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Bobby Talks...

Bobby Talks...

By Robert Gifford
A show where I (Robert Gifford) sit down and talk with all walks of life about all different topics. A chance for me to swap stories and share my many interests with all of you. Sit back and enjoy the ride! Bobby Talks...there's always more to the story.
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Bobby Talks...w/ Kerrie Droban - Criminal Defense Attorney / True Crime Author / Discuss Gabby Petito Case

Bobby Talks...

Bobby Talks...w/ Stephen Settanni - Improv Comic / Stand Up Comedian - Cancel Culture! Death of Comedy? or the Rebirth?
Season 2 Episode 17 (36) of Bobby Talks...w/ Stephen Settani, Stand Up Comedian, Improv Comic, Host of the amazing, "A Comedy Advice Podcast", as well as co-host of the House of Comedy's, "Trash or Treasure" show. Stephen has interviewed some of the best comedians in the game today, Stephen Rannazzisi, Colin Mochrie, Tom Papa, Michael Yo etc... Stephen and I sat down and discussed cancel culture today and the role of the comedian against it. Does cancel culture represent the death of comedy? or the rebirth? We talked about the Dave Chapelle special, LGBQT rights, Robert Downey Jr. love of drugs and hookers and so much more. If you don't know this man, now is the time!
November 15, 2021
Bobby Talks...w/ Monica Steffen, Tanner Handy, Tynan Campbell - Dating Life Today
Season 2 Episode 16 (35) of Bobby Talks...w/ Tanner Handy (22), Monica Steffen (30), Tynan Campbell (34), about Dating Life Today in a society filled with anxiety, doubt, red flags, players, motives, and so much more. I sat down with these 3 and we discussed the exhausting nature of what it's like dating in a modern technological age and how to navigate our cell phones and social media. We touched on in person dating v.s. online and the pros and cons to both. Ultimately, a lot was said on particular differences between men and women as well as age gaps. This was a great conversation that a lot of people find themselves in and it was nice finally getting the answer to....Where do people meet each other these days? Check it out!!
November 5, 2021
Bobby Talks...w/ Andrea Rumler - Mental Health Counselor - Anxiety / Depression / Polyvagal Ladder
Season 2 Episode 15 (34) I sat down with Andrea Rumler, Mental Health Telecounselor out of the Counseling Center of West Michigan. Andrea has a brilliant energy about her that makes her passion jump off of the screen for a person in her profession. Completely knowledgeable on all the topics that we discussed whether it be anxiety, depression, trauma cases, or even how to fight back from any mental health challenge by conquering day one steps. She introduces the "Polyvagal Ladder" and how to use that as a barometer or a way to measure your progress if you one finds themself in that circumstance. We barely scratched the surface here but this was a great starting point for Bobby Talks...Mental Health Monthly Episodes. Thanks again Andrea!
October 21, 2021
Bobby Talks...w/ Kerrie Droban - Criminal Defense Attorney / True Crime Author / Discuss Gabby Petito Case
Season 2 Episode 14 (33) of Bobby Talks...w/ Kerrie Droban. Kerrie is a badass human being as she is a Criminal Defense Attorney, Award-Winning Author of True Crime non-fiction novels, John Hopkins graduate, and a former prosecutor from the state of Arizona. Kerrie and I dive in and dissect the Gabby Petito case, where is Brian Laundrie? Our guesses of how he will be caught. We also discuss the nature and origins of criminal behavior as well as compare and contrast the complexities of her roles as a prosecutor to defense attorney. Mental health and how we can identify the flags sooner. Finally, I peel back the layers to Kerrie as we discover why she likes to write about and work with people who live past the edge.
October 5, 2021
Bobby Talks...w/ Marcus & Allison - Law Enforcement Officers / Creators of The Knock & Talk Podcast
Season 2 Episode 13 (32) - Back from Mid Season Break, Bobby Talks...w/ Marcus & Allison, two Law Enforcement Officers from the state of Ohio. The first 30 minutes of this conversation is very heavy in gathering a better understanding of the training police officers must go through in order to wear the badge. In addition we talk in great detail about defunding the police v.s police reform. A lot of meat on this bone as Marcus and Allison have been together for 7+ years and now have started their own podcasts entitled, "The Knock and Talk Show." Be sure to check this out and their show.
September 21, 2021
Bobby Talks...w/ Sergio Anello - Bass Player - "The Early November"
Season 2 Episode 12 (31) Bobby Talks...w/ Sergio Anello, Bassist from the band, "The Early November." Sergio who hails from New Jersey sat down and discussed his upcoming EP entitled, "A Hodgepodge of Modern Furniture and Antiques." We discussed the challenges he had to overcome to get this EP made such as remote collaboration, covid-19 anxieties, and just the process of getting it perfect. In this nearly 90 minute discussion we covered a lot of different areas like what makes music so special, early self v.s. current self, how not to be a piece of shit human being and so much more. A little bit for everyone in this conversation. Stay tuned for more information on his upcoming EP and enjoy this one. It was a pleasure!
August 17, 2021
Bobby Talks...w/ "All Bets Are Final" Podcast Creators - Dylan Holt / Ben Koczab / Josh Long
Season 2 Episode 11 (30) Bobby Talks...w/ "All Bets Are Final", sports podcast. Dylan Holt, Josh Long, Ben Koczab are the host of the nearly new sports podcast show that talks sports, betting, and sometimes a little professional wrestling. I sat down with the guys and discussed some of the hot topic issues inside the sports world such as Transgender athletes in sports, likeliness in California, and the origins of, "All Bets Are Final." The show has transitioned to online versus recording in studio so we still have some technical and lighting issues but we're getting there. Hope you enjoy! p.s. We hav transitioned to a new way of streaming. Which is causing audio issues. We are working on troubleshooting those issues for the future so that we don't have anymore problems. For now enjoy the content best you can. Thanks! 
August 10, 2021
Bobby Talks...w/ The Third Son - Singer / Songwriter / Rapper / Producer
Season 2 Episode 10 (29) Bobby Talks...w/ The Third SonThe Third Son a Singer Songwriter, Rapper, Producer, with a Bachelor's in Engineering and his Master's in Environmental Science from the University of Michigan. This multi-faceted, multi-talented guy brings his unique perspective to the concepts of love, critical race theory, climate change, music, and so much more. This was awesome experience to listen to The Third Son breakdown his electrical current concepts that he attached to his debut album, "Real Love Concept." Which is out now. As is this podcast. Check them both out and ENJOY!!! SUBSCRIBE!!! p.s. We have transitioned to a new way of recording and it has proven to present more and more technical difficulties. Forgive us as we get all of these issues fixed overtime.
July 27, 2021
Bobby Talks...w/ Ken Sledge & Markie Reese Ep 28
S2E9(28) Bobby Talks...w/ Markie Reece, Punk Rock Journeyman and Ken Sledge, creator of Sledgehammer Horror and the host of, "My First Ever Horror Movie." With 6 "F" bombs in the first :60 seconds of conversation this show went off the rails early. Huge passion for Punk Rock music and the lives it led us too. Markie shared stories of his journey across multiple states from Michigan to Louisiana to Florida where he played as a lead guitarist, as a drummer, and even became known as one of the best hip-hop artist in the Gainesville, Florida scene. All 3 of us share stories about the culture, the love of the music, and trials and tribulations that come with punk rock love. Check it out!.....and hold on for dear life.
July 20, 2021
Bobby Talks...w/ Jason Vest - Stand Up Comedian / 20 Year Military Veteran Ep 27
I sat down and talked with Jason Vest. Stand up comedian out of Detroit with 20 years of military service. 1 year active military in Iraq in 2005. He's seen and done it all. From performing on Carnival cruise lines as an Elton John impersonator to working comedy clubs all across the country including New York's famous, "The Comic Strip Live." A stage shared by the likes of Jerry Seinfeld, Adam Sandler and Zach Galifianakis Jason shared his trials and tribulations with PTSD, Alcoholism, and Depression. This was a fantastic conversation.
July 14, 2021
Bobby Talks...w/ Frank Thompson & G-Rod Sturgis - Co Creators of "The Chop Shop" Podcast
"What happens in The Chop Shop, stays in The Chop Shop." S2 E7 Bobby Talks...w/ Frank Thompson and G-Rod Sturgis of the upcoming "Chop Shop" podcast. G-Rod Sturgis creator of Legacy Barber College and his prodigy Frank Thompson sat down and discussed the ins and outs of the wonderfully chaotic and therapeutic world that is the barber shop. We discuss the very nature of people and what makes us gravitate towards such a place and share our most intimate and vulnerable details about ourselves. We discuss a variety of other topics such as a state of the union on where we are as a people and the future of the Chop Shop podcast. Lots more! Such a fun listen. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE!!!! Help grow my show! Thanks! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO THE YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND IG/TWITTER/TikTok: Bobby Talks 3 Dots
June 8, 2021
Bobby Talks...w/ Dani Benschoter & Eric Strasshofer - Public School Teachers - "Should We Fail Kids During A Pandemic?"
I sat down w/ Dani Benschoter & Eric Strasshofer, public school teachers in the State of Michigan for episode 6 of Bobby Talks...On this episode the 3 of us discuss "Covid" a year in review, whether or not we should fail kids during a pandemic, and what the leadership has been like both in our local districts v.s. state wide. There is a lot here to sink your teeth into. Never an easy solution when you have creative, passionate people going to bat for their kids. Great conversation all the way around.
June 3, 2021
Bobby Talks...w/ Joe Mattausch & Ashley Hutchison - Cryptocurrency
Season 2 Episode 5 (24) Bobby talks...w/ Joe Mattausch and Ashley Hutchison of CryptoVentures to discuss the current climate of cryptocurrency. They bring to light the current infrastructure of cryptocurrency as well as what the future might hold for it. Is it really more than just an investment right now? Is there credibility to it? Does it have staying power? All these questions and more are answered by Joe and Ashley. Great conversation that really helps puts things into perspective for us layman folk.
May 18, 2021
Bobby Talks...w/ William Delzeith - "Conversations w/ Friends"
S2E4 - This installment of "Conversations w/ Friends," I sit down with my oldest and best of friends, William Delzeith. Will and I touched on a variety of topics, truth in media, for profit prisons, the idea of "OVERCOMING," and whether or not we should have to live in a society where you have to overcome anything.  This really only scratches the surface. Will graduated with his degree in Philosophy from the University of Toledo. He is a deep thinker and this listen gets better with every listen you give it. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE!!!!
May 12, 2021
Bobby Talks...w/ Matthew Porter & Nate Adams - Hosts of Picks & Pans Podcast - Let's Play Casting / Oscars 2021 / Speilberg Top 10 Reveal
Bobby Talks...w/ the hosts of "Picks and Pans," podcast. Matthew Porter, Nate Adams and myself sat down and revealed Bobby's top 10 Spielberg films of all time. We also discussed the 2021 Oscars, and we played a game of "Let's Play Casting." We had to choose between Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, and Meryl Streep who you would cast as your Lead, Supporting Actor and Cameo Show Stealer. Lot's more discussed on this episode including the State of the Movies and this idea of culture trauma porn. Great listen! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE!!! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO THE YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND IG/TWITTER/TikTok: Bobby Talks 3 Dots Bobby Talks...Podcast Link - SPOTIFY!!!…
May 4, 2021
Bobby Talks...w/ Mike Neal - Professor of Communications - Truth & Regulations or Freedom of Misinformation
Episode 21 Bobby Talks...w/ Mike Neal - Professor of Communications from the Arts and Science department at Adrian College. We discussed this idea of do we want Truth or Freedom of Misinformation. Very knowledgable on the subject matter which allowed for stimulating conversation and deep thinking responses. Can we be better than what we've been?!?! Mike and Bobby sit down and discuss.
April 27, 2021
Bobby Talks...w/ George Rutledge, Matt Enders, Jerod Schmidt - "Conversations w/ Friends Ep 3" S2 Ep 1 Premiere
Welcome everyone to the Season 2 premiere of Bobby Talks...w/ George Rutledge, Matt Enders, and Jerod Schmidt. This is the 3rd installment of "Conversations w/ Friends." The four of us sat down for stimulating questions and conversation about simulations, the federal reserves, ants and the jar theory, civil liberties, etc.. Slow burn of a show that only gets better with every minute that goes by. Only the second hour of this show can be found here on Spotify! Enjoy! 
April 20, 2021
Bobby Talks...w/ Ian Cicchini - "Conversations w/ Friends 2"
On episode 19 of Bobby Talks...w/ Ian Cicchini. "Conversations With Friends" Episode 2. I sat down with my friend Ian Cicchini to discuss the trials and tribulations of teaching, how to navigate current events without showing bias, crazy concert stories, and much much more! Some of the best conversations are with your friends late at night, this an attempt to be apart of those late night conversations.
April 20, 2021
Bobby Talks...w/ Sarah Agnew - Actor / Writer / Producer
We break in the new year with Actress / Writer / Producer Sarah Mae Agnew out of Los Angeles, California. Sarah originally from Adrian, Michigan has been acting in L.A. for over 7 years. You can find her in the movie, "I've got the Hook Up 2" on Amazon Prime and in the new series, "Pump" on the streaming network Urbanflix TV. Sarah and I sat down to discuss her career thus far, the trials and tribulations, and what the ongoing pandemic has done to the movie industry. All that and much more on this episode of Bobby Talks...
January 6, 2021
Bobby Talks...w/ Scott Van Sice - "The Greatest Showman" /
On this episode, Bobby Talks...w/ Scott Van Sice, an all around circus performer/entertainer who has traveled all over the country performing with Shinedown, Skillet, Papa Roach on their "Carnival of Madness" tour  as well as his continued performances with the Masterpiece Circus. He considers to be a "Flowman." Meaning a circus entertainer who specializes in multiple skill sets such as Juggler, Acrobat, Visual & Movement specialist, fire experimentation and so much more! Scott and I sat down to discuss his alternative lifestyle, way of thinking, yoga disciplines, non-violent communication, and the origin story of how him and his wife met.  Definitely an interesting listen. Enjoy! Check out his many links to some of what he has going on as well as his accomplishments.
November 18, 2020
Bobby Talks...w/ Justin Essenmacher / Markus Olind / Genivive Clinton - Stand Up Comedians
Episode 16, Bobby Talks...w/ Justin Essenmacher, Markus Olind, & Genivive Clinton, 3 stand up comedians who travel all across the country mastering their craft and working shows. Hailing around the Detroit area Markus and Justin sat down to share stories and most important a ton of laughs. They also are the host of the weekly podcast, "Real Open Mics of Hollywood." Be sure to subscribe to their channel and keep an eye out of their next shows around the area.    DISCLAIMER: This episode is not meant for kids. "R" Rating for explicit language as well as sexual & drug references.
November 11, 2020
Bobby Talks...w/ Anthony Cremeans & Lisa Bailey - Republican Voters
to listen to their perspective on Trumps handling of Covid-19, Black Lives Matter, Police Reform, and overall the current status of Race in America. They also give their prediction on the upcoming election, as do I. Agree or disagree lots to listen to on this Episode of Bobby Talks...At last Episode 15, Bobby Talks...w/ Republican Voters. This episode is the last of our 3 part political series. On this episode I sat down with Anthony Cremeans ( Akeyah Cremeans ) and Lisa Bailey SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!!
November 2, 2020
Bobby Talks...w/ Nate Adams & Kyle Miller - Democratic Voters
Episode 14, Bobby Talks...w/ Democratic voters Nate Adams (Democrat) and Kyle Miller (Republican) voting for Joe Biden.Everything was on the table in this discussion including talks on Character/Policy, Non-Negotiables, Abortion, Defunding the Police, and reasons why they align themselves with the parties they do. Finally, they try to answer questions from Independent and Republican Voters.
October 27, 2020
Bobby Talks...w/ Pete Cool & Jay Williams - Independent Voters
On this weeks Episode of Bobby Talks...w/ Pete Cool & Jay Williams. Independent voters on the political spectrum. We discuss the current state of politics in America. Whether or not, "We The People" are responsible. Character v.s. Policy. The importance of fact checking. Non-Negotiables. Trump v.s. Biden. Big Business Ideology v.s. Small Business Ideology. All that & much much more.  It was a great conversation with two informed voters. Do you agree with what they said? Check it out!
October 18, 2020
Bobby Talks...w/ Nicholas Horton - Professional MMA Fighter & Newest XFC Signee!!
Episode 12 of Bobby Talks...w/ Nick "Hammer" Horton, Professional MMA fighter and newest signee of XFC (Xtreme Fighting Championship). From the top to the bottom to back en-route to the top again. Redemption story for Nick isn't complete, however he is currently the Light's Out Welterweight Champion as well as the Xtreme Warrior Cagefighting Welterweight Champion. In addition to discussing his journey, we touch on XFC try-out, weight cutting, and training regime. Truly a great conversation. Hope you enjoy!
October 6, 2020
Bobby Talks...TO YOU - Human Downgrading through the scope of Smart Phones / Social Media
On Episode 11 of Bobby Talks...TO YOU. I sit down to discuss Human Downgrading through the lens of smart phones and social media. Using the latest Documentary, "The Social Dilemma" as a driver to help navigate me through the inner workings of what is happening to us psychologically and provide real evidence of correlation between mental disorders and social media/smart phones. I think it's a conversation that needs to really start being had and helping build a better awareness to today's AI's so that we cannot lose so much in the trade off between Humans and AI's.
September 28, 2020
Bobby Talks...w/ Justen Ghent - "Conversations w/ Friends Ep 1"
On episode 10 of Bobby Talks...w/ the always controversial Justen Ghent . In this first edition of "Conversation w/ Friends" I sat down with my friend and discussed our thoughts on today's current issues in politics (party lines, electoral college etc.), should sports be a distraction or a platform, pursuit of Hedonism, and we reveal our first ever segment of, "Ten Deep w/ Twitter." Some of the best conversations are with your friends late at night, this is an attempt to bring you apart of those late night conversations.
September 4, 2020
Bobby Talks...w/ Calvin Sullins - Decathalon Olympic Hopeful Tokyo 2021 - Youtube Vlogger
On Episode 9, Bobby Talks...w/ Calvin Sullins a 29 year old Senior at Siena Heights University, about him pursuing his american dream of qualifying for the U.S.A Olympic Decathalon team for the 2021 Tokyo Olympic games. We also discuss his journey from Saginaw - Central Missouri - California Track Clubs - Siena Heights. All of that and even cover his time living in a van for a summer as well as a short stint going 4-1 as an MMA fighter. This man truly has done it all and continues to do so. "Aim for the stars and if you land on the moon, you landed on the FRICKEN moon." ~ Calvin Sullins.
August 26, 2020
Bobby Talks...w/ Kylene Biggs - Perspective of a strong Black / Gay / Christian Female
On this weeks episode of Bobby Talks...w/ Kylene Biggs, Assistant Women's Basketball Coach at Indiana Tech University. We sat down to discuss her perspective about the trials and tribulations she's faced from growing up in a small town to present day, being a Black / Gay / Christian Female. We also talk about her being a Wife and a Mother and the joys and challenges that specifically brings. As well as all current event issues. Hope you enjoy this episode even with the shutterspeed issue in the beginning (sorry still learning). Subscribe!!!!
August 12, 2020
Bobby Talks...w/ David Garrett - Host of Journey w/ a Cinephile Podcast / Author of Ghouls
On this weeks episode of Bobby Talks... I went via ZOOM w/ David Garrett, host of "Journey With A Cinephile" and author of "Ghouls." We also discuss how to maintain a balance between work, hobbies, and keeping healthy relationships. Also, we comment on the current status of the MICHIGAN - OHIO STATE Rivalry as he is alumni from The Ohio State University. Enjoy! SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!
August 6, 2020
Bobby Talks...w/ Dana Bollen - 2 Weeks Notice Podcast Host / Piebald Hype Man & Tour Manager
On this weeks episode of Bobby Talks... I went via ZOOM w/ Dana Bollen, host of 2 Weeks Notice Podcast. He is also the Hype Man / Tour Manager for the band Piebald. We discuss all of those things as well as the time he quit his 6 figure job, bought a one way cruise ticket to Rome, Italy and then traveled around Europe for 4 months. Enjoy! SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!
July 30, 2020
Bobby Talks...w/ Jeff Scott - High School Principal
On this weeks episode of Bobby Talks... I sat down w/ Jeff Scott the Principal at Britton Schools in Britton, Michigan. We discussed whether to send kids back to school during the current pandemic dealing with Covid-19. What are the pro's and con's of doing so and what the current plans might look like. This is a great conversation with a great man. Enjoy!
July 22, 2020
Bobby Talks...w/ Nate Adams - TheOnlyCritic
I sat down with @theonlycritic Nate Adams. Nate is a member of the, "Detroit Film Critics Society," Editor-in-chief of and the host of "Picks and Pans" Podcast (link below). We discussed the current state of the Film Industry, modern day v.s. old time distribution techniques and lots, lots MORE!!!
July 8, 2020
Bobby Talks...w/ Austin See - City Councilman
I sat down with Austin See, Tecumseh City Councilman and former United States Marine. Austin is the second youngest Councilman in all of Michigan. We discuss how local government can help facilitate change and apply practical application to local policies.
July 1, 2020
Bobby Talks...w/ Ken Sledge Ep 2
On this week's episode of Bobby Talks... I sat down with Ken Sledge to discuss his YouTube channel SLEDGEHAMMER HORROR, being superkicked by someone wearing baseball cleats, and our Top 5 albums that got us to fall in love with music. All on this Wednesdays edition of Bobby Talks...
June 24, 2020
Bobby Talks...w/ Gerald Brantley & James Robinson Ep 1 Part 2
I sit down with Gerald and James to discuss early reactions to the George Floyd case as well as get their feelings on the Black Lives Matter Movement. We also share stories and perspectives on racial lines, humanity etc...This was not an interview but a discussion amongst people to simply gather a further understanding on who we are as people. We only itched the surface. 
June 17, 2020
Bobby Talks...w/ Gerald Brantley & James Robinson Ep 1 Part 1
I sit down with Gerald and James to discuss early reactions to the George Floyd case as well as get their feelings on the Black Lives Matter Movement. We also share stories and perspectives on racial lines, humanity etc...This was not an interview but a discussion amongst people to simply gather a further understanding on who we are as people. We only itched the surface. 
June 17, 2020