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The Health is Wealth Show

The Health is Wealth Show

By Robert L Whittley III
This show is for people who want to achieve financial independence without forgoing their overall health. We want to create a community where people can come share, learn and grow from the examples and stories of individuals who have pursued and achieved health and wealth.
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Live a life the way you want to live it with John Hall
Meet John Hall. An educator in physical, spiritual, mental and overall health. In his words, he gets his clients to think about things! In this episode, John shares his testimony of scaling life's obstacles and his unique ability to persevere. Background: A childhood entrenched in athletics; a family abounding in the fitness industry, and deep-seeded aspirations to help others shaped the man, John Hall, creator and owner of John Hall Studios. From Pop-Warner football at age 9, to star running back in high school, to a college football scholarship; John Hall’s youth athletic career was full of newspaper clippings and record breaking. During and after college, John began working as a personal trainer at a Gold’s Gym owned by his uncle. Many of his cousins and uncles were in the fitness industry; from training, to athletics, to bodybuilding. John realized early that his approach to health and fitness was unique in comparison to many he encountered. He turned his focus to inner conditioning, where he created the philosophy of training from the inside out. The nutritional, mental, and spiritual aspects of fitness are what he deemed the ROOTS – where the physical results of being lean, muscular, injury and illness-free are the RESULTS. The only way to produce great results, is to make sure you have a great root system, right? Adopting the term Optimal Fitness, John established the target of individualized training, personalized and tailored to each client in a manner to help each specific person reach their fitness potential; mentally, physically, and spiritually. He banishes any notion of any client that even hints an air of, “I want to look like…,” “I only need to work on my…” and stresses the virtues and beliefs of overall health and self-assurance. John briefly pursued an alternate career in Pharmacy. However, after obtaining his Doctorate in Pharmacy from the University of Illinois at Chicago, John realized one thing, Personal Training was still his sole passion in life. His education in prescription drugs and medicine only furthered his plight to find ways to PREVENT, rather than TREAT illness and injury. The side effects of prescription medicines, along with the politics of drug companies pushing their products encouraged John to pursue ways to avoid some of these conventional methods. After years of training at several Chicago locations, John decided to take his dream to a new level, and opened his first personal training studio in 2001. John Hall Studios continues to grow and become a household name. He looks to open locations in other US cities – further expanding on the John Hall Studios philosophy, and mounting the possibility to reach the lives of more and more Optimally Fit hopefuls. Aside from being a personal trainer and healthy lifestyle coach, John enjoys playing basketball, golfing, horseback riding, fishing, and shopping. A reconstructed Achilles and knee have long-since shut the door on John’s football career, but he is still extremely active – living each day to its fullest – which is exactly what he encourages his clients to do, and provides them the tools to accomplish it!
October 29, 2021
There’s levels to it with Frederick Tolbert
In this episode, Fred preaches that the obstacle is the way. Defeat the boss of your level or you can’t move on. Tap in, let’s grow.
October 15, 2021
Stop letting things just happen with Tim Wambach
Owner of Flexing Fatherhood, founding member of Handicap This, President of the Keep On Keeping On Foundation, Tim was counselor for 13 years at a Summer Camp for Special Education students. Tim graduated from Northeastern Illinois University with a BA in Speech/Communications. He has worked as Youth Director for St. Mary of the Woods (Chicago), Sales Rep for elementary textbooks, speaker for National Financial Educators, Speech Coach at Glenbrook South High School, and trainer for Next Level Consulting providing training services for Fortune 500 companies. Tim authored the book “How We Roll” in March of 2010, a book describing his relationship with Mike Berkson. Tim ran 717 miles between Orlando, FL and Chicago, IL in August of 2005 to raise awareness for Cerebral Palsy. In 2006, Dr. Bernard Brommel, retired speech professor of NEIU, dedicated a scholarship in Tim’s name for students overcoming great odds. TLDR: Tim’s a bad ass and you should listen to this interview.
October 08, 2021
Your Money, Your Life with Josh Harzman
Get to the point of consciousness and pay yourself first. In this episode, Josh breaks down his fundamentals on health, wealth and everything in between.
September 24, 2021
Purpose, Goals & Values with Danielle Patelis
Purpose, goals and values. These are the metrics. In this episode, Danielle speaks with Robert about her life’s mission. With a focus on building bridges and fostering community, Danielle is an engine of social progress. Purpose, goals and values.
August 11, 2021
Quick to listen, slow to speak with Jeff Boggess
Jeff Boggess is that guy at the cocktail party. Best dressed. First on the dance floor (with or without music). Always leaves a memorable impression. Jeff is a man of many talents. In his professional role, he's a though leader and creative strategist. In his words, "Creativity has always been a passion of mine. Taking what drives me into the professional world is something I never want to lose sight of. My passion to deliver thoughtful experiences. Creative content is that keeps me up at night and wakes me up in the morning. Excited for what is next." Outside of work, Jeff is a pastor and podcast host.  In this episode, Jeff speaks with Robert about the unique opportunities we've all been given and how we must not grow selfish or lazy. We must be and stay passionate.
August 06, 2021
Good Pressure is Good with Juan Anaya
Juan is an accomplished professional that comes from humble beginnings. He built his career on skilled negotiation and effective communication. As a first generation college student who got his degree in International Business from San Diego State University, he is leaving no stone left unturned to make his family proud. In this episode, Juan shares how his "why" is largely illuminated by the sacrifices his parents made for him. This creates a good version of pressure that he puts on himself. He later adopted a Mamba mentality that suggests that failure is not an option. Health. Wealth. Both require good pressure.
July 16, 2021
Who's Checking You with Matt Brua
Matt Brua is a seasoned veteran in the mortgage industry who prides himself of being proactive, diligent and results driven! In this episode, Matt talks with Robert about what it means to find meaning in life and owning your story. He shares his own challenges in building a business, navigating adversity like the '08 & '12 mortgage crises and always being willing to welcome constructive criticism. 
July 09, 2021
There is No Finish Line in Health with Christine Gerling
Christine Gerling is a health coach focused on leading people to their optimal health that lasts a lifetime. After struggling with her weight all of her life and finding herself merely surviving, Christine eventually found something that helped her transform her habits for lifelong success. She went from feeling hopeless that it was impossible to change her trajectory in life but has now gone from the mom on the couch to the mom on the run and more importantly from merely surviving her life to truly thriving. Christine today leads a team of coaches that have helped over 400 people smash their health goals. They teach others that it’s not about the number on the scale but the true transformation of their habits, mental health, and overall life. When she’s not helping others live their best life or wrangling her little boys, she spends her time in her Church community leading a small group of women growing in their leadership. In this episode, Christine speaks with Robert about the importance of prioritizing health and the beauty of taking responsibility when the time is right. 
June 25, 2021
Purpose & Calling with Cheryl Collins
Cheryl Collins is a native Chicagoan, wife and mother of two adult children. As a former educator, she spent her entire adult life working on the westside of Chicago. First, as a teacher for her mother-in-law, Marva Collins at Westside Preparatory School, then as a school administrator at Providence-St. Mel School before coming to Holy Family School to serve as principal in 2004. She has been worked in education for more than 35 years. Mrs. Collins was named a National Distinguished Principal in 2008 by the National Association of Elementary Schools and Principal of the Year by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. She served as principal for Holy Family School for 13 years before assuming the role of Chief Executive Officer for Holy Family Ministries. Mrs. Collins likes to say that she is a champion of children and a creator of world leaders.  She is passionate about education and believes it is a necessary tool to bring equity to forge change in the world. She believes that her personal purpose is to create world leaders with knowledge and skills but with a heart and compassion for all. She believes that from the impoverished neighborhoods in Chicago, leaders will be forged who will change the world, if enough people believe in them and care enough to cultivate them.  In her spare time she likes dancing, meditating, reading, jogging, and watching movies. She defines herself as a lifelong learner who studies herself first and challenges herself to grow and develop constantly. In this episode, Cheryl talks about what it means to find purpose and calling in life and offers some tips to help people get there. 
June 04, 2021
The Firehouse Dream with Jasmine Lopez
Jasmine Lopez is the type of person that will change your life, flip your frown upside down and make you believe in yourself within about 48 seconds of meeting her. ‍ In this episode, Jasmine chats with Robert about growing up Latina in Chicago, how that shaped her early perspectives, how she redefined her community and what she's doing today with her husband Jeremy at The Firehouse Dream. ‍ Through their visionary nonprofit, Jasmine & co are showing up and showing out by delivering creative resources to kids and teens in their community who would otherwise be left out. Regardless of how many walls of adversity were faced, Jasmine’s resolve and her love for Jesus and people has kept her going. ‍
May 20, 2021
It's Not Normal, It's Common with Katey Maddux
Katey finds meaning in helping her tribe build a bridge to freedom, purpose, and identity. Katey is an entrepreneur, speaker, writer, & survivor. After overcoming the adversity of sexual trauma, Katey's mission is to teach women, across the globe, how to find Purpose in their Pain. In this episode, Katey speaks with Robert about the importance of prioritizing health, creating safe spaces and putting boundaries in place.
May 07, 2021