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Fredrickson Health SHOW

Fredrickson Health SHOW

By Dr. Robert Fredrickson
In the FHS podcast we will be interviewing health practitioners from all realms of health, fitness, injury prevention, functional medicine, and integrative medicine. If you are into upgrading and optimizing your health, this podcast is for you!
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Natural Ways to Help PCOS! Full Interview w/ Functional Dietitian Eleni Ottalagana FHS #25
Eleni is a Registered Dietitian and Reiki Master. In her private practice (Women’s Nutrition Clinic), she specializes in women’s health and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). More specifically, supporting women to make nutrition & lifestyle changes using holistic, integrative and functional nutrition approaches.  0:39 Intro 1:07 Guest intro (Eleni Ottalagana) 2:34  Eleni's Medical Background 4:08 Traditional dietician Vs Integrative dietician 5:28  Its not a diet , it's a Lifestyle 8:19 Studying abroad 9:35 Food / Diet Experience of Europe compared to USA 11:55 Eleni's Journey and Passion to PCOS 15:15 Time for a change 19:09 Limiting but not eliminating Carbohydrates with PCOS 20:50 General guideline meal for a day 24:11 PCOS overview 28:10 Nutrients for PCOS 34:34 PCOS Talk 41:19 The Billboard Question 42:30 PCOS does not define you 43:39 What health related item would you bring in an deserted island 44:32 Top 3 general principles for maintaining health and wellness 45:46 Where to find Eleni  Connect with Eleni and learn more about resources & services here:   Follow me!  Instagram: Dr.Robert Fredrickson Instagram Business: FredricksonHealthSolutions TikTok: FredricksonHealth Facebook: FredricksonHealthSolutions Social Media Stream Page-    Disclaimer: Also consult with a physician before starting a new rehab exercise, training routine, diet, or dietary supplement. This video is for educational purposes only. Always ask your doctor or physcian for personalized medical advice.
July 02, 2022
Getting to the root cause of Adrenal Fatigue-Dr. Francesca Leblanc Episode #23
Dr. Francesca LeBlanc discusses her journey with adrenal fatigue in episode 23 of the Fredrickson Health Show  “No, it’s not in your head – you have adrenal fatigue.”  Finally. It had a name. I had a plan. And within months I was beginning to cross those symptoms off my list one by one. This was really important to me, as I was now in my late thirties and planning to have children. Of course, during times of stress, I have to practice extreme self-care as a proactive measure, but I can honestly say that despite running after two tiny humans, I live a pretty normal, symptom-free, joyful life. Listen to the story of Dr. Leblanc in this episode!  0:00 intro 0:45 Guest intro 1:23 Dr Francesca Leblanc's journey 5:57 Adrenal fatigue manifests in chiro school 8:08 Common disease associated with Stress 10:57 Adrenal fatigue 16:05 How to test Adrenal fatigue 23:00 What does Cortisol Awakening Response mean 27:17 Cortisol and blood sugar 28:44 Fasting and Adrenal Stress 32:53 Genetic predisposition 33:59 Where to find Dr. LeBlanc  34:54 Outro     Follow me!  Instagram: Dr.Robert Fredrickson Instagram Business: FredricksonHealthSolutions TikTok: FredricksonHealth Facebook: FredricksonHealthSolutions Social Media Stream Page-   Disclaimer: Also consult with a physician before starting a new rehab exercise, training routine, diet, or dietary supplement. This video is for educational purposes only. Always ask your doctor or physcian for personalized medical advice.
October 04, 2021
Autophagy, Building Muscle while Fasting, Mineral Deficiencies, and more! Siim Land FHS #22
Ever wondered about how to maximize autophagy? Or how to maintain and build muscle while still doing fasting? Curious about mineral depletion and how it can impact your health? If so, this episode with Siim Land is for you!  Siim Land is a best-selling author, public speaker, and consultant from Estonia. By education, he's an anthropologist.  Siim teaches people about the art and science of optimizing their health and performance. He's written many books about nutrition and biohacking and speaks at the world's largest biohacking conferences.  Tune in to episode 22 of the Fredrickson Health Show to learn more about Siim and the awesome health-related content that he produces.    0:00 Intro 0:31 Guest intro 1:09 How did start for Siim 2:20 Biohacking in Estonia  3:13 Military Background 4:26 Siim's biohacking journey  6:10 Biohacking Lessons 7:46 Siim intermittent sched  8:44 Intermittent Strategy for muscle mass 10:45 Fitness goal  11:44 Protein talk 15:43 Fasting for health reasons 17:29 Siim's Books 19:21 How long does it take to write a book  21:45 How to stay focus while writing a book 24:00 Journey in writing his latest book (the mineral fix) 27:19 mineral optimization 30:27 Nothing is boring with Boron (boron has been proven to be an important trace mineral because it (1) is essential for the growth and maintenance of bone; (2) greatly improves wound healing; (3) beneficially impacts the body's use of estrogen, testosterone, and vitamin D; (4) boosts magnesium absorption) 32:19 Chromium 34:22 Depletes or competes mineral absorption 38:00 Mineral learnings that I wish i would've known sooner 39:13 Vitamin / mineral testing 41:00 Siim's supplement routine 43:19 What health-related tool would you bring on a deserted island?   44:44 The Billboard Question 45:40 Siim's Future endeavor 46:26 Where to connect with Siim Land  If you like this episode, please subscribe to my and Siim's channel and also share this episode with a friend or family member!   Follow Dr. Robert on social media with the various links below:  Instagram: Dr.Robert Fredrickson Instagram Business: FredricksonHealthSolutions TikTok: FredricksonHealth
August 21, 2021
The most evidenced based GUT and immune health products in the industry! FHS podcast #21 Brian Kaufman from Entera Health
Looking for nutrient-based products that are shown to support the immune system, gi system, and more? Learn about some of the most research-backed products in the industry on episode 21 of the Fredrickson Health Show 0:00 Intro 0:41 Guest Intro (Brian Kaufman) 2:25 Topic intro (Gut health) 3:22 Medical Food vs Supplement   4:00 What is medical food? 5:52 How did Brian get to this world of nutrition? 10:34 Meet Rodney 12:41 What makes gut health so important 14:04 Immunoglobulin (im-yeh-no-GLOB-yeh-len) 17:29 Immunoglobulin in oral form 20:14 Mechanism of action for oral IGG 22:29 What does Immunoglobulin bind to? 26:39 Immunoglobulin Analogy 28:39 How to know that it's not binding to the good bacteria in our body 29:51 True to life Immunoglobulin experience 31:57 Brian's health journey 35:03 AHA! Moments 37:05 Gut health to brain health connection 40:20 Immunoglobulin impact on athletes 45:24 New clinical  studies to be excited for 49:34 Should everyone take SBI protect? 50:32 Immunoglobulin on kids 53:20 How /  When can you take it? 53:58 The Billboard Question 55:13 What health-related tool would you bring on a deserted island?   59:48 Where to connect with Brian Kaufman Follow me!   Instagram: Dr.Robert Fredrickson  Instagram Business: FredricksonHealthSolutions  TikTok: FredricksonHealth Facebook:  FredricksonHealthSolutions Social Media Stream Page-    Disclaimer: Also consult with a physician before starting a new rehab exercise, training routine, diet, or dietary supplement. This video is for educational purposes only. Always ask your doctor or physcian for personalized medical advice.
July 23, 2021
Nutrigenomic Testing 101 with Rian Overcash. FHS Podcast Episode #20
Have questions on Nutrigenomic or genetic testing? If so, this episode is for you! In episode #20 of the Fredrickson Health Show, I interview Rian Overcash from Habit Method Health.
July 13, 2021
Stress, The Future of Medicine, and How to Live your Healthiest Life with John Constas. FHS Episode #19
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
Make your Health Foolproof with John Constas. Fredrickson Health Show Episode #19     0:00 Intro to FHS 0:35 Guest Intro (John Constas)  1:44 John's Background 8:34 intro to Pharma Life 9:04 Functional Medicine   10:10 5R protocol (remove, replace, reinoculate, repair, reharmonize 13:43 Branded VS Generic 17:15 Good Quality Supplement  19:56 Augmented Therapy 23:16 Homeostasis 27:06 Twitter Journey 32:32 Future of Functional Medicine  37:57 Stress and Sleep 39:47 Heated topic online 45:23 Food Philosophy 47:40 Grapefruit  49:00 Vegetables 50:19 Seed oils 55:38 balance of omega 3   1:00:11 Sleeping Tips   1:04:39 Helping Anxiety Naturally 1:08:20 What led you to Entrepreneurship? 1:11:42 The Billboard Question 1:13:31 What health-related tool would you bring to a deserted island?  1:15:02 Where to connect with John Constas   #optimalhealth #healthoptimization #foolproofhealth  Follow me!  Instagram @FredricksonHealthSolutions   Disclaimer: Also consult with a physician before starting a new rehab exercise, training routine, diet, or dietary supplement.
June 19, 2021
Nasal breathing, sleep apnea, sleep quality vs quantity, airway inflammation, and so much more! With Ronda Holman-The Airway Champion
“In America, 70% of adults report that they obtain insufficient sleep at least one night a month, and 11% report insufficient sleep every night. It is estimated that sleep-related problems affect 50 to 70 million Americans of all ages and socioeconomic classes.” Ronda Holman is The Airway Champion at least that’s how you’ll know her if you’re on TikTok. She is a 21 year US Airforce trained dental assistant who has spent her entire career looking at airway disorders and their negative effects on the mouth. She has dedicated the last three years to helping patients and strangers understand the negative effects of oral breathing on their oral health. Ronda not only has a passion to help people discovered the root cause of so many non-communicable diseases, but she grew up with an undiagnosed airway disorder herself. After connecting the signs to the symptoms it is her mission to help others learn to see the signs so they can advocate for themselves. Many people do not understand the biomechanics of breathing. Nor do they understand the detrimental effects over-breathing/mouth breathing has on sleep quality. Ronda had extraction retraction orthodontics completed when she was 12 years old. She was diagnosed with upper airway resistance syndrome when she was 37 years old. Ronda then made a choice to either live with struggling to breathe during sleep every night and continue to watch her oral health decline or make a change to improve her airway health. She shares her passion every day to help people understand the difference between sleep and quality sleep and its inter-relationship between airway health and breathing. 0:00 Intro 0:15 Guest intro (Ronda Holman) 2:02 How did you get into this? 3:30 Start of the airway obstruction journey 6:15 Anatomy involved in breathing disorder 10:54 Why do we breathe the way we do? 11:48 What is proper airway breathing 14:06 Proper way to breathe 18:29 Breathing properly can save you from migraine 20:58 How to let kids breathe through their nose 24:00 Snoring Kids 27:15 Proper facial development 29:33 Is it too late to nasal breathe? 30:30 ALF (advanced lightwire functional) 33:02 Slouch and Posture 38:04 Biggest Influences 46:16 Sleep Questionnaire 48:23 Posture and Breathing Issues 49:46 Collaborative effort on this journey 53:27 Breathing Better to Weight loss 55:45 Elimination Diet 57:00 Recommendation 59:50 TikTok Viral 1:07:08 Sleep Hygiene Routine 1:10:58 Eating Windows 1:13:20 3 years from now 1:15:15 The Billboard Question 1:15:59 What health-related tool would you bring in a deserted island 1:17:01 Nutrition Supplement Routine 1:18:41 Where to find the Airway Champion
May 15, 2021
Chronic Pain & Regenerative Medicine with Dr. Orlando Landrum MD. Stem cells. PRP, nutrition, & more!
Orlando A. Landrum MD, MBA Regenerative Medicine and Interventional Pain Specialist Orlando Landrum is a pain specialist serving South Bend, IN and Elkhart, IN. He also treats patients in all areas of Indiana, Illinois and Michigan via telemedicine. What separates Dr. Orlando Landrum from other pain specialists is his commitment to his patients, who rely on him to repair their injuries, preserve their careers and get them back to their optimal performance level. 00:00 - intro 00:31 - Guest intro 00:54 - Dr. Orlando Landrum 01:20 - how did you get into it? 02:07 - Colorado trip 04:11 - Ultra sound with injections 04:32 - How long have you been doing the regenerative side of medicine? 04:53 - Why do some people don't heal as well as other 07:09 - Thoughts on Chronic pain 10:28 - How do you incorporate lifestyle measures 12:21 - PRP (platelet-rich plasma) 16:17 - Success Stories 18:54 - Utilize other modality 21:15 - TeleHealth and how it works 25:15 - Dry Needling 25:56 - PRP vs Stem cells 31:00 - Extraction & Harvesting process stem cells 34:50 - Beneficial to stem cell 36:22 - Regenerative field 10 yrs from now 37:39 - Affordable Stem cell 41:00 - Athletes treatment compared to an everyday person 43:32 - Best healthy tips Dr. Landrum live by 45:28 - 10k steps a day? 45:58 - What health related tool would you bring in an deserted island 47:20 - Message you'd like to post a billboard 48:23 - Where to find Dr. Orlando Landrum  Cutting edge pain relief:   Also, feel free to follow me for more injury prevention, health, and functional medicine posts on Instagram @FredricksonHealthSolutions  Disclaimer: Also consult with a physician before starting a new rehab exercise, training routine, diet, or dietary supplement.
April 28, 2021
GUT HEALTH IS EVERYTHING! Functional Medicine expert-DR. MIA IYER Fredrickson Health Show Episode 16
“Gut health” describes the function and balance of bacteria of the many parts of the gastrointestinal tract. Ideally, organs such as the esophagus, stomach and intestines all work together to allow us to eat and digest food without discomfort. But that's not the case for the estimated 70 million people in the U.S. with digestive diseases. In episode 16 of The Fredrickson Health Show we interview gut health expert- Dr. Mia Iyer!   FHS INTRO 0:00Intro / Guest Intro 00:31*Dr. Mia Iyer - chiropractic physician / holistic health practitioner GUT health and why she is so passionate  00:19  What is one thing you want different in your life 4:08You look at the gut 5:44What's GUT health got to do with my pain?  6:56SIBO  (Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) 8:06GUT health to the next level 9:24Food Diet 13:30Dietary Recall / Recommendation: 14:24Elimination diet process 16:49What are the most common food triggers that are detrimental to GUT health 18:14  Molecular mimicry 22:46Cheat meal effects 24:51How does inflammation in the GUT relate in the whole body 26:58If you have chronic pain, you might want to stay to a diet plan longer  28:09What would a person with good / bad gut health looks like 28:56Brain health , anxiety , skin health relation to GUT health 31:19Yoga relates to proper GUT health 33:58  Crossfit damaging your gut? 37:21  Too much of anything can damage later on 38:13Dr. Mia’s Research article  40:59Words of Wisdom by Dr. Mia 44:02   Also, feel free to follow me for more injury prevention, health, and functional medicine posts on Instagram @FredricksonHealthSolutions  Disclaimer: Also consult with a physician before starting a new rehab exercise, training routine, diet, or dietary supplement.
April 03, 2021
NITRIC OXIDE 101 With leading nitric oxide educator=Beth Shirley-RPh, CCN
Beth Shirley, RPh CCN is a Registered Pharmacist and Certified Clinical Nutritionist. Over the last ten years, Beth has worked in close collaboration with some of the world’s leading thought leaders in the field of nitric oxide research. Through this, she has developed an in-depth knowledge on the topic and its potential beneficial applications in multiple aspects of patient care. In addition, she has worked closely with the scientific community and cutting-edge companies working on innovative nutritional ingredients and approaches to their use for a variety of life’s challenges.    Interview Timestamp Date: March 23, 2021   Details on guest (Dr Beth Shirley): 0:00Start of the talk : 1:24Background Story / Facts on Nitric oxide: 2:27What is Nitric Oxide? : 2:55Genetic Polymorphism: 6:19How many people have these snips: 7:05Three different Nitric oxide pathways 9:13Why nitric oxide? 10:29Study of Neo40 : 11:51Nitrate vs Nitrite: 12:50Mouthwash is not as healthy as you think: 16:42MouthTalk / Chlorhexidine: 18:40Brushing your tongue: 20:32How nitric oxide can have impact on hormones , sexual & mental health: 21:05Red blood cells requires nitric oxide to deliver oxygen to the cell: 22:20Poor blood flow resulting to ED: 25:53What do patients do differently that has adequate nitric oxide: 28:32Nitric oxide connection to depression and anxiety: 29:07Improving nitric oxide: 31:02Berkeley life professional (breakdown): 33:16Research / Paper "The powerful role of nitrate and nitric oxide in intestinal health": 40:28Nitric oxide in immune health: 43:24Berkeley life products: ( 44:55  Where to find Dr. Shirley: 47:57    Also, feel free to follow me for more injury prevention, health, and functional medicine posts on Instagram @FredricksonHealthSolutions   Disclaimer: Also consult with a physician before starting a new rehab exercise, training routine, diet, or dietary supplement.
March 28, 2021
Chronic Pain and Acoustic Sound Wave Therapy
In this previously recorded live session, we talk all things acoustic sound wave therapy! Today's guest is from Elevation Medical- John Cancelino!   John has a long history in the health and nutrition industry. As a former collegiate athlete John understands injuries and this has led him to a career being the Southeast Sales Manager for Elevation Medical.  Since John has been with Elevation Medical he has trained in Germany on the PiezoWave MyACT and has worked with several professional sports teams and top rehabilitation specialists.  We are going to deconstruct what acoustic sound wave is, and how it can help re-engineer tissue in chronic pain to help “switch” tissue to finally heal!   Have an injury that you want to see if acoustic sound wave therapy is good for? This is your time to tune in and ask questions! It’s no secret that over 20 Professional sports teams from the NFL, NBA, and NHL are now incorporating piezowave into their practice protocols for advanced tissue healing!
March 04, 2021
TikTok Chiropractor LEGEND-Dr. Jordan Estrada aka Dr. Remix! Episode 12 of FHS
In this episode we get to talk with the TikTok Chiropractor-LEGEND- Dr. Jordan Estrada, aka Dr. Remix. Dr. Estrada is the singing, rapping, and dancing chiropractor known as Dr. Remix on TikTok. As of this date he amassed quite a following of over 1.3 million followers on TikTok and over 240k followers on Instagram. Dr. Remix takes popular songs and trends of today and REMIXES them into helpful instructions of exercises for pain relief. This is an episode you do not want to miss! 0:50 Dr. Remix clinical background 2:00 Early background 2:40 Sports Background 4:15 Start on TikTok 6:43 Making of TikTok songs 8:20 TikTok Basics 9:56 Dr. Remix inspiration 11:46 Video that has had biggest impact 12:30 Figure 4 stretch 13:37 What's your reach? 14:39 Airrosti influence 16:10 Next Practice 17:00 How has TikTok helped you grow? 20:44 Typical Day 23:32 Supporting himself financially 26:30 How was practice affected with Covid? 29:44 Having a viral video 30:50 3 main components to treating a injury 33:40 telehealth recommendations 34:50 glute weakness 37:19 favorite song remixed lately 38:30 taking next step as a musician 39:20 original songs coming soon on Spotify 39:43 favorite music genres 40:48 best song he remixed that didn’t catch on like he wanted- knee pain- what’s poppin! 43:33 keeping up with TikTok trends 44:30 dance background 46:50 Collaboration with other doctors 48:00 branching out to other avenues besides healthcare 49:00 doing mass videos vs 1 every day 51:00 different locations for filming 52:25 dr remix sings I’m a Chiro! 54:40 making a performance for your audience! 56:13 dr remix teaches Dr Fredrickson the WHOA! 1:01:00 big description of the WHOA dance move You can find Dr Remix on TikTok as Dr. Remix on Instagram as Dr. Remix_  YouTube: Dr Remix , Twitter: Dr. Remixofficial, website- Disclaimer: For education/informational purposes only. Information contained in this media segment is not medical advice. Always ask your doctor before starting a new therapy, exercise, supplement, etc. We accept no responsibility for trying topics that we discussed without proper medical supervision and guidance.
December 31, 2020
Chiropractor To The Pros! Interview with Dr. Joe Ford CCSP
Dr. Ford's specialization in sports medicine has led to developing treatment protocols for numerous types of sports injuries.  Combining traditional medical treatment with a full spectrum of conservative treatments, including chiropractic, acupuncture, nutrition and exercise which prompts athletes from around the country to seek his expertise. Dr. Ford provides chiropractic care for the Dallas Metroplex Striders Running Club, Baylor University Track & Field, The NFL New England Patriots; Atlanta Falcons; Arizona Cardinals; Cleveland Browns; Dallas Cowboys; Denver Broncos; Olympians; as well as numerous individual world-class and professional athletes. In this episode we talk about the injury prevalence recently and what might be the cause.  Recent trends he is seeing as far as trends in the industry. We speak out Dr. Ford's interest in brain health, and how this led him to develop a new nutrition product-CEREGOLD. You can find more information on Dr. Ford and his practice at You can find more about his brain supplement at DISCLAIMER: For informational purposes only. Always consult your healthcare provider for personalized injury or health advice.
October 16, 2020
IFM's Recommended Supplements & Botanicals for COVID-19. Full analysis/Interview w/ Alex Tollington.
In episode 10 of the Fredrickson Health Show friend and fellow functional medicine consultant-Alex Tollington dissect and interpret the recommended botanicals and nutraceuticals from's website.  "Health professionals and the public must be well informed about the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the disease it causes (COVID-19), and how it spreads. This information is readily available and not within the scope of this document. At this time, there are no specific vaccines or uniformly successful treatments for COVID-19. In this context of insufficient evidence, the scope of this document will be to assess the scientific plausibility of promising prevention approaches and therapeutic (nutraceutical and botanical) interventions and then to offer clinical recommendations. This article is part one of a series. Click here to view part two."-IFM.ORG  In episode 10 of the Fredrickson Health Show friend and fellow functional medicine consultant-Alex Tollington dissect and interpret the recommended botanicals and nutraceuticals from's website. Show notes below.  2:25 Alex Tollington transition in career from Engineer to Functional Medicine Nutrition consultant. 3:35 How finding cures takes time. 5:45 Cytokine Storm, Inflammasome complex description.  7:45 Inflammation and Disease. 8:16 acute vs chronic inflammation  9:16 Quercitin benefits-mast cell stabilizer, inflammation, ionophore. 12:19 Quercitin comes from the name Oak Forest 13:30 Alex’s personal story with high dose quercetin for relief from a bee sting. 14:40 Quercitin and absorption. 15:30 Curcumin/Turmeric intro 19:50 Benefits of Full spectrum Turmeric 21:27 EGCG-Green Tea Extract modulating the inflammasome 22:27-NR2 modulation-genetic shifts to less inflammatory state. 25:32 4 cups daily of green tea recommended!? 25:57 NAC-N-ACETYL-CYSTEINE 29:22 NAC STUDY on elderly patients on influenza 29:50 Resveratrol as an immune product? 30:32 Resveratrol and alzheimers 31:38 Vitamin D and Covid 37:23 New York Attorney General study with Vit D. Finding a reputable brand is key. 37:58 Melatonin as anti inflammatory 41:27 Vitamin A and secretory igA 44:46 Elderberry and it’s anti-viral effects 46:00 Elderberry study showing it doesn’t contribute to cytokine storm. 47:15 PEA part of endocannaboid system
September 07, 2020
Supporting Hashimoto Disease Naturally. Fredrickson Health Show (FHS) episode 9 w/ Dr. Kyle Meers
Hashimoto thyroiditis is an autoimmune disease that destroys thyroid cells by cell and antibody-mediated immune processes. It is the most common cause of hypothyroidism in developed countries In episode 9 of the Fredrickson Health show we sit down virtually with Dr. Kyle Meers of the Hashimoto Reset.  Here are the show notes below: *Important* the information contained in this video/podcast are for informational purposes only. No medical advice is given. Always consult a physician before trying a new therapy, medication, supplement, or diet. We are not liable for any misuse of information presented. Dr. Kyle Meers show notes: 1 minHow Dr. Kyle got started in a niche market for treating Hashimoto’s 1 min 50sec- Journal of Endocrinology showed 90 percent of hypothyroidism has a hashimoto connection. 3 min-standard labs and why hashimotos isn’t getting checked. s/sx of hashimotos 5min the importance of the thyroid and importance for looking at underlying issues 5min 40sec-importance of checking thyroid antibodies. 5:50 TPO antibodies 95% sensitivity rate, and thyroglobulin antibodies 80-85% sensitivity 6:30 describing what thyroid autoimmune issues are 7:30 more prevalence of hashimoto diagnosis-30million in US with thyroid issues. 8:37 8 researched areas that can contribute to thyroid dysfunction-stress,toxins, blood, sugar,diet, lifestyle, chemicals. 9min  women are more prevalent to having hashimotos than men. 10min 37- it sometimes takes years to get a diagnosis of hashimoto’s-importance for early lab testing 11min 30sec- Dr. Kyle talks about some of the protocols and 2 day immersion programs. 12:20 importance of support and community 13:15 Overlooked area-Blood sugar!! Blood sugar and the immune connection. How to track sugar, glycemic index. Dr. Kyle describes the importance of regulating blood sugar in autoimmune issues. 15:40 What a proper meal should do to you and your blood sugar. 16:38 glucose testing-postprandial glucose testing 18:56 setting realistic expectations 19:46 x factors during the process of healing 20:50 co-managing with physicians, can’t be in an extreme hypothyroid state and instantly start holistic tx for hashimoto’s. Need to co-manage with a licensed medical doctor. 22:28 Gluten sensitivities 23:35 Goitrogenic Foods- research over cruciferous vegetables and thyroid issues. Research done in vitro with goitrogenic foods and thyroid vs studies in humans with better outcomes while ingesting cruciferous vegetables. 25:40 Controversial Topic-Iodine and Hashimoto’s. Studies showing inflammation when thyroid has autoimmune issues. Link to studies from Dr. Kyle below. 29 min iodine causing inflammatory cascade in some and not affecting others. 29:50 adrenal function (hpa-axis) and the thyroid connection, sleep connection. 31:30 Testing not guessing, checking your blood levels.  32:30 Where to find Dr. Kyle-Facebook group-Hashimoto Reset. and his website Follow me for more injury prevention, health, and functional medicine posts on Instagram/facebook/ and youtube @ FredricksonHealthSolutions Disclaimer: Also consult with a physician before starting a new rehab exercise, training routine, diet, or dietary supplement.
September 01, 2020
Why are my hamstrings always tight? The problem might not be the hamstrings! Dr. John Cybulski and Dr. Robert Fredrickson discuss MSK health pertaining to the posterior chain.
In this episode we interview Dr. John Cybulski from The Anatomy of Therapy Podcast. We  hone in on one topic of interest-hamstring tightness! Have you ever stretched and stretched and never had permanent improvement? Or are interested in other contributing factors to hamstring tension other than the hamstrings? If so, this podcast is for you! We discuss: Length/tension relationships Thoughts on tightness/vs brain (CNS) preservation what we can do to stay limber as we age. Top ways to help "tight" hamstrings Thoughts on foam rolling-what is really happening Thoughts on new techniques like FRC Go- to stretches or drills for lumbo pelvic/hamstring dysfunction New health tricks you are doing lately that you have seen results from Practical stretches and strengthening exercises. DISCLAIMER: For information purposes only. Always consult a physician before trying any new therapy, exercise, supplement, etc.
July 17, 2020
Female Athlete Nutrient Deficiencies! w/ Dr. Kirstin Lauritzen
Fredrickson Health Solutions presents: Female Athlete Nutrient Deficiencies! w/Dr  Kirstin Lauritzen      Dr Kirstin Lauritzen is a Functional Medicine Practitioner in Wilsonville Oregon. Her doctorate is in Chiropractic and she holds a masters in human nutrition and Functional Medicine. She is the author of The 30 Day Reset ebook and daily guide. She is the founder of NW Functional Medicine - a health care clinic that incorporates massage, Chiropractic, Rehab and Functional Medicine. She is also the founder of where she shares current research, articles and recipes on her blog. Dr K specializes in helping female athletes fix and prevent nutrient deficiencies so that they can optimize their performance, longevity in their sport, reduce risk of injury and promote a healthy body!  "   In this episode FHS-6, we dive into common and not so common nutrient deficiencies that athletes can run into.  Dr. K's personal experiences with functional medicine.    Types of labs Dr. Kirstin likes to run.   Top nutrient deficiencies she sees in her athletes   Best food sources of Iron.  Gut bacteria of elite athletes.  Why some athletes can develop leaky gut, and autoimmune disorders.   We talk about her ironman pre race nutrition plan, which extends at least 2 months out before race day.  We talk about how Dr. K tracks her HRV in the morning. Her morning routine, and what 2 things she wishes everyone would consider for their health! Dr Kirstin  can be found  online at the following links below.  @drkirstin for all social media and   And here are some of the research articles we discussed: - gut bacteria and elite athletes (limited research, but still an interesting article and meta-analysis)     Follow Dr. Fredrickson for more injury prevention, health, and functional medicine posts and interviews on Instagram and YouTube @FredricksonHealthSolutions   Disclaimer: Also consult with a physician before starting a new rehab exercise, training routine, diet, or dietary supplement.
June 27, 2020
Depression Treatment with Ketamine? Pharmacist/Nutritionist Tom Schnorr explains his amazing results
It has been said that over 17 million deal with depression, and have had 1 major depressive disorder in the past year.  In this interview with Tom Schnorr RPh, CCN we talk about Ketamine and natural solutions that he uses in his pharmacy to help treat patients who don't respond to traditional depression treatments.  For more information on Tom and his pharmacy you can find him at  You can also see him through Telemedicine at   Please follow me for more injury prevention, health, and functional medicine posts on Instagram @FredricksonHealthSolutions on youtube and instagram.  Disclaimer: Informational purposes only. Also consult with a physician before starting a new rehab exercise, training routine, diet, or dietary supplement. No medical advice given. Always consult a qualified healthcare provider before starting a new medication. We are not liable for ANY off label use.
June 19, 2020
What types of Collagen actually matter? In this clip- we try to separate the marketing from science and give you the facts!
What types of Collagen actually matter? In this clip- we try to separate the marketing from science and give you the facts! Alot of times marketing gets ahead of the SCIENCE. In this 11 min clip from episode 5 we go over the different types of Collagen and what consumers should look for in a quality Collagen product. Please follow and subscribe to my YouTube channel: Fredrickson Health Solutions
June 19, 2020
Collagen! Separating facts from fiction. Everything you need to know about Collagen w/ Dr. Frank Bodnar
Collagen is currently a 3 billion market, and is projected to double in a few years! Most have probably taken or have considered taken or considered taking Collagen in the past. With the growing popularity, there is a lot of misconceptions. In this episode with Dive into the in' and out's of what to look for in a quality Collagen product, and separate the facts from fiction. Type of Collagen. What types do what, and what types are more marketing than science. Size of Collagen. What gets absorbed.  Collagen vs glucosamine. Collagen is not a meal replacement. Research with Collagen and pain Research with Collagen on physical therapy. Co-factors needed for new Collagen Synthesis. Dr. Franks morning routine Dr. Franks supplement if on desert island. Dr. Franks health tips he would like everyone to know. For more information on health optimization, please follow and subscribe to Fredrickson Health Solutions. If you have a question you would like us to cover, please send us message! You can also send messages to us on InstaGram at Fredrickson Health Solutions. You can find more information on Dr. Frank Bodnar at: and on instagram at: thenutrientfix ..
June 10, 2020
Immune System Support! w/ Dr Victor Carsrud MD (MSR), Phd, DC. Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc and more!
In this video with Dr. Victor Carsrud MD (MSR), Phd, DC we go DEEP into the science about the immune response and some differences in TH1/TH2. We also dive deep into ZINC, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and more with actionable steps you can take to support your immune system. This is a episode you don't want to miss. Dr. Victor drops several nuggets or "pearls" in this episode and this is probably something to watch multiple times if you are into this science like I am. Please leave any questions for me in the comments and I will be sure to relay them to Dr. Victor the next time we have an interview. You can find more information from Dr. Victor and his team at Please subscribe to to follow me for more injury prevention, health, and functional medicine posts on youtube and instagram @FredricksonHealthSolutions Disclaimer: Also consult with a physician before starting a new rehab exercise, training routine, diet, or dietary supplement.
June 08, 2020
Retrain your Brain! Neurofeedback Therapy with Michael Meuth LaC
Neurofeedback, also known as EEG (electroencephalogram) biofeedback, is a therapeutic intervention that provides immediate feedback from a computer-based program that assesses a client’s brainwave activity. The program then uses sound or visual signals to reorganize or retrain these brain signals. By responding to this process, clients learn to regulate and improve their brain function and to alleviate symptoms of various neurological and mental health disorders. In Fredrickson Health Solution episode 3, Michael Meuth describes his experience with Neurofeedback therapy and what individuals can expect when they use it as well. In the episode we dive into what Michael has seen in his practice for the past 7 years and what Neurofeedback can do to help individuals break through mental barriers and bust out of plateus! In addition  we talk about the differences in the types of brain waves, and how neurofeedback can help retrain or break bad patterns and habits!  Michael Meuth can be found on social media @ on InstaGram. You can also find lots more information about him and his practice at If you are into optimizing your health and learning more about these fascinating subjects, please subscribe to our podcast!
May 20, 2020
Dr. Billy and Dr. Natalie Ledbetter talk about the science and application of Peptides! MUST LISTEN
FHS-episode 2 Have you ever wondered about what the difference in stem cells, PRP, and peptides are? Or, what kind of benefits can be derived from peptide therapy? If so, this podcast is a must listen! We take a DEEP dive into what peptides are, and what they can do for your health. Some of the peptides we talk about are BPC-157, Thymosin Alpha, and Beta4. Ipamorelan. DSIP. CJC-1295. DiHexa Topical. semax-nasal spray. FOX04. Even if you aren't into peptides you will gain valuable insight into knowledge from 2 advanced practitioners in the field of anti-aging and longevity, and health and wellness. You can find more information on Dr. Billy Ledbetter at and Dr. Natalie @ You can also find them on social on Instagram at: l_aethestics_longevity  and Facebook at L Aesthetics and Longevity. You can find more health related podcasts as always from Fredrickson Health Solutions by subscribing to our podcast on apple/itunes and spotify. Also, be sure to follow our Instagram and youtube channel at: FREDRICKSONHEALTHSOLUTIONS
May 17, 2020
Best Stress and Health tips for social isolation. (full) W/ Dr. Frank Bodnar
In this episode (FHS-1) we dive into the current state of affairs in year 2020. Dr. Robert Fredrickson and Dr Frank Bodnar speak about heightened levels of stress and ways we can improve our stress and anxiety looking at the four key stressors including: perceived stress, blood sugar, cortisol, inflammation,  sleep, supplements, and diet! We go over actionable tools to use for free, and we really dive deep into conversation about stress management. I really enjoyed this conversation! To learn more about Dr. Frank Bodnar-Follow him at thenutrientfix on social media and also check out his website for awesome meal plans and nutrition coaching. If you like this content be sure to subscribe and let us know your questions in the comments. Please also check out my Instagram and facebook-FredricksonHealthSolutions for more tips on health optimization.
May 03, 2020