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…In the Twilight Zone

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By Matt Sager
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The Comedian
We’ve watched the first episode of The Twilight Zone, and as ever, Jordan Peele does not disappoint. Nor does Kumail Nanjiani who, with help from Tracy Morgan, welcomes viewers back to the Zone, by way of - what else? - a comedy club! You can watch it too, free on YouTube:  We also have very exciting news about Nanjiani's possible entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, even as we follow the abrupt career suicide of his former Silicon Valley castmate, T.J .Miller.  Much more from Matt Sager and Bill Kates, on this third episode of Robot Mutant, including a sneak peek at our upcoming inaugural guest, a very big "get" and a huge talent, who has been a hugely influential comics creator, and - well, you're just going to have to listen for yourself to find out.   Thanks for joining us again, and please feel free to get in touch, anytime:, and
April 14, 2019
…In the Twilight Zone
Tomorrow is the premiere of the latest iteration of The Twilight Zone, hosted by the master of modern horror (and comedy), the brilliant Jordan Peele. With that in mind, Matt Sager and Bill Kates have gremlins on the brain, as we prepare to return to the land that transcends the boundaries of space and time. We are preparing to enter... the Twilight Zone. It's another reason to get CBS All Access, if you haven't subscribed yet.  Speaking of, we also discuss other shows on the streaming landscape, including Netflix's new obsessions with both programming by algorithm, and Bandersnatch-style interactivity, which may result in, among other things, a tragic onscreen death of Bear Grylls.  Thanks so much for joining us - please leave reviews and ratings, and send any comments to, or
April 1, 2019
Robot Mutant Pilot Episode
Welcome to the first episode of Robot Mutant, hosted by Matt Sager and Bill Kates! Welcome, and please be sure to subscribe to the show, and to leave ratings and reviews. It's our first show - so be gentle, mmkay?
March 23, 2019
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