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Your Tricky Little Brain

Your Tricky Little Brain

By Robin Tefft
In order to achieve goals you haven't yet, you need to think differently and do things differently to get a different result. You need to become the person who CAN achieve those goals. I'm going to help you do that... From impossible to inevitable
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Empower Our Kids
This is a school year unlike any other...and it can be the best school year ever for your kids AND you!  Help our kids take back their power in regards to their happiness and success...and help them get rid of their limiting beliefs. If ever there was a time to help our kids by empowering them, this is it. For more info on Empowering Your Kids.... and the digital course to help yo do it...visit .
August 25, 2020
The Wheel of Life
In part of two of the "Steal My Tools" series, I'm showing you The Wheel of Life. Does your wheel roll along smoothly, or is it a little wobbly?  Remember, Impossible to Inevitable: Reaching the Goal that Changes Your Life starts soon. In this 16-Wek Coaching Program, you'll go from having an impossible goal to having an inevitable achievement. For all the details visit Also, let's empower our kids as they get ready to go back to school....however school looks this year. I'm emailing daily tips on how to empower your kids. To get on the list, just text KIDS2020 to 44222.
July 29, 2020
The Clarity Tool
This is the beginning of a three-part series. During this series, I'm going to take you through three of the actual tools I use with each of my clients. Up today is the Clarity Tool! Registration is still open for my 16-week program, "Impossible to Inevitable: Reaching Your Elusive Goal." I'm taking 10 people, step by step from defining your goal to accomplishing your goal. The program starts August 3rd and runs through the week before Thanksgiving. Get all the details and register at 
July 22, 2020
How Do You Find The Courage?
When you're thinking about doing something new, you need only one thing.... I'm taking 10 people on the most amazing adventure....and by Thanksgiving, your life will be changed. More info at
July 15, 2020
70,000 Thoughts, 70% Negative!
This is a stat I found that blew my mind. We have to do better and take control of our brains if we ever want to do great things or even be just be happy. Remember, my 3-day Challenge, "Making Your Impossible Goal an Inevitable Achievement" starts Tuesday, July 7th. It's completely free, but you must register to attend. For more info and to register, visit 
July 01, 2020
How Do You Talk To Yourself?
What we say matters. It matters when we speak words to others, and it matters when we're talking to ourselves. In this episode, I'll give you a few examples of how saying certain things to ourselves moves us forward and how some things hold us back. Remember, applications for "Impossible To Inevitable: Reaching Your Elusive Goal" will be available July 6th through 17th. I'm only accepting 10 people into the program, so if you want to get your application in early, just visit and I'll send you all the details and an application right away!
June 24, 2020
How We Learn and UN-Learn Things
Our brain's primary job is to keep us alive....and that is really good -- until it isn't.  Is our brain under our control or does it run around like an unsupervised toddler? If it's running all over the place, it's time you got a grip... If you've got a goal you just haven't been able to reach, I'm launching a program this July that will change your life. I'm only accepting 10 people into this one of a kind program, so if you're interested, get all the info FIRST by visiting
June 17, 2020
The Launch of "Your Tricky Little Brain" is June 17th
I'm excited to launch my new podcast, Your Tricky Little Brain! Subscribe to this podcast so you don't miss a thing. The first "real" episode hits Wednesday, June 17th! Follow me on FB at:
June 10, 2020