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The SE7EN Show

The SE7EN Show

By Robert L. Wagner
The SE7EN Show is a master-class series for people who struggle with self-doubt, feeling unqualified, and living a lack-luster life. This podcast integrates faith, creativity and motivational story telling to give you tools to improve your overall position in life and unleash the best version of your most authentic self.
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Rise Slay Eat - Robert L. Wagner
Robert is back with a new season and episode. This episode overviews Robert's most recent book project: Rise Slay Eat. Take a listen as he surveys the book and be sure to grab a copy today on AMAZON. This episode was brought to you by SE7EN University. 
June 24, 2021
Achieve Your Goals - Denzel Washington - The SE7EN Show 10.23
"In order to achieve your goals you must apply discipline and consistency" Denzel Washington On this week's edition we have another guest motivator in Denzel Washington as he gives a commencement address at Dilliard University. 
October 23, 2019
8 Strategies For Successfully Dealing With Rejection
Have you ever been rejected? Do you know how to use that rejection as a stepping stone? Join me on this episode to discover 8 strategies to successfully deal with rejection.
October 16, 2019
The Power Of Attitude
Are you desiring to lead? Do you want to make a difference? Today we are taking a listen to Dr Myles Munroe speak about the power of attitude.
October 09, 2019
9 Essential Questions To Facilitate Self-Growth
Asking effective questions can help to facilitate your development as a human being. A good question is one that provides a useful answer. Poor questions create limitations. Join us this week as we ask 9 essential questions to help facilitate self-growth.  Join the master class at SE7EN University Becoming Your Most Authentic Self here Also, join the facebook discussion at SE7EN U Lastly, be sure to Rate, Review, and Recommend your favorite episode today. 
October 02, 2019
10 Ways To Put Wings To Your Dreams
What are your dreams? Are you having difficulty getting your dreams to take flight? Take a listen to this podcast episode to receive 10 ways to put wings to your dreams in 2019 and beyond. Also, be sure to join the launch of SE7EN University (Oct 1st) with an introductory offer of $47 for Becoming Your Most Beautiful Authentic Self here. 
September 18, 2019
8 Ways To Handle Disappointments
Have you ever faced a disappointing situation? Do you feel like you are trapped in a pit? Are you having a pity party and trying to figure out how to escape it? Listening to this week's podcast on how to handle disappointments will surely transform your thinking, turning your self hurt into self help and pain into gain. Be blessed. Don't forget to Rate. Review and Recommend. 
September 11, 2019
Success vs. Effective
Do you want to be successful? There is a difference between success and effectiveness. Listen to this week's podcast to find out what that is...
September 04, 2019
7 Strategies To Reaching Your Full Potential
Nothing in life is instant and potential is always present, waiting to be exposed. In today's podcast we are talking about potential and giving 7 action steps to help you reach your full potential. Be sure to Rate, Review and Recommend this podcast episode to someone. Also, be sure to download your free checklist to live authentically
August 28, 2019
4 Things Winners Quit
Join Robert for practical teaching on the things highly successful people do in order to continue succeeding.  This podcast episode was brought to your by Miracle Works visit for more information. 
August 21, 2019
My Dreams Are Greater Than...
Obstacles are all around us, and many times these obstacles stand in the way of our dreams. They make you weary, weighed down and waiting on inspiration to get started with accomplishing your dreams. In this episode, Robert talks about the importance of road maps and how our dreams should be so compelling that nothing can stop us. Please take a moment after listening to Rate. Review. and Recommend to others.  Website:
August 15, 2019
Special Sunday Edition (Christ Life or Nah)
Many have been asking about the Pilot episode's snippet message: Vessels of Honor. So I decided to drop a special edition of the show to publish the full sermon entitled Christ Life of Nah (Beth Eden Baptist Church, Dallas, Tx) Are you looking to bring transformative teaching with artistic expressions to your group’s next event? Robert L. Wagner is a speaker for any and all occasions. His artistic, interactive and dynamic way of communicating will transform mindsets and build inner strength. Robert is very passionate to educate, inspire, motivate and encourage people to maximize their full potential. His thought-provoking creative style will ignite and inspire those who are ready to conquer their fears and face their personal giants. Invite Robert to transform your next conference, workshop, youth event, church service or corporate function. Invite Robert!   Website: Facebook @robertlwagner07 Twitter @robertlwagner LinkedIn @robertlwagner Instagram @robertlwagner
August 11, 2019
Greetings my brothers and sisters, join me for this pilot episode as we talk about turning 40 and listen to a snippet from a message called Vessels of Honor.
August 08, 2019