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Mindful Strength

Mindful Strength

By Rochelle L. Cook MA CHt
How to overcome fear, anxiety and inaction with Mindful Strength. This is a Podcasting series about helping you navigate and thrive in difficult times.
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The Storybook Syndrome
How to find your inner strength and discover what we learned as children is usually informing the hear and now. Storybook syndromes are old stories that have gotten in the way and holding you back today. The culture also teaches us what to believe, but is it what you believe? This podcast offers insight into unlearning your old negative stories and converting them into positive ones. This will make you unstoppable.
April 25, 2020
Uncomfortable With Uncertainty
Life is uncertain! Most of us try to control life and the incidents and events that happen. But, often this causes deep grief and anxiety because ultimately, we do not have control. We have become attached to the illusion that if things are not the way we think they are supposed to be that they are wrong. We are afraid of the possible wrong! Being uncomfortable with uncertainty is a mindful strength: it is what I teach.
April 02, 2020