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Play Move Improve

Play Move Improve

By Robyn Papworth
Hey, I'm Robyn from Play Move Improve. I am an Exercise Physiologist, Developmental Educator and Trainer who is passionate about getting more children active and moving each day.

Discover strategies to improve children's spatial awareness, balance, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, and much more.

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Crossing the midline education and ideas for preschool families
Here is a webinar audio snippet from an early childhood family education webinar where I chat about crossing the midline, and share simple crossing the midline activity ideas that families can do at home with their children.
May 16, 2022
5 motor skills that dance teachers can incorporate into their programs to promote children's physical development
Discover these 5 motor skills that dance teachers can incorporate into their programs to promote children's physical development.
April 29, 2022
How to use a metronome in an early childhood environment to support children's motor skills and development
In this episode I share 3 strategies for how to use a metronome in an early childhood environment to support children's motor skills and development.
March 04, 2022
Early childhood education - meeting children at their developmental level since social isolation lockdowns
In this episode I chat about the importance of meeting children at their developmental level since social isolation lockdowns over the past 2 years. Continue this conversation on my Facebook page -
March 03, 2022
Homeschooling Journey Chat with Jami from Unbound Homeschooling
Enjoy my authentic chat with Jami from Unbound Homeschooling as she talks about her homeschooling journey with her daughter and her son. The reason for me organising this chat with Jami is because I have heard from a few mums who are at a turning point, considering homeschooling rather than mainstream education for their child/ren. I love that Jami shares her real experience as a homeschooling mum. She was so easy to talk to and I can't wait to chat with Jami again :) Check out Jami's instagram account at 🙋🏼‍♀️𝐉𝐚𝐦𝐢•𝐇𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐬𝐜𝐡𝐨𝐨𝐥 𝐒𝐮𝐩𝐩𝐨𝐫𝐭🇦🇺 (@unbound.homeschooling) • Instagram photos and videos
October 20, 2021
Supporting children's separation anxiety as they return to kindergarten after lockdown
In this episode I share strategies for children aged 18 months to 5 years to help you plan for ways that you can support children after a long stint of lockdown. You can find more strategies in my latest ebook -
October 14, 2021
Screen time for children aged 18 months to 3 years of age
In this quick podcast episode I share my opinion about screen time for children who are aged 18 months to 3 years if age. I would love to read your feedback at
October 14, 2021
Simple play activities that you can do at home to compliment increased screen time during lockdown
Enjoy my chat with We Rise Networking where I chat about simple play activities that you can do at home to compliment increased screen time during lockdown. Check out Women in Business AUS/NZ - We Rise Networking | Facebook Join in my webinar tomorrow where I chat more about children's school readiness and motor skill development - Free Q&A School Readiness Webinar - click drop down box – Play Move Improve
August 30, 2021
Check out my podcast This is a Box to support educators and teachers who may be feeling like they don't fit inside the box In the link above you will find my latest podcast This is a Box. This podcast is unedited, raw, and authentic, and I'll be sharing my experiences as a child who experienced trauma as well as a mum who has a child who doesn't fit inside the box at school. My podcast episodes will be guided by your feedback and what you would all like to listen to. This podcast is a community podcast where we can all support each other and continue to provide incredible support for children who have already experienced challenge and adversity. Thanks for your support :)
August 11, 2021
Visual tracking for early childhood preschoolers and primary aged children
All of our children, including mine, are spending hours on screens during lockdowns and remote learning. So in this episode I share some simple visual tracking knowledge and tips to help find a healthy balance between screen time and visual tracking skills. If you would like more visual tracking play ideas check out my latest book - Early Childhood Movement Program Book by Robyn Papworth – Play Move Improve
August 10, 2021
Sensory play for your family during lockdown with Robyn Papworth
We're all finding lockdown exhausting and overwhelming so in this podcast episode I share my top 3 sensory therapy tips that may bring comfort to you and your family, or the children that you care for in a classroom setting. Learn more about sensory play in my webinar here - and share your favourite sensory play ideas on my Facebook page - to help our beautiful community.
August 10, 2021
How to improve children's balance skills
Enjoy my next early childhood education podcast episode about how to improve children's balance skills. If you loved this podcast episode, you will love my Early Learning Movement and Play course. Check it out here -
May 19, 2021
How to encourage early childhood outdoor mud kitchen play
If you enjoyed this episode about how to encourage children's development through outdoor mud kitchen play, then you'll love learning more play strategies and activity ideas here -
May 04, 2021
Early childhood conference - sensory play strategies recording - 2020
In this episode I share a recording of my presentation about how educators and teachers can implement a range of sensory play strategies in early childhood classrooms to promote literacy, numeracy, and play skills. If you love this episode, please leave a review or share your feedback on my Instagram - 
February 04, 2021
Repeating 4 year old kinder was the best decision I made for our family
My 4 year old Phoebe just wasn't ready for prep this year. In this podcast I chat about my journey and my tips for how I made the difficult decision to repeating 4 year old kinder for my daughter. Share your concerns and comments on my Facebook page - 
February 03, 2021
Kindergarten classroom observation - preschool girl with spatial awareness difficulties
In this episode I chat about what I see at a Developmental Educator and Exercise Physiologist in a kindergarten classroom observation for a preschool girl who demonstrates spatial awareness difficulties; writing her name in mirrored format, finding it difficult to move throughout the playground, and finding it challenging to find her feet during the song 'heads, shoulders, knees, and toes'. If you enjoyed this episode please share your experiences and feedback on my facebook page -  Thanks for listening :)
November 04, 2020
Child development real mum chat with Ash from Rainbow Sky Creations
Tune in to our real mum chat with Ash from Rainbow Sky Creations. Ash and I talk about how we're surviving as busy working mums during social isolation. Ash also shares her tips as a teacher, for ways to engage children during remote learning. To learn more about the fantastic resources from Rainbow Sky Creations click here -
May 10, 2020
Early learning during covid19 chat with Kristy from Early Childhood Expectations
Enjoy listening to my Early learning during covid19 chat with Kristy from Early Childhood Expectations. During this episode we chat about how educators can reduce the feeling over overwhelm and stress during this difficult time, and how early childhood educators can share their support with families who have young children during social isolation. Follow Kristy on her social media channels:
April 27, 2020
How to work at home while homeschooling children during the coronavirus pandemic
How to work at home while homeschooling children during the coronavirus pandemic I was asked this question by a hard working mum, so here are my top tips to manage working from home while also managing our children during this very challenging time. If you have any ideas to share with families, please continue this conversation on my Facebook page - 
April 22, 2020
Technology use and screen time during coronavirus pandemic
We're all relying on technology more than ever right now, trying to survive and maintain our sanity while in social isolation with our families. Our children are using laptops to complete school work, our  toddlers are using smart devices to give us 10 minutes of peace and quiet. In this episode I share my ideas about technology use and screen time during the coronavirus pandemic, and how we can still maintain a healthy balance between screen time, learning, and physical activity. Continue the conversation by sharing your thoughts and experiences on my Facebook page -
April 20, 2020
Should we be worrying about homeschooling during this coronavirus pandemic?
Should we be worrying about homeschooling during this coronavirus pandemic? We are feeling pressured to follow a curriculum that was created for a qualified teacher in a classroom setting. Teachers are feeling pressured to turn their classroom content into online lesson plans so that our children 'don't feel behind'. But is this all necessary during a pandemic? Or should we be focusing on providing children with love and life skills right now? Please share your thoughts on my Facebook page, to help support other parents and teachers in our current situation - 
April 19, 2020
How anxiety may impact children's homeschooling during covid19 and what you can do to help
We all have anxiety. Anxiety can be a good thing when we know how to use anxiety to our learning advantage. In this episode I talk about how to motivate children to learn during homeschooling in social isolation, and how anxiety can have a positive or negative impact on children's ability to focus and pay attention during their covid19 homeschooling sessions. To learn more about children's learning and development, check out my Facebook page - 
April 09, 2020
Facebook Live recording about surviving social isolation with young children
Listen to our conversation about surviving the pandemic social isolation with Robyn from Play Move Improve and Ash from Smashed it Dance Company. Ash and Robyn talk about lowering our expectations to save our sanity, and ways to keep children active while we're at home. If you enjoyed this episode, follow me on Facebook to see our up and coming live chats and homeschooling videos - 
April 09, 2020
Providing child development support during this social isolation pandemic
During this podcast episode, I just wanted to share my story, to why I became a children's Exercise Physiologist, and to reach out to see how I can help you get through this challenging time of social isolation with young children. If you have a question, or need ideas to keep busy kids entertained and active, simply message me on Facebook or Instagram under the name Play Move Improve.
April 09, 2020
Child development question - observing children with trauma in the kindergarten classroom
I was asked a great question by a preschool supervisor, about whether one of her students may be struggling in the kindergarten classroom because of his history of trauma from illness and complex hospital admissions. Join our discussion as I talk about trauma, developmental delay, and infantile reflexes. Feel free to ask me a question for my next podcast episode. I would love to hear from you. 
March 30, 2020
Early childhood education podcast - Why are children distracted in the classroom?
In this podcast episode, I share my case study of a young boy who is 6, and in his first term of prep this year. His mum reported his challenges with getting ready for school in the morning. His teacher is concerned about his distractability during transitioning from circle time to the table. After a conversation about this young boy's behaviour at school and at home, his mum mentioned that this young boy also finds it challenging thinking about consequences before acting in their yard at home. Throughout this episode I share: * What to look for when observing a child's distractability * How our environment can impact our ability to pay attention and focus * The relationship between a child's senses, arousal level, attention, and focus * The information that we need to collect, to be able to help a child who is easily distracted in the classroom If you found this podcast episode helpful, and would like to continue your questions in my online coaching session, click here - If you would like an in depth training session for your team, click here -
March 19, 2020
Early childhood parenting education - pushing preschoolers in prams
In this early childhood parenting education podcast episode, I talk about our latest lifestyle habit of pushing toddlers and preschoolers in prams and shopping trolleys. This episode is to inform families, not judge them. So please share your positive thoughts and feedback below. To continue this important conversation, come and say hi in my online early childhood community -
February 26, 2020
Some days I struggle to play - a real conversation from a tired and overwhelmed mum
This episode is a raw and real chat about how I have been struggling to motivate myself to play with my kids at home. Even though I am known as 'the play lady' at work. I have been struggling to connect at home, as the washing and dishes pile up, and the overwhelm takes over. During this episode, I share 5 strategies that I will be using to help get myself out of this rut, and back connected with my family. I hope you can join me on this journey. If you have any words of wisdom, or ideas to share, please comment below, or in my online community -
February 23, 2020
Early learning centre developmental educator observation example
In this episode I describe one of my developmental educator observation sessions in an early learning centre. You will hear me talk about some of the developmental red flags that I observe, and how I work with teachers to source allied health support for children with developmental delay and learning difficulties. To learn more, come and join my early childhood online community -
February 21, 2020
How to know whether your child is ready for kindergarten
In this episode I share with you my 5 milestones for knowing whether your child is ready for kindergarten. Learn more about kindergarten and school readiness in my online early learning community -
February 05, 2020
Why children's dance classes are important for motor development
In this episode Robyn talks about why children's dance classes are important for motor development. The 3 topics that Robyn talks about are: * Fundamental movement skills that are promoted in dance, including jumping, hopping, and skipping * Isolated movements in dance that promote children's coordination * The way dance improves children's balance To learn more about children's motor development visit 
January 16, 2020
Be proud of your yourself as an early learning educator, kindergarten teacher, or elementary teacher
In this episode I encourage early learning educators, kindergarten teachers, and elementary teachers to value their creative skills and strengths that they bring to a child's day. Sometimes we get so overwhelmed by the paperwork pressures of our jobs that we forget to value the magic of teaching. So I encourage educators to be proud of their strengths and to value yourself as you inspire children in your classroom each day. To chat with other teachers and educators who feel your frustration, come and say hi at our free early learning community -
March 20, 2019
Early learning education is more about connection than academics
In this episode I talk about an educator who spends quality time connecting with the children that she cares for and their parents. I talk about my passion for promoting connection more than academics. I also talk about a teacher who makes a huge effort to get to know important facts about each of her students so that she can build a connection that is more important than any literacy or math outcome. Share your feedback on my Facebook page -
March 19, 2019
Empathising with teachers' frustration - we need to modify the curriculum instead of the child's learning style
In this episode I empathise with teachers and educators about their frustration with the curriculum that is pushing for academics more than connection and play. I also talk to kindergarten teachers, early learning educators, and primary school teachers about the importance of modifying the curriculum instead of trying to change the children's behaviour or learning needs. However, I do appreciate that this is a lot easier said than done.   To learn more, register for my free preschool webinar -
March 14, 2019
Homeschooling play activities for children to do on a rainy indoor day
In this episode I share some fun play ideas to keep the children entertained during a rainy indoor day. This episode was inspired by my 6 year old who told me "I'm bored" before 9:30 in the morning. So enjoy the play ideas and please let me know what you think by leaving a review.   To get access to 3 free children's exercise videos click here -
March 11, 2019
Baby development - why is tummy time important for your family
In this episode I talk about what tummy time is, why tummy time is important, and how you can support a baby or child to enjoy tummy time. Any questions be sure to ask on my Facebook page - To learn more about children's core strength and motor development, click here -
March 10, 2019
Child Development - Fine motor skills and hand dominance
In this episode I talk about why using a dominant hand for every day tasks is important for fine motor skill development.  To learn more about children's fine motor skill development, click here -
March 05, 2019
Child development - mother's group pressure to sit babies up too early
In this episode I will chat about my own experience with mother's group pressure, as well as how to deal with the pressure to sit our children up before their body is ready. I will also highlight in this episode why tummy time is so important for developing baby's core strength, and some simple tips that you can try and help baby's enjoy tummy time (as much as possible). To learn more about children's development, click here -
March 02, 2019
Child Development - why do children need head movement - the vestibular system
In episode 5 you will learn about why head movement is important for children, and how the vestibular system impacts a child's learning during play and in the classroom.  To learn more about children's vestibular system and hand-eye coordination, click here -
March 02, 2019
Child Development - Why do children need to move more and what is proprioception?
In episode 4 you will learn about one of the 8 senses, proprioception. Proprioception is the feeling of pressure in our body. This pressure is crucial for developing spatial awareness. To learn more about spatial awareness check out episode 3 and to learn more about proprioception press play.  To learn more about children's motor development and sensory integration, join my online community -
March 02, 2019
Child Development - What is spatial awareness and why is it important for early learning?
In episode 3 I chat about the motor skill spatial awareness. During this episode you will learn how to assess a child's basic spatial awareness skills, and you will discover why spatial awareness is an important milestone for children.  To learn more about spatial awareness and gross motor development click here -
March 02, 2019
Child Development - How to find a good balance between technology and movement
In episode 2 I talk about the importance of encouraging children to develop their motor skills before giving them access to technology. Why? Because children need to develop both gross motor and fine motor skills for learning and life. Yes technology is great for keeping my house calm, and my sanity in check. My movement and play is crucial for children's health and development.  To download free gross motor skill activities to support children's development and learning click here -
February 26, 2019
Child Development - Who is Robyn Papworth 'the play lady' - Why I love Play
Enjoy listening to my first ever podcast episode where I talk about what I do as 'the play lady' and why I love incorporating play in to children's day. To learn more about me, come and follow my Facebook page - 
February 26, 2019