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PB Podcast/Pushing Boundaries

PB Podcast/Pushing Boundaries

By Robert Knowles
We bring together educators, administrators, and everyday people to talk about our current state of education. How are you pushing boundaries in your classroom or building!! Either in person or virtual, we are here for our students!
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PB # 28 - Sherry St. Clair

PB Podcast/Pushing Boundaries

PB # 28 - Sherry St. Clair

PB Podcast/Pushing Boundaries

PB Podcast #56 - Kathleen MCclaskey
Kathleen collaborates on the best-selling #100stopseries book with her chapter on "Stop Judging Students."  Plus, we discuss her groundbreaking work at and how it will be a force in education for years to come! Teachers, this is your go-to podcast for the summer!
June 8, 2021
PB Podcast #55 - Kristen Koppers
Come and listen to our discussion with Chapter 90 collaborator of the #100stopseries book.  We discuss her chapter as well as other topics in education.  Topics include: Stop being a know it all, "The Perfect Puppy", and differentiated instruction. Pick up your copy of the 100 No-Nonsense Things that all Teachers Should Stop Doing at Amazon or Barnes and Noble today!!!
May 28, 2021
PB Podcast #54 - Jon Corripo
--EDUprotocols co-author, anchor of the #100stopseries bestselling book, and overall inspiring force in education. Come join us as we discuss a multitude of topics.  Trust me you will be inspired! #rickjetter #rebeccacoda #silasknowles #pushboundedu #jcorippo #eduprotocols
May 28, 2021
PB Podcast #53 - Livia Chan
Passionate, grateful educator & ringette coach | Head Teacher | Daily learner | Contributing author of #100StopSeries | Digital Content Editor @TeachBetterTeam--What more can you say about Head Teacher Livia Chan.  Come listen as we discuss her collaboration to the #100StopSeries book entitled "Stop Boring Students at All Costs".  We also go into the ideas of voice and choice and how they can improve classrooms tomorrow. --We appreciate all the hard work educators are doing out there!! Keep going!!! -The Pushing Boundaries Team
May 24, 2021
PB Podcast #52 - Ryan Read
Ryan Read is the creator of the #PixelRoomPodcast.  We dive into discussing his chapter in the #1 best-selling book #100stopseries on Amazon (in 3 categories) on how teachers need to stop lecturing students.  We also discuss ways of avoiding social media burnout and the ideas of the blended classroom.  Come take a listen!
May 17, 2021
PB Podcast #51 - You can student teach in a pandemic!
Future full-time educator Steven Custer joins us today to share his experiences on his student teaching journey in a pandemic.  Whatever Mr. Custer does, we wish him the best of luck wherever he goes.  You are going to be great, Custer!
May 3, 2021
PB Podcast #50 - The Global Gurus of Education
Join Rick Jetter, Rachael Mann, and Erik Francis as we discuss everything education, pushing boundaries for the next year, and ummmmm ZOA?  This one was fun! Please share with others to spread the pure joy of what we do.
April 23, 2021
PB Podcast #49 - Dave Burges
Host of #TheDaveBurgessShow, our guest, is the head of his own educational publishing company.  He also is the author of the best-selling educational hit "Teach Like A Pirate"!  Listen as Dave gives his viewpoint on how to engage students through this time of education.  Plus, listen to his thoughts on running his own educational publishing company!
April 18, 2021
PB Podcast #48- Justin Ashley
From the Recovery Mode archives, we present to you, Justin Ashley.  As a former teacher of the year winner, Justin shares his personal story on how being the best took its toll on him and how he recovered and became a better person from the experience.  Very powerful episode I thought was worth pulling from the archives and sharing for the PB Podcast!  If you know someone who would benefit from this episode please invite them to the show and subscribe to never miss a future drop. Be Well Educators!!! You are awesome! Keep up the good work for our students!
March 5, 2021
PB Podcast #47 - Matt Cristison
This week on the PB Podcast, we speak with Principal Matt Christison. Come find out his thoughts on what could change in education. Plus, what he would like to do going forward to push the boundaries of education at his school. Other topics include #100stopseries, retiring, and Canadian education.
March 1, 2021
PB Podcast #46 - Roman Nowak
Roman Nowak is a very unique teacher from the land of Canada!  Join us as we discuss:  -Food in Canada - Differences in education between the US and Canada  -What would you tell teachers to stop doing!  -#BUILDHOPEedu​ chat on Sunday nights  What could we be doing better in education right now?  Great discussion on this episode.  Please subscribe to our podcast and never miss a future drop! Want to become a supporter of the podcast?  Please click on the following link - Any support given is always appreciated and will be used to reinvest in the show to make it #1 in all of education.
February 19, 2021
PB Podcast #45 - Dr. Jeffery Prickett
This week on the PB Podcast, we cut it up with Jeff Prickett. He is a husband, father, high school principal, and co-host of "The Principal Lab Podcast." Join us as we talk about how teachers can reach out to their administrators to push boundaries during this time in education. To find support in their daily practice. To become a supporter of the podcast please visit: Any support given is always appreciated and will be used to reinvest to make the show even better!!!
February 13, 2021
PB Podcast #44 - Ryan Sheehy
Today's show - #43 w/ Ryan Sheehy Topics covered: Engagement with students during this time in education how to reach that unreachable kid Life in California/having 4 kids My love/hate relationship with Ryan on him living in California and myself in snowy Chicago :( Plus an audio bonus part 2 of my 4 part series on the Knowles's girls and their adventures in virtual learning. 
February 4, 2021
PB Podcast #43 - Mike Lubelfeld
Great episode speaking with Mike Lubelfeld on leadership, pushing boundaries during a pandemic, and Benihana is now open?  Come by and give us a listen!  Plus, we have a special guest on the front end of the podcast!  You'll never know till you listen!  Come find out who it is, giving her thoughts on virtual learning and Roblox in education!
January 30, 2021
PB Podcast #42 - Trevor Muir
All I can say is what an inspiring show!  Trevor Muir is a teacher, speaker, author, and alligator wrestler! (Yeah, that's not a typo) from Grand Rapids, Michigan.  He is someone every educator show know about.  Please find him at  I promise you to listen to this show, and you will be inspired!  Then when you are done, share it with your teacher friends.  We all need to hear this man speak in our times of struggle in the virtual world!
January 22, 2021
PB Podcast #41 - Josh Stamper
Today we speak with Josh Stamper of the Aspire podcasting network and the TeachBetter team.  Listen as we discuss Social Emotional Learning in a time of COVID.  Plus views on suspensions of students versus teaching students to be better.  With a dash of leadership on top of it all!  Be safe, everyone!! 
January 16, 2021
PB Podcast #39 - Allison Kreiss
Join us as we talk with 16-year educator Allison Kreiss.  We touch on all types of education subjects, from what special education looks like in a virtual world to effective PD.  Have a listen to what this boundary pusher is doing in education for 2021!
January 15, 2021
PB Podcast #40 - Chris Dodge
Disruptor, Innovator, compassionate, and just an all-around pirate principal from Massachuttes.  Listen as we talk about what we can do better on professional developments.  Plus, hear Chris's take on leveraging relationships during this time.   If you have a minute, we love to hear what you think of the show.  Please leave a review wherever you get your podcast fix! To all people of education: We love you! We support you! You got this!
January 15, 2021
PB Podcast #38 - Tara Martin
Tara is an educator, author, speaker, founder of the #booksnap movement, and Director of PR and communications for DBC publishing.  She pushes the boundaries in everything she does in life.  Join us as we talk book snaps, weightlifting, a job in PR and communications for an educational publishing giant, and new years resolutions. Tara Martin pushes the boundaries of education everywhere she goes!
January 5, 2021
PB Podcast #37 - Dr. Amy Fast
What should we be focusing on when evaluating our kids in 2021?  What does fast.crayon mean?  How important is intrinsic motivation to the success of students in this virtual environment?  We answer these questions and more with our discussion with Dr. Amy Fast.  Besides being an author and principal.  She is an educational commentator looking to change the status quo in education in 2021!
January 2, 2021
PB podcast #36 - Jeff Kubiak & Dr. Basil Marin
The week of Xmas and you are looking for that last present for your loved one, friend, or colleague.  Today,  I will be speaking with author Jeff Kubiak and contributor Dr. Basil Marin on the new book entitled, "It's Me."  This impactful new book discusses the need to "ditch prejudiced lanes, and embrace our Human Race for  its diversity, inclusivity, equity, and individuality we all deserve."
December 21, 2020
PB podcast #35 - Carrie Labarge - Confronting gaps and remediation / Keys to closing the gaps with early learning and literacy.
Title I Early Learning Program Facilitator in Hernando County FL- educator, mother, wife, daughter, sister... Carrie is always enjoying the journey! Please join us as we discuss everything in education.  Plus Carrie's view on confronting gaps and remediation in schools.
December 19, 2020
PB podcast #34 Dr. Jasey Kolarik
Dr. Kolarik is a department chair, educator, video game enthusiast, and life long learner. Please join us on a great discussion of all things education in this crazy covid world!
December 11, 2020
PB podcast update drop
Just a friendly hello and update on our guest today!
December 11, 2020
PB podcast #32 - Jon Konen
Superintendent, author, speaker, presenter. Jon Konen has contributed to the field of education in a variety of ways.  This one is something I think everyone needs to hear.  Jon just went through a battle with Covid-19.  Please tune in as he shares his story.
December 5, 2020
PB podcast #31 - Dr. Erik Youngman
Dr. Erik Youngman is a curriculum director, author, & advocate for #GrowthMindset, continuous learning, #feedback, #metacognition, & #innovation.  Great discussion on all things education.  Plus!!! The one thing all teachers discuss today.  What is deliberate homework?  Subscribe and listen to find out!
December 4, 2020
PB Podcast #30 - "The Gifted Guy" Todd Stanley
Todd Stanley is the author of many teacher-education books including Project-Based Learning for Gifted Students, Authentic Learning, and his latest, Promoting Rigor Through Higher Level Questioning. He served as a classroom teacher for 18 years and is currently the gifted services coordinator for Pickerington Local Schools where he lives with his wife and two daughters. You can follow him on Twitter @the_gifted_guy or visit his website at where you can access blogs, resources, and view presentations he has given concerning education.
November 24, 2020
PB Podcast #29 - Michele Hill
Michele is a dedicated and passionate educator of over 32 years, teaching disadvantaged students, students with special needs, and the AP level as a Spanish teacher. Currently, she is the Coordinator of Admissions and Strategic Marketing for a technical school in New Jersey. She is also a presenter of professional development, curator of education topic videos, and a strong advocate for teachers everywhere. (also, a mom of 4 grown children, grandmother of 4 little boys, and a wife of 32 years)
November 14, 2020
PB # 28 - Sherry St. Clair
President at Reflective Learning, LLC, and Senior Fellow at International Center for Leadership in Education.  Sherry is the author of "Coaching Redefined: A Guide to Leading Meaningful Instructional Growth".  Passionate educator Sherry St. Clair coaches teachers and leaders across the country—and beyond—to best meet the needs of all students. Drawing from her rich experience at various levels of public education, St. Clair is a highly regarded expert in the areas of highly effective instructional strategies, classroom walkthroughs, effective use of data, literacy, and creating a culture of college and career readiness.
November 6, 2020
PB Podcast #27 - Dana Goodier
Dana Goodier has 20 years of experience in education. She has taught World Languages and English and worked as a middle school administrator. She completed her doctorate degree (Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership in early 2020. For her dissertation, she researched the reasons parents were opting their students out of high-stakes testing at middle schools and how that affected the district accreditation rating. She often speaks at conferences, providing educators with techniques to minimize off-task behavior and to increase time on task. She is the host of the “Out of the Trenches” podcast, which features educators who share their stories of resiliency. Follow her on Twitter @danagoodier and visit her website at
November 3, 2020
PB Podcast #26 - Jesse Lubinsky
Jesse Lubinsky co-authored Reality Bytes: Innovative Learning Using Augmented & Virtual Reality, a book that featured a framework Jesse and his team created on how emergent technology can be easily integrated into classrooms. Next month, he is releasing The Esports Education Playbook: Empowering Every Learner Through Inclusive Gaming which has already been endorsed by former NFL Pro-Bowl RB Ahman Green and 2020 Collegiate Esports Coach of the Year, Dr. Chris Haskell. Jesse and his team are particularly excited to be one of the first books highlighting the benefits of esports in education to hit the market. Jesse is also the co-host of the Partial Credit Podcast
November 2, 2020