an unusually tall top hat, and many others, Isn must now journey back to the very door that has caused such upheaval if he is to ever see home again. Can Isn survive the wild fantasy realm he now finds himself in, and avoid the rabid King at his heels hell bent on making sure Isn fulfills the dark prophecy of The White Door?
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Chapter Ten: In a Hole Far Away
Welcome back to another episode of The White Door. Last we saw our characters, both friend and foe were washed away by a massive tidal wave that sent each of them sprawling across the land of Isgaulda. Listen in to Chapter 10, and find out where everyone ends up, and with who! The world young Isn Aggro has found himself in never stops twisting, and when he awakens in yet another strange place beyond belief, it is one of the very assassins chasing him that may now hold the key to his escape. Tune in as we continue; The White Door!
April 3, 2021
Chapter Nine: The Day After the Ravaging of Eris Blackheart
As young Isn Aggro and Taylor the Tailor make their way to the beach to give sad Prince Eric his wish of an ocean burial, the Jeldirst take the opportunity to close the distance! That's right, the Kings agents finally catch up to The Boy From That Way in a thrilling episode of THE WHITE DOOR. Tune in and listen to see just how Isn and The Tailor deal with the wicked Mastr Slyndari and his band of murderous, musical assassins!
November 20, 2020
Chapter Eight: The Last Breakfast
In this episode, we meet Rusgrove; a man who soon finds himself swept up in the saga of Isn Aggro and his journey through the land of Isgaulda. What begins as a stroll about town in search of information on the Boy From That Way soon becomes an encounter with the enchanting and Deadly Slyndari. Armed with his band of assassins and the strange power of melody magic, the ruthless elf places his sights directly on Rusgrove. Check out the latest episode of The White Door and find out where this twisting tales goes next!
September 7, 2020
Chapter Seven: Some Men Drown Themselves
Join us once more as we trek into the world of Isgaulda along with Isn Aggro as he sets out to find his way home. Waking from a deep sleep, the Boy From THAT Way quickly realizes that danger has crept into their camp while their guard was down. What do these strangers want? If it's anything like the rest of this wild and wicked realm, Isn knows much more is in store before the night is over.
July 12, 2020
Chapter Six: The Prince and the Tailor
Young Isn Aggro returns, barely escaping the clutches of Slyndari and the Jeldirst. He soon finds himself once again in strange company, as he manages a ride to the nearest town with a Tailor and his colorful passengers. The group fails to make it to the glimmering town of Dristol by sundown, and prepares for camp. Along the way, we learn more about the land and the new faces accompanying Isn ever closer to...the White Door.
June 6, 2020
Chapter Five: The Murderous Musicians
Join us in our latest episode as we meet Slyndari and the Jeldirst; a murderous band of musicians that serve the whimsy and madness of the King. They now hunt for a boy who has whispered of White Doors. Summoned by Baali Toah, they arrive to find the old cat dead on the floor...but no Boy. Tune in and listen as we meet...The Murderous Musicians!
May 22, 2020
Chapter Four: Small Wonders within a House of Spies
Join us today as we step away from the history books of the last chapter and back into the journey of young Isn Aggro. We return to the Boy from THAT Way inside the cottage of the odd old cat Baali Toah. It doesn't take long before the strange feline tells the boy of many dangers that currently sweep the realm. Isn watches as the cat shows him horrors new and old alike, and warns him of greater evil yet. Tune in this week as we continue through...the White Door!
May 13, 2020
Chapter Three: Of Blood, Obsession and Eternal Life
Listen in on the latest episode of 'The White Door' as we dive head first into the history of the land The Boy From THAT Way has found himself in. From the pages of an old book, we get a closer look at the world of Isgaulda, specifically the nation of Ang-Ferrin where Isn Aggro now stands. Learn of the realm, the crown, the vile beasts and the obsessions that tore down a once powerful beacon of hope and good. We meet the now King of the Realm, Lord Rehekmahr, and learn how he rose to power and what it is that pushes him to also seek...The White Door!
May 8, 2020
Chapter Two: You Don't Come From THAT you?
Young Isn Aggro has stepped beyond the White Door and into a world both unfamiliar and fantastic. The Boy from That Way finds himself standing before a cottage in the middle of this strange new land, and soon meets a new face that will open his eyes to the shadowed history of the empire that he now finds himself in. Join us once more as we follow The Boy from That Way beyond the White Door. The world of Isgaulda will never be the same.
May 3, 2020
Chapter One: Beyond the White Door
Join us for our debut episode of The White Door. In this introductory episode, meet young Isn Aggro; a boy who quickly finds himself lost in a hole like no other. At it's end, a White Door....and more. What begins as a day at the beach quickly descends into a fantastic event that catapults Isn into a world unlike his own. A world in which he will soon find himself at the center of, whether he likes it or not.  Prepare to go BEYOND the White Door!
April 30, 2020