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Making Transformations to the Future

Making Transformations to the Future

By Rob Wherrett
What organisations can and should be doing to make their transformations work.
A series of podcasts on various aspects of executing transformation. From problem analysis through to developing creativity in the design of solutions, planning and governance.
The content is based on decades of experience in helping organisations of all sizes to effect transformations and get them right.
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Business Transformation for SMEs
This episode looks at the things that are important for the SME leader to consider when thinking about starting a business transformation. Where can they get help and what ought they to do?
September 27, 2020
Some Quotes on Business Transformation
Taking a sideways look at some of the things that are being said about business transformation, with a view to debunking some of the hype and nonsense. Listeners will get a critical insight into what it all means.
August 17, 2020
Planning for a post-COVID world
What organisations could and should be doing to get ready for what will inevitably be a very different environment once the coronavirus pandemic has subsided. This episode looks at the sorts of challenges and pitfalls that face every transformation and relates those to the very peculiar circumstances that have affected the whole world with the spread of COVID-19. How are you going to face up to forced changes in behaviour that will mean a return to the status quo simply isn't going to happen?
April 28, 2020