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rob shapiro wont shut up!

rob shapiro wont shut up!

By Robert Shapiro
me and my big mouth begging you to let it rip! lets grow our balls back and our spines and souls and labia!!! cuz this smallness agreeing with whiny sjw’s is BULLDSHIT!
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Why the fk
June 20, 2022
Wake the fuck up! Stop lining up for shit!
stop lining up for Kardashian diarrhea shit ! if something made $1 billion off your back …boycott it! don’t lineup for it on opening day! Losers!
April 27, 2022
Surreal stupidity
Pathetic confusion
April 17, 2022
Special guest and Rob Shapiro with the truth about what’s really going on in 2020
I have a special guest on the show I can’t say who it is but he sings in it within the singing you’ll hear the truth about within this cold OK it’s a good friend who knows what he’s doing listen to this song and decode it is very important
November 23, 2020
just startin out! but its gonna be take no prisoners!
im sick of the frail anemic sjw’s making us walk on glass! passive aggressive bullies! say whatever you want!
October 13, 2020