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The Leadership Untitled Podcast

The Leadership Untitled Podcast

By Rob Moors
This Podcast has a simple vision; that of Helping Learning and Development, HR and Operational Leaders avoid the everyday traps that impact performance, and to help them contribute more value and impact to their organisation.

Remember, leadership isn't just about leading people, it's also about leading yourself... In this series you will hear from experts in the areas of leadership, leadership development, learning and development, and life leadership; all sharing their extensive experience, failures, learns, successes and tip to help you in your own leadership journey.
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Episode 20: Graham Shaw - 'Making Information Memorable'
My guest this week is Graham Shaw. Website: Ted Talk: LinkedIn: Episode Content & Further Links: Graham is speaking coach and international conference presenter. He has helped thousands of people to make convincing presentations.  Many directors and managers required to make important speeches and conference presentations have benefited from Graham’s coaching.  His speciality is visual communication and he is best-known for his ability to convey business ideas with a quick sketch. His numerous conference audiences have been amazed to discover that they too can draw their ideas – a talent they never knew they had.  Graham has appeared on BBC television and radio, including BBC World News ‘Talking Business’ and BBC World Service radio,  as well as in numerous business and lifestyle publications.  He spoke at TEDx Hull in 2015 and his talk; ‘Why people believe they can’t draw –and how to prove they can,’ has been viewed by over 34 million people. It is one of the most viewed talks in the TED online library of talks.  More recently he spoke at TEDX Vienna on the topic; ‘How to draw to remember more’ and he is a speaker coach to TEDx speakers.
July 13, 2021
Series Introduction
Welcome to The Leadership Untitled Podcast, with Rob Moors. In this series Rob speaks with a combination of L&D and/or Leadership experts about their experiences, stories, learns and mistakes; to help other leaders out there avoid the traps that pave the leadership development journey. Rob has over 20 years’ experience in Learning & Development, Leadership Development and Coaching; throughout which he has coached and challenged leaders to think about their problems and opportunities in a different way; by focusing on having great conversations with their people, and developing a coaching style of leadership. Rob has worked at a senior people development level at small tech start-ups through to large international corporates. Among these are the NHS, Sky and TalkTalk; giving him strong experience in Telecomms, Call Centres, Tech and International People Support.
July 08, 2021
Episode 19: Menaca Pothalingam - 'SMILE & Learn Resilience'
My guest this week is Menaca Pothalingam. Menaca's LinkedIn Profile: SMILE Leadership Academy: Menaca's book: Menaca, the Founder of the 'SMILE Leadership Academy', Host of the 'Meet Menaca' show and author of ‘Resilience Learned’, and I can see why she wrote it... Menaca’s story is of fighting for a better life and trying to bash through the obstacles that have got in her way… but, when the obstacles are ones like war, divorce and depression, you soon realise (in Meneca’s words) that maybe you’re not “invincible” after all. It’s a pleasure to welcome Menaca to The ‘Leadership Untitled’ Podcast.
June 28, 2021
Episode 18: Charles Jennings - 'Learning Isn't Schooling'
My guest this week is Charles Jennings. LinkedIn: Twitter: 70:20:10 Institute: Tulser: Charles is best known as co-founder of the 70:20:10 Institute; working with organisations to implement cultures that recognise and nuture learning on the job; flipping the traditional training room from being one of knowledge dumping, to a more reflective space. Impact on performance is crucial to Charles; emphasised through the roles that the institute has recommended to support this way of working – very different to the traditional L&D department. Charles has also walked-the-walk; spending 7 years as the Chief Learning Officer at Thomson Reuters… so it will be great to understand his experience of theory Vs reality, as I welcome Charles to the show.
June 21, 2021
Episode 17: Penny Ferguson - 'Tale of a Living Leader'
This my guest is Penny Ferguson, Founder and CEO of The Living Leader: LinkedIn Profile: The Living Leader website: Penny started her true leadership journey at the age of 50 when she became utterly disillusioned with all management training that she had been involved in.  She couldn’t understand why so many attended programmes and forgot the impact and supposedly learned behaviours within six weeks.  She believed there had to be a different way, especially as she realised that most training was more about management and not leadership. Based on her life experiences, she created her own programme and, on her journey learnt more and more about leadership and how utterly critical is to every part of life – as a boss, a colleague, a friend and, as the most vital leadership role, as a parent. She has become a leading expert on personal leadership and now well over 65,000 people have attended her 3-day programme with escalating numbers now joining her 10-week virtual programme. She changes lives!
June 15, 2021
Episode 16: Chris Williams - 'Spice Up The Meal'
My guest this week is Chris Williams. LinkedIn: Chris has been the Leadership Development Manager at Huddersfield University for 2 ½ years now; having been a key cog in the Leadership Development team at Sky for over 6 years before that. I actually attended his programme at Sky, as a first-time leader myself… and I’m glad I did. I think it’s safe to say that Chris isn’t a ‘Trainer’s Guide’ kinda guy, nor is he into pointless dancing energisers that fill time and make most people feel incredibly uncomfortable… why do L&D still do that?! What Chris is, however, is a leadership expert with a strong sense of responsibility to and for the Leaders under his watch; maximising the impact of his time with them and following that up with targeted coaching conversations that never ‘feel’ targeted, and rarely feels like coaching. So, let’s hear more about him, his influences and his thoughts, as I welcome Chris to the show.
June 07, 2021
Episode 15: Lisa Haggar - 'Go MAD & Be Human'
My guest this week is Lisa Haggar. LinkedIn Profile: HR Couch: Lisa titles herself as “The HR Coach”; tasked with “Putting the Human back into HR”; and is one of the most energetic voices on LinkedIn in trying to achieve it. Earlier this year, Lisa founded “The HR Couch”; “a pioneering new way of learning, sharing, collaborating and changing the way we work in HR and as leaders, to become more people-centric.” But where has the ‘Human’ gone? Was it ever there? Whose responsibility are ‘the people’ anyway? They’re just a few of the topics I’m looking forward to exploring, as I welcome Lisa to the show.
May 31, 2021
Episode 14: Tim Roberts - 'It Always Starts With you'
My guest this week is Tim Roberts. LinkedIn: Website: Tim, coming from a Learning & Development background, has become ‘Mr Emotional Intelligence’, through his motivational speaking tours, Leadership coaching and facilitation programmes – cultivating an online following with his #italwaysstartswithtyou movement. He believes that emotional intelligence is the key piece in the work and leadership puzzle, and one that so easily missed or ignored in the pursuit of profits and results. He joins me today to explore this, and more; so time to welcome Tim to the podcast.
May 24, 2021
Episode 13: Bernadette Ude-Wetherell - 'Be Human (and bring a bit of B)'
My guest this week is Bernadette Ude-Wetherell. LinkedIn: Instagram: Bernadette is a seasoned L&D professional, having just ‘celebrated’ 20 years in the industry. Her roles have seen her work at companies such as Sodexo and AO, heading up Learning & Development, Organisational Development, Performance, Talent, and Leadership Development in her time; but, it all started off working in nightclubs, which is where she first learned the art of Leadership. Bernadette was recommended to me as someone I simply had to speak to, so let’s cut to the chase and welcome Bernadette to the show.
May 17, 2021
Episode 12: Ed Monk - 'Learning and/or Performance'
My guest this week is Ed Monk, The CEO of the Learning and Performance Institute. Website: LinkedIn: With the LPI, Ed is influencing the world of L&D to focus on adding real value to the organisations they are part of, through a performance mindset and an agile approach; fighting against the old norm of training for the sake of training. Not only do they recognise and support their L&D community individually with their membership offering, but they also contribute greatly to the industry as a whole through their showcase events ‘Learning Live’ and ‘The Learning Awards’. So, let’s crack on and speak to Ed.
May 10, 2021
Episode 11: Major Charlotte Hayes - 'You're Nothing Without Your Team'
My guest this week is Major Charlotte Hayes. LinkedIn: Charlotte is an Army Major, serving in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) division. In March 2021, Charlotte posted a photo of herself on LinkedIn, in full uniform stating “I am a Leader. I am an Army Officer. I am a Chartered Engineer.” Referring to the need to stop using gender pro-nouns which delineate between the capabilities of men and women. Around 1.5 million views, over 30,000 reactions and 1,500 comments later; I think it’s safe to say that Charlotte’s message clearly resonated and evoked a positive response. It’s that example of strong, authentic and vulnerable leadership that prompted me to ask Charlotte if she would be a guest on my podcast, to talk me through the experiences that had led to that post; but also her experiences of leadership in the Army, as well as what we could all learn from them. So, less talk from me, as I welcome Charlotte to the show.
May 03, 2021
Episode 10: James Hudson - 'It's All About You'
My guest this week is James Hudson. LinkedIn: L&D Mastermind: James is the Founder of the L&D Mastermind, which is an L&D community with over 3000 members to date; joining together to share ideas, attend webinars, search relevant jobs boards and search for approved L&D suppliers… and much more. When James and I chatted about his vision and reason for setting this up, his answer was quick and simple… he said, “I wanted to give something back”. Well, he’s certainly doing that, so, let’s hear more from James, as I welcome him to the podcast.
April 26, 2021
Episode 9: Steve Purdham - 'Passion, Focus & Strategic Marketing'
My guest this week is Steve Purdham. LinkedIn: Steve is a serial entrepreneur; forever looking to fuel his passions and to discover and develop great people to come along on those journeys with him. His projects have seen him build and sell a number of companies, including internet security provider SurfControl, which he built from nothing to a valuation of over £1bn in the early 2000s. A number more ventures and a visit to the Dragon’s Den later, and Steve is still as passionate about business and people as ever… so, let’s explore all that and more as I welcome Steve to The Leadership Untitled Podcast.
April 19, 2021
Episode 8: Andrea Newton - 'Conversations Matter'
My guest this week is Andrea Newton. LinkedIn: Website: Free 30 page e-book around stress management for Stress Awareness Month: Andrea’s headline on LinkedIn says “Confident Conversations can change organisations, develop relationships, improve results and save lives” – how many times have your consultants added the “save live” bit? And Andrea’s story includes saving her own, to become a successful leadership consultant. A number of people flagged Andrea to me as someone I simply had to invite on to the Podcast; and I’m glad they did…… as Andrea says, it’s time to “Get comfortable with the uncomfortable”… as I welcome her to the show.
April 12, 2021
Episode 7: Adam Kara and Jo Wright - 'Trust in a Coaching Culture'
My guests this week are Adam Kara & Jo Wright from Coaching Culture Ltd. Website: Jo's LinkedIn: Adam's LinkedIn: Adam is Founder and CEO, while Jo is Director of the Coaching Culture community as well as Editor of the Coaching Culture Magazine and Presenter of the Coaching Culture Podcast. Their message is a pretty simple one, having a coaching culture in your organisation, where leaders adopt a coaching style, is the way forward… to quote their home page… “There seems to be something in the air… a sense that coaching is about to have its day”. Well, I guess that means that a great conversation is in the air also… so let me welcome Adam & Jo to The Leadership Untitled Podcast.
April 05, 2021
Episode 6: Solomon Onaolapo - 'Nothing Is Impossible If You Write It Down'
My guest this week is Solomon Onaolapo. Rising Stars: Pie Radio: Twitter: Linkedin: Solomon is the Founder of Pie Radio, a Fundraiser and a Director at Rising Stars. I first met Solomon just over 12 months ago, when looking around for Podcast Studio providers; I was really impressed by the example he was setting not only within the company, but also for the wider community around him. His work is more than just radio services, he’s passionate about providing opportunities for local children in the form of work and skills experiences; opportunities that he didn’t have himself. So, time to explore all that and more as I welcome Solomon to The Leadership Untitled Podcast.
March 29, 2021
Episode 5: Nick Shackleton-Jones - 'Pigs & Pizzerias'
My guest this week is Nick Shackleton-Jones. LinkedIn: Twitter: Book Link: 'How People Learn' - Nick has held a number of Senior L&D roles, spanning companies such as Siemens, the BBC and BP; and is now the HR Director at Deloitte UK. Perhaps most significant however is his 2019 book, “How People Learn” where Nick not only explores the design principles of his 5Di model, but also  common approaches, such as gamification and education, and highlights their limitations compared with actually finding and targeting what people are actually concerned about. So, time to explore all that and more as I welcome Nick to The Leadership Untitled Podcast.
March 23, 2021
Episode 4: Peter Cheese - '21st Century Leadership'
My guest this week is Peter Cheese. LinkedIn Profile: CIPD Profile: Peter is the CEO of CIPD; as well as being an Executive Fellow for the London Business School and Author. I really excited about this conversation, as we naturally explore the ‘grey areas’ of leadership, as not only does Peter represent the CIPD best practices and guidance of leadership but has obviously experienced the ups and downs of being that senior leadership figure too – will all eyes pointing at him from inside and outside the organisation. How far can theory take you, and how hard is it not to fall into the traps that wait along the way? So, time to explore all that and more as I welcome Peter to The Leadership Untitled Podcast.
March 09, 2021
Episode 3: Chris Lewis - 'The Choice Before The Choice'
My guest this week is Chris Lewis. Chris' Book, "Crazy - My Road to Redemption": Chris' LinkedIn Profile: Chris made his debut for the England Test Cricket team in July 1990, going on to play in 32 Test Matches and 53 One Day Internationals, through to 1998, which included opening the bowling against Pakistan in the 1992 World Cup Final.  He left cricket in 2000 after raising concerns about match-fixing in the game; only returning for a short comeback with Surrey in 2008. Later that same year, Chris was arrested at Gatwick airport for carrying £140,000 worth of liquid cocaine into the country, for which he was sentenced to 13 years in prison, of which he served 6; he was released in 2015. That experience changed Chris; from a position of terror and helplessness, to one of hope and purpose about the future.  Therein lies a weaving story of self-leadership, about which I’m lucky to have Chris join me today to discuss. So, let’s get on with the show and hear from Chris himself.
February 23, 2021
Episode 2: David James - 'Learn From Our Mistakes'
Hello, and welcome to the Rob Moors Leadership Untitled Podcast; the show that helps HR, L&D and Operational Leaders avoid the everyday traps that impact performance. The conversations we have will help to guide you towards greater value and impact in your organisation by covering topics that will help you build Leadership skills that generate more engaging, human workplaces that boost trust and performance. My guest this week is David James. LinkedIn Profile: The Learning & Development Podcast: David is a significant thought-leader in the world of L&D and seeks to share on his highly successful “Learning & Development Podcast”. He speaks from a place of experience, steeped in his own reflections and learning through his time as the Director of Learning and Organisational Development at Walt Disney, through to his current post as Chief Learning Officer at Looop. ‘Solving real problems’, ‘learning in the flow of work’ and ‘moving the performance needle’ are at the heart of David’s campaign to modernise L&D; and not doubt they will be at the centre of our conversation today. So, let’s get on with the show and hear from David himself.
February 09, 2021
Episode 1: Graham Wilson - 'The Time Is Now'
Hello, and welcome to the Rob Moors Leadership Untitled Podcast; the show that helps HR, L&D and Operational Leaders avoid the everyday traps that impact performance. The conversations we have will help to guide you towards greatåer value and impact in your organisation by covering topics that will help you build Leadership skills that generate more engaging, human workplaces that boost trust and performance. My guest this week is Graham Wilson. LinkedIn Profile: Personal website: Company website: Graham has now been running his leadership “Successfactory” for 27 years, as well as being a speaker, author and podcaster on the subject of Leadership – in fact, one of his clients called him a “Leadership Wizard”! Now, that’s great feedback. Graham and I are going to chat about Leadership today, including the leading yourself first, trust and high performance; and, before the end, we’ll decide on a title for this episode, based on the conversation flow.
January 26, 2021