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McHenry Roofing

McHenry Roofing

By Robert Hendrix
McHenry Roofing prides itself on being Baltimore’s premier roofing company. Headquartered in Baltimore’s Federal Hill neighborhood, McHenry Roofing services the roofing needs of Baltimore and the greater surrounding Maryland area. More can be read at With over 27 years of experience, McHenry Roofing is the natural choice whenever you require a roofing professional. We are the experienced roofing company with the skills needed to help you protect your home from the elements in every season.
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Roof Leak Repair Baltimore - McHenry Roofing - Call (410) 774-6609

McHenry Roofing

Roof Leak Repair Baltimore - McHenry Roofing - Call (410) 774-6609
I finally had my roof replaced after 15 years of neglect. I put it off for so long because I hate dealing with those pushy door-to-door salesmen. The only way I found out about McHenry Roofing was from a friend. I checked them out and called them up to schedule an appointment for a free estimate on my roof. They had one of the best prices compared to other roofers I talked to, so I went ahead and gave them a try. The project manager was very helpful and informative over the phone. He explained what it would take to replace my roof and sent me a detailed estimate later that day after he had a chance to look at my house for himself. The price was very reasonable especially since I received a warranty. The crew came out the next day to remove my old roof, but during the tear off they found some problems that would have created leaks in the future if I had not fixed them, so it ended up saving me money in the long run. They did a great job installing my new roof and cleaned everything up before they left. I'm very happy with the results! McHenry Roofing 215 E Cross St, Baltimore, MD 21230 (410) 774-6609 79GQ+RW Baltimore, Maryland Review:!4m5!14m4!1m3!1m2!1s115166269534127903050!2s0x0:0xe5c9da4f85d242a4 Post: Video: Playlist: Website: Portal:
March 16, 2022